GNU Service Directory				-*- text -*-

This is a list of people who have asked to be listed as offering
support services for GNU software, including GNU Emacs, for a fee
or in some cases at no charge.

The information comes from the people who asked to be listed;
we do not include any information we know to be false, but we
cannot check out any of the information; we are transmitting it to
you as it was given to us and do not promise it is correct.
Also, this is not an endorsement of the people listed here.
We have no opinions and usually no information about the abilities of
any specific person.  We provide this list to enable you to contact
service providers and decide for yourself whether to hire one.

Before FSF will list your name in the GNU Service Directory, we ask
that you agree informally to the following terms:

1. You will not restrict (except by copyleft) the use or distribution
of any software, documentation, or other information you supply anyone
in the course of modifying, extending, or supporting GNU software.
This includes any information specifically designed to ameliorate the
use of GNU software.

2. You will not take advantage of contact made through the Service
Directory to advertise an unrelated business (e.g., sales of
non-GNU-related proprietary information).  You may spontaneously
mention your availability for general consulting, but you should not
promote a specific unrelated business unless the client asks.

Please include some indication of your rates, because otherwise users
have nothing to go by.	Please put each e-mail address inside "<>".
Please put nothing else inside "<>".  Thanks!

For a current copy of this directory, or to have yourself listed, ask:

** Please keep this file alphabetical **

Joseph Arceneaux	<jla@ai.mit.edu>
PO Box 460633
San Francisco, CA  94146-0633
+1 415 285 9088

Performed X11 implementation of Emacs version 19.
Worked on Emacs text annotation.

Service and development of GNU and X11 software.  Handholding, teaching,
and installations at lower rates.

Rates: $150/hour.  Free to selected non-profit and activist organizations.

Updated: 11/7/91

Giuseppe Attardi	<attardi@di.unipi.it>
Dipartimento di Informatica
Corso Italia 40
I-56125 Pisa, Italy
+39 (50) 510-111

GNU: help on obtaininig GNU, for italian sites.

Updated: 18/11/91

Randolph Back  <rback@boulder.Colorado.edu>
Back Software & Consulting, Inc.
1705 14th St. #344
Boulder, CO 80302
(303) 443-7758

Consulting, installation, cutomization and training for GNU emacs, and
other GNU software.

Entered: 3/13/91

Andrea Baldi
European Space Agency (ESA)
European Space Operations Center (ESOC)
Robert-Bosch-Str 5
Phone 0049-6151-902762 (Work)	Bitnet	: <abaldi@esoc.bitnet>
Fax   0049-6151-90-495		Uucp	: <unido!esoc.bitnet!abaldi>

Your Rate:   Free

Programs Supported: Emacs, bison, gcc, g++, gdb, bash, X11
	Emacs: installation and upgrading aid, answering, customization.
	Gcc, g++, gdb, bash: installation and upgrading aid.
	X11: quick questions

Experience (with gnu software)
 I have maintained Emacs for more than 4 years as well as bison, gcc,
 g++, gdb, bash, X11. I have written/modified several Emacs lisp  programs.
 Currently I maintain  many GNU programs for my department.

Updated: 11 Sept 91

  Bard Bloom
  Department of Computer Science
  Cornell University
  Ithaca, NY 14850

Your Rate: $200/hour.
	I might do work for friends and worthy organizations for free.

Programs Supported: GNU Emacs

Experience: Lots.  For example, in 1989 I wrote a safe multi-user
	   database program of sorts in Gnu Emacs in about a week.
	   I've written some 30,000 lines of Gnu Lisp code in total.

Degree:	 PhD in CS from MIT.
Other:	My real life as a professor takes precedence over consulting.

