Mon Apr 19 09:55:57 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Version 1.08 released.

	* Makefile.in (dist): Insert || true after ln -s commands that
	might fail.

	* mm: Update to mm 1.16.

	* acgroff.m4 (GROFF_CSH_HACK): New macro.
	* configure.in: Call GROFF_CSH_HACK.  Substitute for
	* Makefile.in (SH_SCRIPT_SED_CMD): New variable.  Include in
	* nroff/Makefile.sub (nroff): New target.
	(install_data): Install nroff.
	* eqn/Makefile.sub (neqn): Sed with SH_SCRIPT_SED_CMD.
	* grog/Makefile.sub (grog): Sed grog.sh with SH_SCRIPT_SED_CMD.

Sat Apr 17 08:24:28 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/Makefile.sub (neqn): Add chmod +x.

	* grog/Makefile.sub (grog): Remove spurious semi-colon.

Fri Apr 16 22:41:57 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.cc (string_iterator::string_iterator()): Initialize
	lineno and count.

Tue Apr 13 10:22:28 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/div.cc (macro_diversion::space,
	top_level_diversion::space): Don't set high_water_mark.
	(macro_diversion::output, top_level_diversion::output): Don't
	include post line space in high water mark.

Wed Apr  7 12:48:18 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/eqn.y: Don't define YYDEBUG.
	* pic/pic.y: Likewise.

Mon Apr  5 10:15:15 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tmac/tmac.e ([3): Add space after comma following editors.
	Change double spaces to single spaces.
	([4): Change double spaces to single spaces.

	* grops/ps.h (USE_PS_ADOBE_2_0): New flag for broken_flags.
	* grops/ps.cc (ps_printer::~ps_printer): If the USE_PS_ADOBE_2_0
	bit is set in broken_flags, use 2.0 rather than 3.0 as the version
	after %!PS-Adobe- (for Newsprint).

	* troff/div.cc (top_level_diversion::begin_page): When
	before_first_page is 1, set page_number to 1.

Sun Apr  4 14:28:53 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/box.cc (box::top_level): Protect equation with \&.

Sat Apr  3 23:27:25 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* groff/groff.cc (possible_command::set_name): Delete old name.

	* groff/groff.cc (possible_command::~possible_command): Use

	* troff/node.cc (troff_output_file::begun_page): New member.
	(troff_output_file::troff_output_file): Initialize it.
	(troff_output_file::really_begin_page): Only output V command if a
	page has been begun.

	* pic/pic.y (placeless_element): Delete argument to PRINT after

Fri Apr  2 11:31:02 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Make wrapman work.
	* troff/div.h (class top_level_diversion): Replace
	first_page_begun by before_first_page (with opposite sense).
	* Change first_page_begun to before_first_page inverting sense.
	* troff/div.cc (class nl_reg): New class.
	(init_div_requests): Use class nl_reg for \n(nl.
	(top_level_diversion::begin_page): Don't call
	output_file::begin_page if before_first_page is 2;
	reset before_first_page afterwards.  If have_next_page_number is
	false, then always increment page_number.
	* tmac/tmac.an: Set traps within TH rather than at the top-level.
	Restore compatibility mode after loading, and then disable
	compatibility mode in TH.

Thu Apr  1 11:09:34 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* grotty/tty.cc (tty_printer::end_page): Don't discard characters
	past last line.
	* troff/node.h (output_file::trailer): Declare.
	* troff/div.cc (cleanup_and_exit): Call output_file::trailer().
	* troff/node.cc (output_file::trailer): New function.
	(troff_output_file::~troff_output_file): Move most code into...
	(troff_output_file::trailer): New function.
	(class troff_output_file): Delete page_length member. Declare
	(troff_output_file::really_begin_page): Use current page length
	for final V command.

	* tbl/main.cc (struct options): New decimal_point_char member.
	(options::options): Initialize this.
	(process_options): Implement decimalpoint option.
	(process_data): Pass decimal_point_char option to table::table.
	* tbl/table.h (class table): New decimal_point_char member.
	(table::table): Add additional argument.
	* tbl/table.cc (find_dot): Rename to find_decimal_point. Add
	second argument specifying decimal point character.  Use this
	instead of '.'.
	(table::table): Initialize decimal_point_char.
	(table::add_entry): Change call to find_dot.

	* troff/input.cc (get_copy, token::next): Implement \V.
	(interpolate_environment_variable): New function.

Tue Mar 30 14:41:39 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/lex.cc (lookup_keyword): Rename MIN to K_MIN, MAX to K_MAX.
	* pic/pic.y: Likewise.

