.\" -*- nroff -*-
.\" Copyright 1991, 1992 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
.\" written by K. Richard Pixley
.TH configure 1 "13 December 1991" "cygnus support" "Cygnus Support"
.de BP
.ti \-.2i

configure \(em\& prepare source code to be built

configure host1 [host2 [host3 ...]] [-exec_prefix=dir] [-gas] [-help]
[-host=h] [-nfp] [-norecursion]
[-prefix=dir] [-s] [-rm] [-site=s] [-srcdir=dir]
[-target=t] [-v] [-x]

.I Configure
is a program used to prepare souce code to be built.  It does this by
generating Makefiles and .gdbinit files, creating symlinks, digging
directories, and some other miscellaneous file editting.

.I Configure
accepts the following options:

.I \-exec_prefix=dir
sets the root directory for host dependent files to
.I dir.
The default location is the same as
.I prefix.

.I \-gas
tells configure that the GNU assembler is available on this machine
even if it is not ordinarily.

.I \-help
displays a brief summary of the calling convention.

.I \-host=h
asks configure to prepare the source to be compiled in an environment
.I h.
This option is very confusing and is best ignored.  FIXME: I don't
think it should even be documented.

.I \-nfp
Notifies configure that all of the specified hosts have
.I no floating point

.I \-norecursion
asks that only the current directory be configured.  Normally
configure recurs on subdirectories.

.I \-prefix=dir
sets the default location in which to install files to dir.  The
default is "/usr/local".

.I \-s
used internally by configure to supress status messages on
subdirectory recursions.

.I \-rm
asks configure to remove a configuration rather than creating one.

.I \-site=s
asks configure to use any site specific Makefile fragments for s when
building Makefiles.

.I \-srcdir=dir
tells configure to find the source in srcdir.

.I \-target=t
Requests that the sources be configured to target the t machine.  If
no targets are specified explicitly, the target is assumed to be the
same as the host. 

.I \-tmpdir=dir
Sets the directory in which configure creates temporary files to

.I \-verbose
.I \-v
Asks that configure print status lines for each directory configured.
Normally, only the status lines for the current directory are printed.

.I \-x
Tells configure that MIT style X11 header files and libraries are
available on this machine, even if they are not normally available.

configure.in	for each directory's individual needs
config.sub	for parsing configuration names

.RB "`\|" configure "\|'"
entry in 
info. (not yet available).