Updated: 11 Sept 91

James Craig Burley
4 Mountain Gate Rd.
Ashland, MA 01721-2326
(508) 881-6087, -4745
Email: <burley@gnu.ai.mit.edu> (preferred)

    Compiler Internals (author of GNU Fortran, for example)
    Operating Systems Internals (lately Linux on the ix86)
    Tools/Utilities Development and Maintenance
    Microcode Development and Maintenance (primarily VLIW machines)
    Debugging (often asked to help debug Other People's Code)
    Documentation (authored many books and ran a few doc projects)
    Extensive experience with a variety of operating systems, hardware,
	languages, and so on

Rate: $75/hour, though somewhat volatile due to commitments regarding
	GNU Fortran -- willing to consider flat-fee arrangements

Entered: 10 Jul 92

Michael I. Bushnell		<mib@gnu.ai.mit.edu>
NE43-426, 545 Technology Square
Cambridge, MA  02139
(617) 253-8568

All GNU software: Installation, customization, answering simple or
		  complex questions, bug fixing, extension.

Experience:  I have done Unix and GNU programming for several years,
	     I am the primary author of the Hurd (which provides most
	     kernel related facilities for the GNU OS).

I am easily available in the Cambridge/Boston area; work via email.
I am willing to travel for sufficiently large jobs.

Rates: $50/hr, negotiable, less for non-profit organizaions.

Updated: 10/29/91

C2V			Renaud Dumeur <renaud@ccv.fr>
82 bd Haussmann		Jean-Alain Le Borgne <jalb@ccv.fr>
75009 Paris
Tel (1)
Fax (1)

Emacs:	questions answered, installation, teaching (all levels), elisp
	and C extensions and customization, porting, troubleshooting
gcc:	installation, extensions, porting
gdb:	installation, debugging, porting
X11:	installation, debugging, internationalization

Experience: yes (ask for details)

Rates: 500ff/hr, negotiable.

Entered: 12/17/91

Mr. David J. Camp		<david@wubios.wustl.edu>
6103 Charlotte Avenue
Saint Louis, MO 63120-1201

Background: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Washington University
	    Master of Science in Computer Science, Washington University
	    Over 12 years experience in the computer industry.
	    Author of the future GNU uu/xxen/decoder program.
	    Skilled in many languages, including C and Unix scripts.

Tasks: I can do on-site service in the St. Louis area.
       I prefer short-term projects.
       I can handle long projects given time.
       I reserve the right to refuse work.

Rates: $50 per hour, including travel time

Entered: 1/1/91

Computing Support Team (CSTeam)
111 College Place, Rm 2-212
Syracuse, NY, 13244-4100

phone: 1-315-443-3929, fax: 1-315-443-4745, email: <info@csteam.com>

The Computing Support Team offers a wide variety of support services
including system design, installation, software support, contract
programming, network design, integration and migration services,
training, e-mail and telephone support. Experienced with GNU, X, TeX,
and other public domain software.

Rates: $50-$80/hr, 33% non-profit discount.

Entered: 10 Jul 92

Contributed Software
Graefestr. 76
1000 Berlin 61, Germany
phone:    (+49 30) 694 69 07
modems:   (+49 30) 694 {61 82 | 67 49 | 68 09}
email:    <info@contrib.de>
internet: scuzzy.contrib.de []

We distribute, install/port, teach and support free software
in general, i.e. X11, GNU, khoros etc.
Rates are DM 150,-- plus tax per hour, educational sites get rebates.

Entered: 10 Jul 92

Cygnus Support			<info@cygnus.com>
1937 Landings Drive		...uunet!cygint!info
Mountain View, CA 94043 USA
+1 415 903 1400 voice
+1 415 903 0122 fax

Cygnus Support
1 Kendall Square
Cambridge, MA 02139
+1 617 494 1040

Cygnus Support offers warranty protection (service contracts) for a
number of free software tools.	For a fixed annual fee our customers
receive binary and source distributions, mail and phone support,
documentation and customization assistance on a variety of popular

At the time of this writing we offer support for a development package
including (among other things) gcc, g++, gdb, and of course, GNU
Emacs.	We also offer support for a network facilities package
including many of the Athena tools like Kerberos and Hesiod.  However
the set of supported tools and platforms increases frequently so
contact us for the latest information.

For those who need on-site assistance, support is also available from
our Cambridge office.

Rates: $300/hour.	Annual Support starts at $35,000.