	* grotty/tty.cc (tty_printer::add_char, tty_printer::end_page):
	Add casts to int.
	* refer/ref.cc (reference::insert_field, reference::delete_field):
	* troff/number.cc (parse_term): Likewise.

	* acgroff.m4 (GROFF_PROG_YACC): New macro.
	* configure.in: Use GROFF_PROG_YACC.

	* acgroff.m4 (GROFF_PROG_CCC): Don't add -O automatically for gcc
	and g++.
	* Makefile.in (OPTIMIZE): New define.
	(DEBUG): Empty by default.

	* acgroff.m4 (GROFF_SYS_SIGLIST): Don't quote program.
	(GROFF_CC_COMPILE_CHECK): Quote use of $2 and $3.

	* troff/env.cc (trie::~trie): Make virtual to shut up g++.

	* devps/psstrip.sed: Use different delimiter on last line (so that
	it works with BSD 4.4 sed.)

Mon Mar 29 17:07:14 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* devps/psstrip.sed: Delete comments.

	* acgroff.m4 (AC_GETOPT): Don't test whether <unistd.h> declares
	optind, opterr, optarg.
	* lib.h: When UNISTD_H_DECLARES_GETOPT is defined, declare optind,
	opterr, optarg.

Sun Mar 28 17:44:25 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Makefile.in (check): Dummy target.

Wed Mar  3 04:53:38 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Version 1.07 released.

	* Integrate mm 1.11.

	* tbl/table.cc (alphabetic_block_entry::print): start_row was used
	where start_col was meant.

Thu Feb 25 07:55:36 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* grog/grog.sh, grog/grog.pl: Recognize PH and SA as -mm macros.

Wed Feb 24 10:15:34 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.cc (token::next): Make \z\o'...' and similar things

	(environment): Add margin_character_flags member.
	* env.cc (environment::environment(symbol),
	environment::environment(const environment *): Initialize
	(margin_character): Rewrite.
	(environment::output_line): Add a margin character if
	margin_character_flags is non-zero.  Turn off the
	MARGIN_CHARACTER_NEXT bit.  If that makes margin_character_flags
	zero, use margin_character_node without copying and then set
	margin_character_node to 0.

	* devps/DESC.in: Change minimum size to 1000.

Tue Feb 23 14:57:49 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/symbol.h (symbol::hash): Change return type to unsigned
	* troff/dictionary.cc (dictionary::lookup, dictionary::remove):
	Add casts to int.

	* test-groff: Use -r rather than -x.

	* grops/psfig.diff: Include in distribution again.

Mon Feb 22 09:10:44 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Makefile.in (dist): Use gzip.

Sun Feb 21 11:12:53 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* acgroff.m4 (GROFF_GETOPT): Check for declaration of getopt() in
	unistd.h as well as in stdlib.h.
	* include/lib.h: Include <stdlib.h> is STDLIB_H_DECLARES_GETOPT is
	defined; otherwise include <sys/types.h> and <unistd.h> if

	* configure.in: use builtin(include, ... rather than include(...
	* configure: Regenerate with autoconf 1.3.

	* libdriver/print.cc (printer::adjust_arc_center): Use new
	algorithm suggested by Andy Fyfe.

	* libdriver/printer.cc (printer::adjust_arc_center): New function.
	* include/printer.h: Declare this.
	* grops/ps.cc (ps_printer::draw): Use it.
	* grodvi/dvi.cc (dvi_printer::draw): Use it.

Fri Feb 19 23:13:51 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Makefile.comm (.man.n): Replace macrodir by tmacdir.

Thu Feb 11 16:46:59 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/main.cc (main): Handle "eqn -".

Mon Jan  4 20:29:56 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tmac/tmac.e (++): Install fix from comp.bugs.4sd.

	* mm: Integrate version 1.08.

	* pic/troff.cc (troff_output::finish_picture): Set
	EQN_NO_EXTRA_SPACE reg to 0 rather than removing it.
	* eqn/box.cc (box::extra_space): Set EQN_NO_EXTRA_SPACE_REG to 0
	if it's not defined. Check whether the register is non-zero rather
	than whether it's not defined.
	* tmac.e ({, <): Make argument to \x zero if \n(0x is non-zero.

	* indxbib/indxbib.cc: Move all signal handling into...
	* indxbib/signal.c: New file.
	* configure.in: Call AC_RETSIGTYPE.

