Tue Sep 22 14:08:14 1992  Ken Raeburn  (raeburn@cambridge.cygnus.com)

	* m68k.h: Added CPU32 support.

Tue Sep 22 00:38:41 1992  John Gilmore  (gnu@cygnus.com)

	* mips.h (break):  Disassemble the argument.  Patch from
	jonathan@cs.stanford.edu (Jonathan Stone).

Wed Sep  9 11:25:28 1992  Ian Lance Taylor  (ian@cygnus.com)

	* m68k.h: merged Motorola and MIT syntax.

Thu Sep  3 09:33:22 1992  Steve Chamberlain  (sac@thepub.cygnus.com)

	* m68k.h (pmove): make the tests less strict, the 68k book is

Tue Aug 25 23:25:19 1992  Ken Raeburn  (raeburn@cambridge.cygnus.com)

	* m68k.h (m68ec030): Defined as alias for 68030.
	(m68k_opcodes): New type characters "3" for 68030 MMU regs and "t"
	for immediate 0-7 added.  Set up some opcodes (ptest, bkpt) to use
	them.  Tightened description of "fmovex" to distinguish it from
	some "pmove" encodings.  Added "pmove" for 68030 MMU regs, cleaned
	up descriptions that claimed versions were available for chips not
	supporting them.  Added "pmovefd".

Mon Aug 24 12:04:51 1992  Steve Chamberlain  (sac@thepub.cygnus.com)

	* m68k.h: fix where the . goes in divull

Wed Aug 19 11:22:24 1992  Ian Lance Taylor  (ian@cygnus.com)

	* m68k.h: the cas2 instruction is supposed to be written with
	indirection on the last two operands, which can be either data or
	address registers.  Added a new operand type 'r' which accepts
	either register type.  Added new cases for cas2l and cas2w which
	use them.  Corrected masks for cas2 which failed to recognize use
	of address register.

Fri Aug 14 14:20:38 1992  Per Bothner  (bothner@cygnus.com)

	* m68k.h:  Merged in patches (mostly m68040-specific) from
	Colin Smith <colin@wrs.com>.

	* m68k.h:  Merged m68kmri.h and m68k.h (using the former as a
	base).  Also cleaned up duplicates, re-ordered instructions for
	the sake of dis-assembling (so aliases come after standard names).
	* m68kmri.h: Now just defines some macros, and #includes m68k.h.

Wed Aug 12 16:38:15 1992  Steve Chamberlain  (sac@thepub.cygnus.com)

	* m68kmri.h: added various opcodes. Moved jbxx to bxxes. Filled in
	all missing .s

Mon Aug 10 23:22:33 1992  Ken Raeburn  (raeburn@cygnus.com)

	* sparc.h: Moved tables to BFD library.

	* i386.h (i386_optab): Add fildq, fistpq aliases used by gcc.

Sun Jun 28 13:29:03 1992  Fred Fish  (fnf@cygnus.com)

	* h8300.h:  Finish filling in all the holes in the opcode table,
	so that the Lucid C compiler can digest this as well...

Fri Jun 26 21:27:17 1992  John Gilmore  (gnu at cygnus.com)

	* i386.h:  Add setc, setnc, addr16, data16, repz, repnz aliases.
	Fix opcodes on various sizes of fild/fist instructions
	(16bit=no suffix, 32bit="l" suffix, 64bit="ll" suffix).
	Use tabs to indent for comments.  Fixes suggested by Minh Tran-Le.

Thu Jun 25 16:13:26 1992  Stu Grossman  (grossman at cygnus.com)

	* h8300.h:  Fill in all the holes in the opcode table so that the
	losing HPUX C compiler can digest this...

Thu Jun 11 12:15:25 1992  John Gilmore  (gnu at cygnus.com)

	* mips.h:  Fix decoding of coprocessor instructions, somewhat.
	(Fix by Eric Anderson, 3jean@maas-neotek.arc.nasa.gov.)