Updated: 11 Sept 91

Bradley N. Davis	<b-davis@jaguar.utah.edu>
3242 South 540 West
Bountiful, UT  84010
(801) 298-6345

Will work on most GNU software.	 Especially GNU Emacs, GCC and a
little X11 and G++.  Experienced with PCs and 386s.

Services offered: Installation, porting, customizing, troubleshooting.

Fee: $20 to $50 / hour depending on job

Updated: 6/11/91

DePalma SoftCraft		Contact: Mauro DePalma
2923 Cohansey Drive		Voice:	(408) 259-4789
San Jose, CA 95132-1619		Fax:	(408) 259-6935
 Internet:  <mauro@netcom.com> (or <apple!netcom!mauro>)

DePalma SoftCraft provides distribution, installation, setup, and
support for the X Window System (X11R4).

This small business provides consulting in every area of a computer
s/w project life cycle.	 We specialize in UNIX, GNU Development Tools
(gcc, g++, ...), RCS, and XView.

Updated: 4/29/91

Equivalent Software HB		<ingwa@isy.liu.se>
Repslagaregatan 34	     or <jonas-y@isy.liu.se>
582 22	Linkoping
+46  (0)13  13 54 21

Equivalent Software HB is the worlds second(?) company dedicated to
supporting free UNIX software.	The owners have more than 5 years of
UNIX experience, both as system adminstrators and programmers.	We
also have extensive experience in maintaining the GNU programs, both
administrating it and fixing bugs.

Services offered:

 - Installation and custumizing GNU and other free software.  We will
   make free software as easy to install and use as shrink wrapped
 - Customization and porting.
 - Subscriptions to new versions which we will send monthly or with
   any other interval.
 - Finding, Recommending and Investigation of free software in any
   area of the customers choise.
 - Regular consulting.	We prefer smaller jobs, but are willing to
   consider larger ones.  We can work through the Internet, but prefer
   jobs in Sweden.

Rates: For software items, request our price list.
       For consulting, 450 SEK/hour.

Entered: 2/14/92

Free Software Association of Germany
Michaela Merz
Heimatring 19
6000 Frankfurt/Main 70
phone:    (+49 69) 6312083
modems:   (+49 69) 6312934 | 6311235 | 634588
email:    <misch@eurom.rhein-main.de>

We distribute, install and/or port, teach, support free software and
offer regular consulting.  We accept software development contracts for
any (unix) software as long as you will release it into free software. 

Rates are DM 200,-- plus VAT per hour. 25 % will be donated to the
Free Software Foundation.  For worthy organizations, we may
offer our services for free.  Please ask.

Entered: 12/24/92

Andy Gaynor -- [Ag]	<gaynor@paul.rutgers.edu>
597 Hoes Lane, Piscataway, NJ 08854

GNU Emacs:
  Lisp development, customization, troubleshooting, support, etc
  User instruction and management for all levels of experience
  Umpteen-thousand lines of Lisp code, careful study of GNU Emacs organization,
    years of monitoring the UseNet Emacs and GNU groups, etc
  Version 19 is due soon -- I will be up-to-speed as quickly as possible
  $50/hour starting, negotiable on difficulty, organization, distribution, etc

Other Tasks:
  General programming/software engineering (language software preferred)
  Familiar with Unix, C, Lisp, networking, standard Unix utilities, various
    other languages, etc
  Contact me for more info

Entered: 10 Feb 92

Ron Guilmette	<rfg@ncd.com>
396 Ano Nuevo Ave. #216
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Services:	Development & porting of GNU software development tools.

GNU Contributions:
		Invented, designed, and implemented the protoize and
		unprotoize tools supplied with GCC2.

		Designed and developed all code to support the generation
		of Dwarf symbolic debugging information for System V Release
		4 in GCC2.

		Finished GCC2 port to the Intel i860 RISC processor.

		Now developing GDB code for System V Release 4 support of
		ELF and Dwarf.

Experience:	9+ years UNIX systems experience, all working on compilers
		and related tools.