	* acgroff.m4 (GROFF_STRUCT_EXCEPTION): New macro.
	* configure.in: Call GROFF_STRUCT_EXCEPTION.
	* libgroff/matherr.c: Protect with ifdef HAVE_STRUCT_EXCEPTION.

	* troff/input.cc (token::token, token::operator=): Work round SGI
	C++ bug.
	* pic/object.cc (position::position): Likewise.

Mon Dec 28 21:50:21 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/pic.h: Move declaration of hypot().

Wed Dec 16 12:28:29 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/pic.h: Declare hypot().

	* pic/pic.h: Define M_PI if necessary.

Thu Dec 10 12:03:29 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tmac/tmac.e (re): Add alternative version that doesn't use groff
	`.ta T' feature.

	* devps/prologue.ps (RE): Handle the possibility that the old font
	doesn't have a FontName entry.

Wed Dec  2 10:25:29 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tmac/tmac.e (fam): Redefine to set family in environment 2.
	(@C): Use @fam not fam.

Thu Nov 26 16:01:25 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* lookbib/lookbib.cc (main): Change type of start to const char *.
	* lkbib/lkbib.cc (main): Likewise.

	* eqn/lex.cc (definition::definition): Don't use member
	initializer syntax for members of anonymous unions.

	* troff/input.cc (input_stack::backtrace): Change type of to const
	char *.

Wed Nov 25 13:43:09 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* include/stringclass.h (class string): Declare inline friend
	functions as inline in class declaration.
	* troff/hvunits.h (class hunits, class vunits): Likewise.
	* include/refid.h (class reference_id): Likewise
	* troff/troff.h (points_to_units(units), scale(units, double)):
	Delete declarations.
	* libdriver/input.cc (get_char): Delete declaration.
	* include/lib.h: Change 2nd argument of getopt from const char **
	to char **.
	* troff/symbol.cc (symbol::symbol): Cast `new char *[n]' to `const
	char **' before assigning to a `const char **'.
	* tbl/table.cc: Delete extra declarations of prints().

Tue Nov 24 14:33:13 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* libgroff/font.cc (font::load_desc): Cast `new char *[n]' to `const
	char **' before assigning to a `const char **'.

	* libgroff/errarg.cc (errarg::errarg): Don't use member
	initializer syntax for members of anonymous unions.

Sat Nov 21 05:02:23 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* mm: Integrate version 1.07.

Tue Nov 17 16:44:27 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (translate2): Rename to
	(init_input_requests): Rename tr2 to trnt.

Mon Nov 16 09:49:32 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/charinfo.h (class charinfo): Add transparent_translate field.
	(charinfo::set_translation, charinfo::set_special_translation):
	Add second argument that specifies value for
	(charinfo::get_translation, charinfo::get_special_translation):
	Add optional second argument that specifies whether translation is
	being used for transparent throughput.
	* troff/input.cc (charinfo::set_translation,
	charinfo::set_special_translation): Handle second argument.
	(charinfo::charinfo): Initialize transparent_translate.
	(translate): Split main part off into
	(do_translate): New function.  Pass argument saying whether
	translation applies to transparent throughput.
	(translate2): New request.
	(init_input_requests): Bind translate2 to `tr2'.

Wed Nov 11 11:43:20 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/table.h (class table): Add `nokeep' flag.
	* tbl/main.cc (process_options): Handle `nokeep' option.
	* tbl/table.cc (table::init_output, table::do_row, table::do_top,
	table::do_bottom): Don't output keep/release macro definitions or
	calls when `nokeep' option has been specified.

Sat Nov  7 01:28:33 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tmac/tmac.Xps (Xps-char): Use " as delimiter for \Z.

Wed Nov  4 16:29:04 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/table.cc (table_entry::divert, block_entry::do_divert,
	block_entry::divert, alphabetic_block_entry::divert): Add extra
	argument giving column separation.
	(table::compute_widths): Pass column separation to
	(block_entry::do_divert): If an entry spans multiple columns and a
	minimumum width has been specified for each column, then set the
	line length to the sum of the widths (plus possibly the column

	* troff/input.cc (set_escape_char): Don't set the escape_char
	until after calling has_arg().

Tue Nov  3 11:23:27 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/table.cc (table::do_top): Add missing \s0 for double box

	* tbl/table.cc (table::print_double_hline): Avoid extra new line
	in case where r > nrows - 1.

	* tbl/table.cc (BODY_HEIGHT): Deleted.
	(LINE_SEP): New definition.
	(table::print_single_hline, table::print_double_hline,
	table::compute_vrule_top_adjust, table::compute_vrule_bot_adjust,
	table::do_row, table::do_top): Use LINE_SEP space before a line
	instead of \n[.v]-BODY_HEIGHT-BODY_DEPTH.

