This is Info file gcc.info, produced by Makeinfo-1.49 from the input
file gcc.texi.

   This file documents the use and the internals of the GNU compiler.

   Copyright (C) 1988, 1989, 1992 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

   Permission is granted to make and distribute verbatim copies of this
manual provided the copyright notice and this permission notice are
preserved on all copies.

   Permission is granted to copy and distribute modified versions of
this manual under the conditions for verbatim copying, provided also
that the sections entitled "GNU General Public License" and "Protect
Your Freedom--Fight `Look And Feel'" are included exactly as in the
original, and provided that the entire resulting derived work is
distributed under the terms of a permission notice identical to this

   Permission is granted to copy and distribute translations of this
manual into another language, under the above conditions for modified
versions, except that the sections entitled "GNU General Public
License" and "Protect Your Freedom--Fight `Look And Feel'", and this
permission notice, may be included in translations approved by the Free
Software Foundation instead of in the original English.

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Tag Table:
Node: Top1205
Node: Copying2635
Node: Contributors21788
Node: Boycott25799
Node: Invoking GCC31318
Node: Option Summary34171
Node: Overall Options41361
Node: Dialect Options45745
Node: Warning Options54863
Node: Debugging Options67034
Node: Optimize Options74507
Node: Preprocessor Options87138
Node: Assembler Options92371
Node: Link Options92695
Node: Directory Options96585
Node: Target Options99485
Node: Submodel Options103218
Node: M680x0 Options104554
Node: VAX Options107626
Node: Sparc Options108161
Node: Convex Options108664
Node: AMD29K Options109469
Node: M88K Options111248
Node: RS/6000 Options117874
Node: RT Options118439
Node: MIPS Options120106
Node: i386 Options125896
Node: HPPA Options127242
Node: Intel 960 Options128646
Node: DEC Alpha Options131253
Node: System V Options132925
Node: Code Gen Options133613
Node: Environment Variables140538
Node: Running Protoize144562
Node: Installation150787
Node: Other Dir179505
Node: Cross-Compiler181189
Node: PA Install185744
Node: Sun Install187453
Node: 3b1 Install188462
Node: Unos Install189495
Node: VMS Install191034
Node: WE32K Install200729
Node: MIPS Install202100
Node: Extensions204077
Node: Statement Exprs206837
Node: Local Labels208737
Node: Labels as Values210797
Node: Nested Functions212661
Node: Naming Types215964
Node: Typeof217054
Node: Lvalues218916
Node: Conditionals221180
Node: Long Long222091
Node: Zero Length223347
Node: Variable Length224021
Node: Macro Varargs226544
Node: Subscripting228175
Node: Pointer Arith228656
Node: Initializers229219
Node: Constructors229663
Node: Labeled Elements231355
Node: Case Ranges233460
Node: Cast to Union234139
Node: Function Attributes235070
Node: Function Prototypes239835
Node: Dollar Signs241540
Node: Character Escapes242325
Node: Alignment242604
Node: Variable Attributes244077
Node: Inline246686
Node: Extended Asm250043
Node: Asm Labels260111
Node: Explicit Reg Vars261428
Node: Global Reg Vars262673
Node: Local Reg Vars267236
Node: Alternate Keywords268829
Node: Incomplete Enums270229
Node: Trouble270912
Node: Actual Bugs272081
Node: Installation Problems272609
Node: Cross-Compiler Problems280379
Node: Interoperation281754
Node: Incompatibilities290963
Node: Disappointments298656
Node: Protoize Caveats302141
Node: Non-bugs306090
Node: Bugs313995
Node: Bug Criteria315153
Node: Bug Lists317583
Node: Bug Reporting318941
Node: Sending Patches330827
Node: Service336179
Node: VMS336739
Node: Include Files and VMS337094
Node: Global Declarations340974
Node: VMS Misc345281
Node: Portability349602
Node: Interface351365
Node: Passes356000
Node: RTL373282
Node: RTL Objects375117
Node: Accessors378160
Node: Flags383480
Node: Machine Modes392498
Node: Constants399853
Node: Regs and Memory404952
Node: Arithmetic416204
Node: Comparisons422271
Node: Bit Fields426334
Node: Conversions427699
Node: RTL Declarations430588
Node: Side Effects431397
Node: Incdec443938
Node: Assembler446458
Node: Insns447980
Node: Calls468738
Node: Sharing471333
Node: Machine Desc474386
Node: Patterns476238
Node: Example479203
Node: RTL Template480331
Node: Output Template492543
Node: Output Statement495792
Node: Constraints499529
Node: Simple Constraints500457
Node: Multi-Alternative511909
Node: Class Preferences514742
Node: Modifiers515620
Node: No Constraints518730
Node: Standard Names519839
Node: Pattern Ordering545393
Node: Dependent Patterns546618
Node: Jump Patterns549558
Node: Insn Canonicalizations555386
Node: Peephole Definitions558883
Node: Expander Definitions565821
Node: Insn Splitting572969
Node: Insn Attributes579993
Node: Defining Attributes581039
Node: Expressions583075
Node: Tagging Insns587806
Node: Attr Example592148
Node: Insn Lengths594525
Node: Constant Attributes597832
Node: Delay Slots598992
Node: Function Units602185
Node: Target Macros607855
Node: Driver609739
Node: Run-time Target618780
Node: Storage Layout624218
Node: Type Layout635878
Node: Registers640968
Node: Register Basics641946
Node: Allocation Order645292
Node: Values in Registers646677
Node: Leaf Functions651431
Node: Stack Registers654270
Node: Obsolete Register Macros655103
Node: Register Classes657797
Node: Stack and Calling674237
Node: Frame Layout674634
Node: Frame Registers677189
Node: Elimination679850
Node: Stack Arguments684133
Node: Register Arguments690457
Node: Scalar Return698463
Node: Aggregate Return702224
Node: Caller Saves705249
Node: Function Entry706399
Node: Profiling715336
Node: Varargs718060
Node: Trampolines724730
Node: Library Calls730649
Node: Addressing Modes738189
Node: Condition Code745732
Node: Costs750326
Node: Sections758704
Node: PIC763489
Node: Assembler Format765980
Node: File Framework766986
Node: Data Output770692
Node: Uninitialized Data774798
Node: Label Output777393
Node: Initialization785217
Node: Macros for Initialization791358
Node: Instruction Output794267
Node: Dispatch Tables800970
Node: Alignment Output803311
Node: Debugging Info805008
Node: All Debuggers805560
Node: DBX Options807376
Node: DBX Hooks811959
Node: File Names and DBX815230
Node: SDB and DWARF817157
Node: Cross-compilation818841
Node: Misc825150
Node: Config836691
Node: Index842443

End Tag Table