# Makefile additions for the NCR3000 as host system.

# Using -O with the AT&T compiler fails, with a message about a missing
# /usr/ccs/lib/optim pass.  So override the default in Makefile.in


# NCR3000 ships with a MetaWare compiler installed as CC, which chokes and
# dies all over the place on GCC source.  However, the AT&T compiler,
# crusty as it is, can be used to bootstrap GCC.  It can be found in
# /usr/ccs/ATT/cc.  It is also used to compile the things that should
# not be compiled with GCC.

CC = /usr/ccs/ATT/cc
OLDCC = /usr/ccs/ATT/cc

# The rest is just x-i386v4.

# Some versions of SVR4 have an alloca in /usr/ucblib/libucb.a, and if we are
# careful to link that in after libc we can use it, but since newer versions of
# SVR4 are dropping libucb, it is better to just use the portable C version for
# bootstrapping.  Do this by defining ALLOCA.

ALLOCA = alloca.o

# We used to build all stages *without* shared libraries because that may make
# debugging the compiler easier (until there is a GDB which supports
# both Dwarf *and* svr4 shared libraries).

# But james@bigtex.cactus.org says that redefining GCC_CFLAGS causes trouble,
# and that it is easy enough to debug using shared libraries.
# CCLIBFLAGS=-Bstatic -dn -g
# GCC_CFLAGS=-static -g -O2 -B./