	* tbl/table.cc (text_entry::print_contents): New function.
	(text_string_name, right_text_string_name): Deleted.
	(simple_text_entry::do_width, numeric_text_entry::do_width,
	alphabetic_text_entry::do_width): Don't store the contents of the
	entry in a string.
	(left_text_entry::simple_print, right_text_entry::simple_print,
	numeric_text_entry::simple_print): Print the entry directly
	instead of using the stored string.

Fri Oct 30 10:39:32 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* devps/Makefile: Strip PostScript files.
	* devps/prologue: Rename to...
	* devps/prologue.ps.
	* devps/psstrip.sed: New file.
	* devps/download: Use .pfa rather than .ps for installed versions
	of fonts.

Thu Oct 29 09:14:43 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/env.cc (input_trap): Give a warning if the argument is out
	of range.

	* troff/env.cc (adjust): Treat negative argument as missing. Round
	argument > 5 down to 5.

	* troff/env.cc (center, right_justify): Make negative argument zero.

	* troff/div.cc (page_offset, vertical_position_traps): Treat
	invalid argument as missing.
	* troff/env.cc (line_spacing, line_length, title_length, indent,
	underline, hyphen_line_max_request, control_char,
	no_break_control_char, widow_control_request, adjust, input_trap,
	point_size): Likewise.
	* troff/node.cc (ligature, kern_request, bold_font, track_kern,
	constant_space): Likewise.
	* troff/input.cc (compatible, shift, warn_request,
	set_escape_char): Likewise.

	* tbl/main.cc (format::format): Avoid doing `new int[0]'.
	* tbl/table.cc (table::table): Likewise.

	* Makefile.dev (install_dev): depends on $(DEVFILES).

Wed Oct 28 08:30:57 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* devX75, devX75-12, devX100, devX100-12: New directories.
	* Makefile.in: Add these to DEVDIRS.

	* troff/Makefile.sub, eqn/Makefile.sub, indxbib/Makefile.sub,
	afmtodit/Makefile.sub, tmac/Makefile.sub, nroff/Makefile.sub,
	grog/Makefile.sub, mm/Makefile.sub (uninstall_sub): New target.
	* Makefile.in (uninstall, uninstall_sub, uninstall_dirs): New
	* Makefile.ccpg, Makefile.cpg, Makefile.dev, Makefile.man
	(uninstall): New target.
	* Makefile.comm (uninstall, uninstall_sub, uninstall_man,
	uninstall_prog, uninstall_dev): New targets.

	* troff/div.cc (return_request): Treat an invalid argument as

Mon Oct 26 11:33:47 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tmac/tmac.e ((f): Set up the environment even when there's a
	current diversion.  Transperently throughput a call to @N.
	(@N): New macro.

Thu Oct 22 05:05:59 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/table.cc (table::compute_vrule_top_adjust): Round adjustment
	up to vertical resolution.

	* tbl/table.cc (table::do_row): Change row number after printing
	stuff list.

	* pic/lex.cc (get_token_after_dot): Make .left and .right work.

Wed Oct 21 14:46:45 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Rename CHANGES to NEWS.

Tue Oct 20 23:25:21 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* libgroff/new.cc (operator new): Avoid calling malloc(0).

Mon Oct 19 09:10:13 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* man.ultrix: Removed.

Sun Oct 18 06:35:15 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Makefile.comm (extraclean): Delete files whose names begin with

	* pic/troff.cc (troff_output::text): Fix typo in implementation of
	aligned text.

Sat Oct 10 09:32:29 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/env.cc (hyphenate_request, vertical_spacing, no_number):
	* troff/div.cc (page_length, need_space, space_request): Treat
	invalid optional argument as missing.
	* troff/env.cc (number_lines): If the first argument is present
	but not a number, turn on line numbering, don't change the next
	line number and parse the remaining arguments.

	* tmac/tmac.e (@q): Do the `ne' before changing to environment 2.

Thu Oct  8 10:24:40 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/box.h: Change declaration accordingly.
	* eqn/box.cc (set_gsize): Change return type to int.  Return 0 if
	the specified size was bad but don't give an error.  Check for
	* eqn/main.cc (main): Change caller. Leave validation to set_gsize.
	* eqn/lex (do_size): Likewise.

Wed Oct  7 09:48:59 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* acgroff.m4 (GROFF_PROG_CCC): Use fopen when checking for C++
	compatible headers.