Thu May 28 11:17:44 1992  Jim Wilson  (wilson@sphagnum.cygnus.com)

	* sparc.h: Add new architecture variant sparclite; add its scan
	and divscc opcodes.  Define ARCHITECTURES_CONFLICT_P macro.

Tue May  5 14:23:27 1992  Per Bothner  (bothner@rtl.cygnus.com)

	* mips.h:  Add some more opcode synonyms (from Frank Yellin,

Thu Apr 16 18:25:26 1992  Per Bothner  (bothner@cygnus.com)

	* rs6k.h:  New version from IBM (Metin).

Thu Apr  9 00:31:19 1992  Per Bothner  (bothner@rtl.cygnus.com)

	* rs6k.h: Fix incorrect extended opcode for instructions `fm'
        and `fd'.  (From metin@ibmpa.awdpa.ibm.com (Metin G. Ozisik).)

Tue Apr  7 13:38:47 1992  Stu Grossman  (grossman at cygnus.com)

	* rs6k.h:  Move from ../../gdb/rs6k-opcode.h.

Fri Apr  3 11:30:20 1992  Fred Fish  (fnf@cygnus.com)

	* m68k.h (one, two):  Cast macro args to unsigned to suppress
	complaints from compiler and lint about integer overflow during

Sun Mar 29 12:22:08 1992  John Gilmore  (gnu at cygnus.com)

	* sparc.h (OP):  Avoid signed overflow when shifting to high order bit.

Fri Mar  6 00:22:38 1992  John Gilmore  (gnu at cygnus.com)

	* mips.h:  Make bitfield layout depend on the HOST compiler,
	not on the TARGET system.

Fri Feb 21 01:29:51 1992  K. Richard Pixley  (rich@cygnus.com)

	* i386.h: added inb, inw, outb, outw opcodes, added att syntax for
	  scmp, slod, smov, ssca, ssto.  Curtesy Minh Tran-Le

Thu Jan 30 07:31:44 1992  Steve Chamberlain  (sac at rtl.cygnus.com)

	* h8300.h: turned op_type enum into #define list

Thu Jan 30 01:07:24 1992  John Gilmore  (gnu at cygnus.com)

	* sparc.h:  Remove "cypress" architecture.  Remove "fitox" and
	similar instructions -- they've been renamed to "fitoq", etc.
	REALLY fix tsubcctv.  Fix "fcmpeq" and "fcmpq" which had wrong
	number of arguments.
	* h8300.h:  Remove extra ; which produces compiler warning.

Tue Jan 28 22:59:22 1992  Stu Grossman  (grossman at cygnus.com)

	* sparc.h:  fix opcode for tsubcctv.

Tue Jan  7 17:19:39 1992  K. Richard Pixley  (rich at cygnus.com)

	* sparc.h: fba and cba are now aliases for fb and cb respectively.

Fri Dec 27 10:55:50 1991  Per Bothner  (bothner at cygnus.com)

	* sparc.h (nop):  Made the 'lose' field be even tighter,
	so only a standard 'nop' is disassembled as a nop.

Sun Dec 22 12:18:18 1991  Michael Tiemann  (tiemann at cygnus.com)

	* sparc.h (nop): Add RD_GO to `lose' so that only %g0 in dest is
	disassembled as a nop.

Tue Dec 10 00:22:20 1991  K. Richard Pixley  (rich at rtl.cygnus.com)

	* sparc.h: fix a typo.

Sat Nov 30 20:40:51 1991  Steve Chamberlain  (sac at rtl.cygnus.com)

	* a29k.h, arm.h, h8300.h,  i386.h,  i860.h, i960.h , m68k.h, 
	m88k.h, mips.h , np1.h, ns32k.h, pn.h, pyr.h, sparc.h, tahoe.h,
	vax.h, ChangeLog: renamed from ../<foo>-opcode.h