# Makefile configuration for Commodore Amiga running SVR4.
# (configure amiga-amix)

# The Amiga ships with gcc installed, so use it as the default CC.

CC = /usr/public/bin/gcc

# The AT&T compiler is still available in /usr/ccs/bin/cc and should
# be used to compile the things that should not be compiled with gcc.

OLDCC = /usr/ccs/bin/cc

# Link the executables with -ansi to get ANSI floating point ranges.
# Otherwise the values returned on overflow or underflow will be wrong.
# NOTE: some early releases of Amiga Unix contained a bug in ptod.o
# that prevents the correct values being returned from strtod/atof, even
# when linked with -ansi.  Sometimes -static will fix this since at least
# one version had a fixed copy in the static libc.a.

LDFLAGS = -ansi

# The manual pages go in /usr/man/1l (section 1, local) without any filename
# extension.  The man command will automatically create the /usr/catman/1l
# entry.

mandir = /usr/man/1l
manext =