Sun Oct  4 18:24:02 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/table.cc (table::init_output): Improve error message when
	table won't fit on one page.

Fri Oct  2 10:41:40 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/troff.cc (troff_output::start_picture): Generate line
	containing a horizontal motion equal to the width of the picture.

	* groff/groff.cc (main): Allow PROG_PREFIX to be set at runtime
	using GROFF_COMMAND_PREFIX environment variable.

Fri Sep 25 11:40:40 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* mdate.sh: Use $NF rather than $(NF).

Tue Sep 22 09:47:24 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/main.cc (main):  Use %1 not %c in argument to warning.

	* eqn/main.cc (main): Output code to check that geqn was given the
	correct -T option.

Mon Sep 21 10:59:16 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Makefile.in (dist): Instead of doing `make -f ../Makefile', do
	`ln -s ../Makefile .; make; rm -f Makefile'.

	* troff/hyphen: Rename to...
	* troff/hyphen.us:
	* troff/input.cc (main): Delete -H option. Don't call
	* troff/env.cc: Include searchpath.h and macropath.h.
	(exception_dictionary): Deleted.
	(ht): Deleted.
	(read_hyphen_file): Deleted.
	(hyphenation_language): New struct.
	(class trie, class hyphen_trie): Move declarations up.
	(trie_node::~trie_node): Deleted.
	(trie::delete_trie_node): New function.
	(trie::do_delete): New pure virtual function.
	(hyphen_trie::do_delete): New function.
	(trie::~trie): New function.
	(hyphen_trie::~hyphen_trie): New function.
	(trie::clear): No need to chcek that tp is not 0.
	(current_language, language_dictionary): New variables.
	(hyphen_word): Give an error if no current language.  Use
	exceptions dictionary in current language.
	(hyphen_trie::read_patterns_file): Find file using macro_path.
	Allow comments (starting with %) in patterns file.  Don't make it
	a fatal error if the file can't be found.
	(hyphenate): Return if no current language.  Get the exceptions
	dictionary and the hyphenation patterns from the current language.
	(set_hyphenation_language): New variable.
	(hyphenation_patterns_file): New function.
	(hyphenation_language_reg): New class.
	(hyphenation_language_reg::get_string): New function.
	(init_hyphen_requests): Bind "hla" to set_hyphenation_language and
	"hpf" to hyphenation_patterns_file.  Initialize `.hla' number
	* groff/groff.cc (main, help, synopsis): Delete -H option.
	* include/Makefile.sub: Don't define HYPHENFILE.
	* Makefile.in: Delete hyphenfile variable and remove from MDEFINES.
	* Makefile.comm (.man.n): Don't substitute for HYPHENFILE.
	* tmac/troffrc: Set hyphenation language to `us'. Load `hyphen.us'
	hyphenation patterns.

Sun Sep 20 09:33:02 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/neqn.sh: New file.
	* eqn/Makefile.sub: Handle neqn.sh.

	* eqn/eqn.h: Declare `nroff' variable.
	* eqn/box.cc (param_table): Add `nroff' param.
	(nroff): Define it.
	* eqn/lex.cc (yylex): Handle TDEFINE and NDEFINE using `nroff'
	* tmac/eqnrc: Set `nroff' to 1 for -Tascii or -Tlatin1.

	* troff/troff.h (WARN_FONT): New warning.
	(WARN_TOTAL): Change accordingly.
	* troff/input.cc (DEFAULT_WARNING_MASK): Include WARN_FONT.
	(warning_table): Add WARN_FONT.
	* troff/node.cc (mount_font_no_translate): Pass argument to
	font::load_font.  If this is non-zero, give a warning.
	Don't give an error message when accessing a font that has already
	been found to be invalid.
	* include/font.h (font::load, font::load_font): Add additional
	optional argument which suppresses error message if the font is
	not found.
	* libgroff/font.cc (font::load_font): Handle additional argument.
	(font::load): Add additional argument. If this is non-null, set it
	to 1 and don't give error message.

	* include/printer.h (printer::end_page): Add argument giving
	length of page.
	* libdriver/input.cc (do_file): Pass this.
	* grops/ps.cc (ps_printer::end_page): Add argument.
	* grodvi/dvi.cc (dvi_printer::end_page,
	draw_dvi_printer::end_page): Add argument.
	* grotty/tty.cc (class tty_printer): Remove lines_per_page and
	columns_per_page members. New member nlines.
	(tty_printer::tty_printer): Don't compute lines_per_page from
	font::paperlength. Don't compute columns_per_page from
	(tty_printer::add_char): Don't check horizontal position against
	columns_per_page. Grow glyphs vector if neccessary.
	(tty_printer::end_page): Add argument giving page_length in units.
	Discard lines past end of page.