		3+ years working professionally on GCC, G++, and GDB under
		contract to various firms including the Microelectronics
		and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC), Data General (DG),
		Network Computing Devices (NCD), and Intel Corp.

Other qualifications:
		Holder of both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree, both in
		Computer Science.

		Observer Member of ANSI X3J16 (C++ standardization) committee.

		Former vice-chairman of UNIX International Programming
		Languages Special Interest Group (UI/PLSIG).

Rates:		Variable depending upon contract duration.  Call for quote.

Updated: 9 Feb 92

Johannes M. Heuft	<ksh@pcs.com>
Pfarrweg 2c
D-8000 Munich 90
Telephone: Germany+89/681773

Rate:	min. DM 180.- ($ 120.-) per hour
	interesting tasks for non-profit organisations may be free

Supported Programs: gcc, gas, g++, gdb, binutils, gnuplot, ...; (not emacs)

Experience: 10 years of operating system, network, and compiler
	    construction; also includes engineering management.

Degrees:  Dipl. Inform. (similar to MS CS)

Updated: 11/9/91

Sanjay Hiranandani		<4393472@mcimail.com>
16 Campus Plaza, Suite 180
Vestal, NY 13850
Work:607-729-7834 ext. 180

Rate: $40/hr. Phone questions for free are ok as far as my schedule will permit
      Lower rates for students and certain non-profit organizations

Can help with installation/customization/modification of most GNU software.

Experience: Software Development, System Administration, and Consulting on
    a variety of computing platforms.

Updated: 11 Sept 91

Hundred Acre Software Consultants	<info@pooh.com>
1280 Terminal Way, Suite 26		<uunet!heather!info>
Reno NV 89502-3243
(702) 329-9333

Hundred Acre is a consulting group providing support and development
services to organizations of all sizes.	 We support all kinds of publicly
available software, not just GNU; write for the current list.  We work on
a "service contract" basis for support -- for a yearly fee, we provide email
and toll free telephone support, and free updates and bug fixes.  Certain
support levels even have free on-site support.	Development is charged on
either an hourly or fixed bid basis.

Consulting rates: $50 to $70 per hour, or fixed bid.
Support contracts:  Several levels, from $500 to $30000 per year.

Updated: 2 Jul 91

Jose A. Fernandez <jaf@inference.com>

WORK:	Inference Corporation	      HOME:
	550 N. Continental Blvd.	1025 Hillside Dr.
	El Segundo, CA 90245		Chino Hills, CA 91709
	(310) 322-0200			(714) 528-2523

    $50-$200/hour plus expenses (or possibly free), depending on task.

    GNU software: installation, troubleshooting, and customization.
    X11 software: installation and troubleshooting.
    SysAdmin:	  installation, configuration, and trouble-shooting.
    NetAdmin:	  installation, configuration, and trouble-shooting.
    Education:	  teaching how to fish opens the demand for fishing poles.
    Advice:	  free over email.

Entered: 10 Jul 92

Scott D. Kalter			<sdk@twinsun.com>
970 Palm Ave. #218
West Hollywood, CA 90069
Home: (213)657-9174
Work: (213)524-1805

Emacs:	e-lisp and C level customization/extension
	training for general use and customization
	user support, installation, troubleshooting
Rates:	approx. $50/hr, negotiable
	Very willing to answer quick questions for free.
	Prefer e-mail communication to telephone.

Qualifications: BS Math/CS 1985: Carnegie Mellon University
		MS CS 1988: UCLA
	Extensive e-lisp level modification for rapid prototyping of
	designs used in groupware research.  Very familiar with all
	levels of elisp programming.  Taught Emacs use and
	customization in universities and industry.  Extensive
	troubleshooting and user support experience.


Scott J. Kramer		<sjk@aura.nbn.com>
P.O. Box 3392
San Rafael, CA	94912
+1 415-454-1295

Emacs:	Tutoring, installations/upgrades, Lisp customizations,
	general troubleshooting/support.  Prefer that work I do
	becomes part of the official Free Software Foundation

Rate:	Task- and time-dependent; non-monetary offers considered.

