# we need startup files for solaris, since we don't get them with the system

EXTRA_PARTS=crt1.o crti.o crtn.o gmon.o crtbegin.o crtend.o

# we need to supply our own assembly versions of libgcc1.c files,
# since the user may not have native 'cc' available

# ??? This is wrong!
INSTALL_TARGET = install-cross

LIBGCC1 = libgcc1.null

# gmon build rule:
gmon.o:	config/gmon-sol2.c $(GCC_PASSES) $(CONFIG_H)
		-c $(srcdir)/config/gmon-sol2.c -o gmon.o

# Assemble startup files.
crt1.o: config/sol2-c1.asm
	$(AS) -o crt1.o $(srcdir)/config/sol2-c1.asm
crti.o: config/sol2-ci.asm
	$(AS) -o crti.o $(srcdir)/config/sol2-ci.asm
crtn.o: config/sol2-cn.asm
	$(AS) -o crtn.o $(srcdir)/config/sol2-cn.asm