Wed Sep 16 06:29:52 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tmac/tmac.tty-char: Fix definition of \(/l.

	* tmac/tmac.X: Define \(en.

Tue Sep 15 10:37:13 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* acgroff.m4 (GROFF_PRINT): If a system has lpr and lp but not
	lpq, then use lp rather than lpr.

	* tmac/tmac.s (par@reset): Don't call `ad'.
	(par*env-init): Call `ad'.

Sun Sep 13 18:48:20 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* mdate.sh: Use $(NF) instead of $6 to extract year from output of

	* troff/symbol.cc: #undef BLOCK_SIZE if it's defined.
	* indxbib/indxbib.cc: Likewise.

Sun Sep  6 09:44:46 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* libgroff/putenv.c: New file.
	* libgroff/Makefile.sub: Add putenv.c to CSRCS.
	* Makefile.in: Say that putenv.o can be one of LIBOBJS.
	* configure.in: Test for putenv with AC_REPLACE_FUNCS. Test for
	stdlib.h with AC_HAVE_HEADERS.

Sat Sep  5 18:11:52 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* indxbib/dirnamemax.c: Include <sys/dir.h> only if <dirent.h>
	does not exist.

Fri Sep  4 09:43:26 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/box.cc (gsize): Make it an int.
	(set_gsize): Parse argument handling increment or decrement.
	(box::top_level): Convert gsize to a string.

	* troff/input.cc (exit_troff): Make buf unsigned char [].
	Call to make_temp_iterator casts buf to char*.

	* Makefile.in ($(TARGETS), dot): Pass $(MDEFINES) to recursive makes.

	* Makefile.ccpg (depend.temp): Depends on $(YTABC).
	* Makefile.cpg (depend.temp): Likewise.

	* Makefile.dep: Remove Makefile.dep from $(REALCLEANFILES).

	* Makefile.comm: Add y.output to MOSTLYCLEANFILES.

Thu Sep  3 08:01:55 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tmac/tmac.s (B, I, BI, CW): Rewrite avoiding aliases.

Tue Sep  1 18:24:53 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Version 1.06 released.

	* Integrate mm 1.04.

Fri Aug 28 11:28:19 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Makefile.comm, Makefile.ccpg, Makefile.cpg: Fix TAGS target.

Thu Aug 27 11:03:33 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* afmtodit/afmtodit.pl: Add -n option that disables generation of
	ligatures command.
	* devps/generate/Makefile (CR, CB, CI, CBI): Pass -n flag to
	afmtodit. Regenerate.

	* tmac/tmac.e ()z): Adjust _b if necessary so as to avoid moving
	@f back past the current position.

	* tmac/tmac.e: Change calls to @R so that comments are not part of

Tue Aug 25 10:42:07 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* configure.in: Check for mkstemp with AC_HAVE_FUNCS.

	* acgroff.m4 (GROFF_PROG_CCC): Don't check for <osfcn.h>. Instead
	check that we can link a call to a function declared in <stdio.h>.
	(GROFF_UNISTD_H): New macro.
	* configure.in: Call it.
	* Makefile.in: Document it.
	* include/posix.h: New file.
	* troff/troff.h: Don't include <osfcn.h>
	* troff/input.cc: Include posix.h.
	* libgroff/new.cc, libgroff/tmpfile.cc: Include posix.h rather than
	* indxbib/indxbib.cc, libbib/{search.cc,linear.cc,index.cc}:
	Include posix.h rather <sys/types.h>, <sys/stat.h>, <osfcn.h>,
	* indxbib/indxbib.cc (S_IRUSR, S_IRGRP, S_IROTH): Delete definitions.
	* libbib/index.cc (S_ISREG, O_RDONLY): Delete definitions.
	* libbib/search.cc (O_RDONLY): Delete definition.
	* refer/refer.cc, include/driver.h, pic/pic.h, groff/groff.cc:
	Don't include <osfcn.h>.

	* acgroff.m4 (GROFF_TIME_T): New macro.
	* configure.in: Call it.
	* Makefile.in: Document it.

	* acgroff.m4 (GROFF_TRADITIONAL_CPP): New macro.
	* configure.in: Call it.
	* Makefile.in: Document -DTRADITIONAL_CPP.
	* include/ptable.h: Don't include generic.h.
	(name2): Define it.