Updated: 28Aug91

Fen Labalme		<fen@well.sf.ca.us>
Broadcatch Technologies
40 Carl St. #4
San Francisco CA 94117
(415) 731-1174

Rates:	Free phone consultation
	Extended project or consultation: $70/hour plus expenses
	Non-profits get lower rates or free;  barter welcome!
Emacs:	Anything but specific termcap questions (general ones OK).
	Includes elisp extensions & teaching beginning or advanced users.
Experience:  I've been "hacking Emacs" for just about 15 years now.

Updated: 7/30/91

David C Lawrence	<tale@cs.rpi.edu>
P.O. Box 61
North Chatham, NY 12132-0061
Home:518 766-9098  Work:518 851-2813

Rates: $30 hour for projects less than 8 hours.
       $20 hour for longer projects.
       Course fees vary with level of subject being taught.
       Short queries answered free of charge.
       All rates negotiable.

Support: Emacs (both lisp and C aspects), GCC, GAWK, sed, fileutils,
	 binutils, miscellaneous others.  Definitely not G++.
	 Consulting via email or telephone, or possibly on-site.

Updated: 11 Sept 91

Greg Lehey
Schellnhausen 2
W-6324 Feldatal

Phone:	+49-6637-1488
Fax:	+49-6637-1489
Mail	<grog%lemis@Germany.EU.net>

Services: Supply, porting, installation, consultation on all GNU

Experience: 20 years OS and compiler experience, portations of most
GNU products.

Entered: 10 Jul 92

Marty Leisner	   <leisner.henr801c@xerox.com>
332 Shaftsbury Road
Rochester, New York  14610
Home:(716) 654-7931

Experience: 10 years C/Unix, 7 years DOS.
	    Extensive experience with GNU binary tools, cross-compilers,
	    embedded/hosted systems.
Degree :    BS CS, Cornell University
Rates:	    $75/hr

Updated: 6 Jul 91

Roland McGrath		<roland@idr.org>
545 Tech Sq rm 426
Cambridge, MA  02139
Work: (617) 253-8568

Co-author of GNU Make (with Richard Stallman); maintainer of GNU Make.
Author and maintainer of the GNU C Library and parts of the GNU Hurd.
FSF employee summer 1989, fall 1990 to the present.

Installation, maintenance, porting, enhancement of all GNU software.

Fees negotiable.  I can work anywhere in the Boston or SF Bay Area, or
anywhere on the Internet.

Updated: 10/18/92

Lee McLoughlin			<lmjm@doc.ic.ac.uk>
 Department of Computing,
  Imperial College,
   180 Queens Gate,
     SW7 2BZ,
      UK		work: +44 71 589 5111 X 5085

gcc, emacs: can support and port to new machines
other: some experience with most gnu packages

Ported emacs to two new platforms (WhiteChappel Worstations,
HLH Orion).  Worked on gcc port to Intergraph Clipper.	Support
various gnu packages as part of a teaching service.

Rates: Quick phone questions are free.

Degrees:.Sc(Hons) Computer Science

Other: I'm a general workaholic and well versed in compilers, communications
and most things related to Unix.

Updated: 10.10.91

T.S.Mohan			<mohan%vidya@shakti.ernet.in>
KBCS Group			  <mohan@vigyan.ernet.in>
Supercomputer Education and Research Centre
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore 560 012
Telephone (01-91-812)-341811, -341805

Rate:	NIL.  Availability for consultancy depends on
	work load.  High preference for academic institutions.
Support: emacs, gdb, gcc, g++ and other small public domain utilities
Experience: Installed and supported these + other gnu programs in our
	 centre for the past three years. General help to sister academic
	 departments and other academic institutions.
Degrees: Master of Engineering in CS. Currently working towards a PhD
	 in Distributed computing and programming languages.

Updated: 1 Dec 1991

Mojave Systems		<mojsys!support@uunet.uu.net>
1254 Harvard Avenue
Claremont, CA  91711

Mojave Systems offers porting services, warranty protection, and
software support for several GNU products.  Porting services are
provided for a fixed fee.  Software support is provided for fixed
annual fee.