	* tmac/tmac.s (][): Make [T1 and [T2 aliases for [T.
	Afterwards remove [T1 and [T2.
	(ref*spec!0, ref*spec!2): Use T1 rather than T.
	(ref*spec!1, ref*spec!4, ref*spec!4): Use T2 rather than T.
	(ref*add-T2): Renamed from ref*add-T.
	(ref*add-T1): New macro.

Mon Aug 24 11:11:11 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* acgroff.m4 (AC_PROG_CCC): Use GROFF_EXIT rather than exit 1.

	* libbib/index.cc: Include <fcntl.h>.
	(O_RDONLY): Define if necessary.
	(make_index_search_item, index_search_item_iterator::get_tag,
	index_search_item::check_files): Use O_RDONLY.
	* libbib/seach.cc: Include <fcntl.h>, <sys/types.h>, <sys/stat.h>.
	(O_RDONLY): Define if necessary.
	(search_list::add_file): Use O_RDONLY.
	* indxbib/indxbib.cc: Include <fcntl.h>, <sys/types.h>,
	(S_IRUSR, S_IRGRP, S_IROTH): Define if necessary.
	(main): Use these.

	* libbib/index.cc (S_ISREG): Define it if necessary.
	(index_search_item::load): Use S_ISREG.

	* include/driver.h: Include <errno.h>.

Sun Aug 23 11:32:18 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/box.cc (body_height): Increase default value to 85.
	(body_depth): Increase default value to 35.

Fri Aug 21 05:34:42 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/pbox.h (SAVE_FONT_STRING): Define it.
	* eqn/box.cc (box::top_level): Hide use of \R in a string that is
	protected from expansion with \E.

	* acgroff.m4 (GROFF_PAGE): Use `case' to test domain.

	* Makefile (Makefile): New target.

	* Makefile.sub (configure, distfiles): New targets.

	* acgroff.m4 (GROFF_BROKEN_SPOOLER_FLAGS): Avoid using ${var:-val}

Thu Aug 20 12:27:26 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/box.cc (param_table): Add body_height and body_depth.

	* eqn/lex.cc (def_table): Make circumflex in hat_def roman.

Tue Aug 18 16:24:25 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* psbb/Makefile.sub: Don't link with libgroff.a.

	* acgroff.m4 (GROFF_PUTENV): New macro.
	* configure.in: Call GROFF_PUTENV.
	* Makefile.in: Document STDLIB_H_DECLARES_PUTENV.
	* groff/groff.cc: Don't declare putenv if STDLIB_H_DECLARES_PUTENV
	is defined.

	* troff/env.cc (distribute_space): Rename force_forward argument
	to force_reverse.  Reverse the list if force_reverse is true.

Mon Aug 17 17:49:05 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tmac/tmac.an: Don't define a string `T'. Just define Tm.

	* eqn/pile.cc (matrix_box::compute_metrics): Don't allow computed
	height or depth to be negative.  Guard against SUP_RAISE quantity
	being negative.

Sat Aug 15 08:18:54 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* devps/generate/textmap: Add `an' (arrowhorizex).
	* tmac/tmac.ps: \(an overlaps horizontally.
	* tmac/tmac.dvi, tmac/tmac.tty: Add `an'.

	* devps/symbolchars: Add arrowverttp, arrowvertbt.
	* devps/textmap: Add arrowvertex.
	* eqn/delim.cc (delim_table): Add uparrow, downarrow and
	updownarrow delimiters.
	* tmac/tmac.ps, tmac/tmac.X: Add definition of \(va.

	* tbl/table.cc (simple_entry::position_vertically,
	block_entry::position_vertically):  For a centered entry, perform
	the motion in two stages.

	* refer/refer.cc (split_punct): Don't call lookup_token if there
	is no token.

Fri Aug 14 11:14:58 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.cc (token::next): Delete token_node after copying

	* grodvi/grodvi.cc (dvi_printer::dvi_printer): Initialize

	* libdriver/printer.cc (printer::load_font): Delete old_font_table.

	* grops/ps.cc (ps_printer::define_encoding): Delete elements of vec.

Tue Aug 11 13:50:38 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* grops/ps.cc (usage): -b option takes an argument.

	* devps/prologue (PLG): New procedure.
	* grops/ps.cc (main, usage): New -g option.
	(ps_printer::~ps_printer):  If guess_flag is set, guess the paper
	length using PLG.

Mon Aug 10 11:17:53 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* include/cset.h: Include <limits.h> if we have it.