Mojave Systems is able to provide these services for a wide variety of
hosts.	We are currently porting GNU make and RCS to non-Unix hosts.

Entered: 12 Dec 90

Eric Raible			<raible@nas.nasa.gov>
Nasa Ames Research Center
Mail Stop T045-1
Moffett Field, CA, 94035
(415) 604-4320 (W)

Rates: $40 hour; email questions free.

Gnu emacs C/lisp programming and porting.  General
unix/graphics/emacs hacking, especially on Silicon Graphics

Degree: MIT 83 BS CS.

Updated: 11 Sept 91

Paul Reilly	<reilly@dg-rtp.dg.com>
721 Bennington Drive
Raleigh, NC 27615
Work: 919 248 6210
Home: 919 847 7294

Services: access, installation, porting, customizing and debugging
Unix Free software: X11, GNU, TeX, etc.

Rates: $150/hour

Updated: Dec 1991

Adam J. Richter <adam@soda.berkeley.edu>	...!ucbvax!soda!adam
409 Evelyn Avenue, Apartment 312		(510) 528-3209
Albany, CA 94706				fax: (510) 528-8508

X windows server expert.  Freeware (especially copylefted) projects

Updated: 18 Nov 91

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht		<wolfgang@wsrcc.com>
PO Box 6524			<uunet!wsrcc!wolfgang>
Alexandria, VA 22306-0524	<wolfgang%wsrcc.com@uunet.uu.net>
(703) 768-2640

Emacs: Anything, (lisp, C, customization, porting, installing) I have
written thousands of lines of GNU Emacs C and Lisp code.  Original
author of the floating point additions to appear in Emacs 19.

Rates:	$75/hr.

Updated: 7/20/91

John Sechrest
Jasmic Systems			 Internet: <sechrest@jasmic.uucp>
2140 SW 49th St.		 UUCP: <hp-pcd!orstcs!jasmic!sechrest>
Corvallis, Oregon 97333

Gnu software: Questions about gnu emacs general use, training and classes,
	documentation, system set up and design.

Experience: 11 years of Unix work. Heavy on System administration.
	Teaching classes in Unix system administraion, Unix
	Kernal Programming, Networking and Consulting services.
	Currently working as the Support Coordinator for
	Oregon State University (for 8 years).

	Familiar with BSD systems mostly. Some SysVR4.
	I have supported VAxes, HP's with HPUX, HP's with 4.3 BSD,
	Sequent's, Next's and a few other misc. machines.

Updated: 28 Oct 1991

Steve Simmons		<scs@lokkur.dexter.mi.us>
Inland Sea
9353 Hidden Lake Circle
Dexter, MI 48130
313-769-4086 (office1)
313-426-2086 (office2)

Rate: $75.00/hr for straight time until Jan 1, 1992.  Rates will go up
an undetermined amount at that time.  Free advice for short questions
by phone or email.

Programs Supported:  Any.  Quality of support I can offer depends on
the nature of the software; in particular I am *not* a compiler person.

Experiance: 13 years in computing, 10 with UNIX and various derivatives.
Specialist in systems administration.  Lots of network admin.

Degree: Bachelors from University of Michigan, 1980.

Updated: 10 Oct 91

Lynn Slater			<lrs@indetech.com>
42075 Lawrence Place
Fremont Ca 94538
Office (415) 438-2048; Home (415) 793-1864; Fax (415) 438-2034

Programs: Gnu Emacs Ada Mode, Gnu Emacs Empire Tool, Emacs,
	g++ and gnumake (limited support only).

  Gnu Emacs Ada Mode	-- Co-author, principle integrator
  Gnu Emacs Empire Tool -- Originator, co-author, principle distributor
  Emacs -- Almost all parts. Authored super-apropos, headers, first GDB
	   interface, fancy-lisp, enhanced scribe mode,and lots of small stuff
  g++	-- Have maintained, modified, and used G++ on 300+ user commercial
	   OLTP software.
  gnumake -- Have bug fixed and extended.

  Have single makefile that can merge in local changes and build the
  following systems in a consistent manner in multiple releases on multiple
    asm, bison, gcc, g++, emacs, rcs, gdb, libg++, att c++ libs, gnumake,
    diff, tex2iroff
  The makefile and related techniques are a bit hard to explain, but they
  enable use and local changes in a broad spectrum of FSF code on many
  platforms without having to remember all the individual make procedures.

Rate:  Free for good cause or short stuff as there is time.
  Am most likely to help in areas in which I have had problems or expect to
  have problems.

Updated: 10 Oct 91

Small Business Systems, Inc.		<postmaster@anomaly.sbs.com>
Box 17220, Route 104
Esmond, RI  02917

Rate:	Varies depending on complexity of task.
	Hourly and fixed-rate contracts are available.
Programs Supported:	All

Updated: 11 Sept 91

Randall D. Smith	<randy@ai.mit.edu>
20 Watson Street
Cambridge, MA 02139, USA
+1 (617) 983-0276

Will work on most GNU software.
Installation, handholding, trouble shooting, extensions, teaching,
GCC, GDB, GNU-EMACS, and other ports.

Rates: Upward from $50.00/hour depending on my expertise in the area of the
job.  GDB consulting at $80.00/hour.

Experience: 4 years of intensive experience with Unix and C including
system hacking and modification.  Experience in porting GNU-EMACS (to
SGI Iris 4D) and GCC (to use Sun FPA chip).  Experience working
full-time for the GNU project on other GNU programs (June 1988 -
August 1989).  Primary maintainer of GDB and the GNU loader for that
period.	 Resume available on request.

Entered: 10 Feb 92

Richard M. Stallman	<rms@prep.ai.mit.edu>
UUCP:  {mit-eddie,ucbvax,uunet,harvard,uw-beaver}!ai.mit.edu!rms
545 Tech Sq, Rm 430
Cambridge, MA 02139

Emacs: anything whatever
Is anyone interested in courses in using or extending GNU Emacs?

Original inventor of Emacs and main author of GNU Emacs and GCC.

Rates: $6/min or $250/hr.

Entered: 5/24/90

Jonathan Stone			<jonathan@isor.vuw.ac.nz>
c/o- Institute of Statistics and Operations Research
Victoria University of Wellington
P.O Box 600
New Zealand
Work: +64 4 715-315	Fax: +64 4 712-070

Rate:	hourly rate: NZ $ 150/hr.    Quick phone questions are free.
	Reduced rates available for for non-profit/educational insts
	and daily rate work. Fixed-price contracts also considered.

Programs:	GNU Emacs, GCC, GDB, GNU binutils,
		Ghostscript, MIT X11
		I am the author of the Pyramid ports of gcc and gdb.

Experiance:  Five years administration of Unix systems and GNU tools
	in University environments, and support of Unix administrators
	and GNU tools as an external contractor to New Zealand Government

Degrees:  M.Sc (Distinction)  for a thesis involving work done on GCC.

Updated: 28 Aug 91

Bob Sutterfield	<bob@morningstar.com>

work:					home:
Morning Star Technologies
1760 Zollinger Road			3542 Norwood Street
Columbus, Ohio 43221 USA		Columbus, Ohio 43224-3424 USA
(614)451-1883				(614)267-7611

Rates: $50/hr (negotiable) plus travel expenses
       Gratis to Christian missionaries and mission agencies

Services: Installation, troubleshooting, and mild customization of
    most GNU production and beta-test software; tutorials, training,
    and handholding; general UNIX system and network consulting.

Entered: 2/16/92

Kayvan Sylvan <kayvan@satyr.Sylvan.COM>
Sylvan Associates
879 Lewiston Drive
San Jose, CA 95136
Phone: 408-978-1407

I will help you port, install and customize GNU Emacs, GCC, G++,
bison, and other GNU tools on almost any architechture and operating
system. Questions answered. GNU C and lisp hacking available. I will
also do ongoing support and periodic upgrades if you get on my GNU
software subscription list.

Rates: $60-$100/hour, depending on type of work. Substantial discounts
for long-term contracts and also for educational or non-profit

Experience: Many different Unix systems (2.9BSD to 4.3BSD, SVR3 and
SVR4, Xenix). Systems programming and system administration on all
brands of Unix. Kernel hacking experience. Lots of porting experience.
I can port anything to anything (within reason).

Updated: 10 Jul 92

Leonard H. Tower Jr.	<tower@prep.ai.mit.edu>
36 Porter Street
Somerville, MA	02143, USA
+1 (617) 623-7739

Will work on most GNU software.
Installation, handholding, trouble shooting, extensions, teaching.

Rates: 100.00/hour + travel expenses.  Negotiable for non-profits.

Experience: Have hacked on over a dozen architectures in many languages.  Have
system mothered several varieties of Unixes.  Assisted rms with the front end
of gcc and it's back-end support.  Resume available on request.

Entered: 12 Feb 92

Watchmaker Computing		<support@watch.com>
P.O.Box 163, Kendall Square
Cambridge, MA 02142
email: support@watch.com

Emacs: We'll do GNUEmacs support, porting, bug fixing, and customizing.
We also have specific expertise in:
  packages: GCC, G++, X11, Xt, InterViews, PERL, TeX, Epoch
  languages: C, C++, Lisp, most others; we learn quickly!
Extensive experience coding for portability under UNIX.
Typical rates $35-$150/hour; will telecommute (Internet or phone)

Entered: 1/16/91

Chris Welty		<weltyc@cs.rpi.edu>
RPI Computer Science Dept
Troy, NY 12180
518-276-2816 (W)

EMail correspondance preferred.
Rates vary depending on need, barter often accepted.

Programs: emacs, especially emacs lisp.
Lots of experience in various areas.
BS, MS from RPI.  Currently working on PhD.

Updated: 10/10/91

Pace Willisson				<pace@blitz.com>
Blitz Product Development Corporation	<uunet!blitz!pace>
4 Spruce Road
Medway, MA 02053, USA
Work: (508) 533-6430

Rates: $80.00/hour

Will work on any GNU software.

Experience: 12 years working with C, Unix and Lisp Machines including
compilation systems, networks, device drivers, demand paging systems,
boot programs and window systems.  Ported GDB to 80386.	 Designed COFF
encapsulation scheme to run GNU linker output on System 5 kernels.
Author of Unix "ispell".

Degree: BS in Computer Science from MIT

Updated: 7/31/91

Patrick Wood
Pipeline Associates, Inc.
2740 Route 10 West
Morris Plains, NJ 07950

Rate: Free
Support For: gcc, binutils, gnulib, using gcc for cross compiling
Experiance: used gcc for cross compiling for over 2 years; used
	gcc for three years; installed and support gcc on several
	BSD and System V UNIX systems; wrote peephole optimizer for
	gcc on 68K, wrote portable replacement for FP routines in
	gnulib.c.  Modified gcc and binutils to work in byte-swapped
Other: email consulting only <pipeline!phw@motown.com>,
       uunet!motown!pipeline!phw,sun!pipeline!phw, amdcad!pipeline!phw

Updated: 18 Sept 91

xprt Computer Consulting, Inc. <jody@shell.com>
17200 El Camino Real Suite 110 T
Houston, TX 77058
(713) 480 UNIX
(713) 486 8575 (Fax)

Programs Supported:
X11, TeX, and all of GNU.

We have supported and maintained all of GNU, X11 and TeX for over four
years for a major oil company's research division on several different
Unix platforms.

Rates: $150/hour

Entered: 10 Jul 92

Name: david d [zoo] zuhn	<zuhn@cs.umn.edu>
Company: armadillo zoo software
Fees: $50/hour, discounts for educational institutions and non-profits

  GNU and X11 installation and maintainance on SGI Iris, Sun [68k &
  SPARC], and Sequent machines.	 Additional machines a possibility.
  Any GNU software installed.  Most supported.

Updated: 7/11/92

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