	* libgroff/illegal.cc: New file.
	* include/lib.h (illegal_input_char): Use table.
	* troff/input.cc (ESCAPE_RIGHT_PARENTHESIS): Renumber to 0206.
	* pic/lex.cc (ARG1): Renumber to 14.
	* eqn/lex.cc (ARG1: Likewise.

	* troff/Makefile.sub (majorminor.cc): Handle 3 part versions
	(eg 1.05.90) correctly.

Sun Aug  9 13:35:43 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tmac/tmac.e (sr): Deleted. Set $r and $R directly.
	Rename $r and $R registers to $v and $V.
	($r, $R): Initialize to 0.
	(@v, @V): New macros.
	(sz): Call @v.
	(@M): Call @V.

	* troff/input.cc (main, usage): Add -R option that says not to
	load troffrc.
	* eqn/main.cc (main, usage): Rename -n to -R.

Sat Aug  8 00:16:00 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* devps/DESC.in: Leave font positions 5-9 blank.
	* devdvi/DESC.in: Likewise.

	* grog/grog.pl: Handle `.PS <file' correctly.

	* troff/input.cc (input_stack::push): Improve error message when
	input stack limit exceeded.

Fri Aug  7 13:08:16 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* refer/refer.cc (main): Fix typo in handling of `a' option.

	* refer/refer.cc (do_bib): In state START after a newline remain
	in state START.

	* groff/groff.sh: Deleted.
	* groff/Makefile.sub: Delete handling of groff.sh.

	* pic/troff.cc (troff_output::text): Test \n(0p rather than \*(.T
	to determine whether to use \X'ps:...'.
	* tmac/troffrc: Set 0p register to 0.
	* tmac/tmac.ps: Set 0p register to 1.

	* groff/groff.cc: Support -X option. Give warning for -TXps and
	transform to -X -Tps. Pass troff a -r.X=1 option if -X is used.
	* tmac/troffrc: Support -r.X=1.

	* pic/troff.cc (troff_output::dot): Don't test

Thu Aug  6 13:32:08 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* include/lib.h: Declare getopt() and friends unless

	* doc/chars.tr: Delete.
	* man/groff_char.man: New file.

Wed Aug  5 00:38:58 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tmac/tmac.e (np, bu): Test \n($p with string expression in case
	user has changed register format.

Mon Aug  3 11:22:18 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* groff/groff.cc: Get rid of device_table.  Get postprocessor from
	`postpro' command in DESC file.  Get spooler command from `print'
	command in DESC file.  Execute spooler command with /bin/sh.

	* groff/groff.cc: Split Unix-specific parts into...
	* groff/pipeline.c: New file.

	* LICENSE: Delete.
	* COPYING: New file.
	* all files: Update copyright notices.

	* Rearrange files.  Redo Makefiles.  Use autoconf.

Sat Aug  1 09:36:50 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (charinfo_to_node_list): Interpret character
	definition with escape_char of `\'.

Tue Jul 28 12:20:12 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* lib/strerror.c, lib/iftoa.c, lib/itoa.c: Don't include lib.h.
	Define INT_DIGITS as big enough for 64-bit integer.
	* lib/strtol.c: Don't include lib.h.
	* lib/lib.h: Delete ifdef __cplusplus stuff.

Mon Jul 27 11:08:50 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/devps/Makefile: Add DESC to DEVICEFILES.  Separate out rule
	for making DESC.  Make $(FONTS) depend on DESC. afmtodit should
	get DESC from current directory.

Sun Jul 26 15:38:26 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/main.c (main): Always reset the line number when reading
	from stdin.

	* tbl/table.c (table::print_single_hline, table::print_double_hline,
	table::define_bottom_macro, table::do_row, table::do_top): Round
	vertical spacing up to vertical resolution.

Fri Jul 24 14:32:07 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/ps.h (enum resource_type): Avoid comma at end of
	* dvi/dvi.c (class dvi_printer): Likewise.
	* dvi/tfmtodit.c (gf::load): Likewise.
	* refer/label.y (struct expression): Likewise.
	* refer/refer.c (class label_processing_state): Likewise.
	* refer/indxbib.c (do_file): Likewise.
	* troff/troff.c (enum warning_type): Likewise.
	* tbl/main.c (process_data): Likewise.
	* troff/charinfo.h (class charinfo):

Wed Jul 22 09:17:58 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* dvi/devdvi/textt.map: Add entry for `-'.  Regenerate fonts.

Tue Jul 21 11:39:26 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* groff.c: Move to new groff subdirectory.
	* groff/Makefile: New file.
	* Makefile: Remove handling of groff.c. Add groff to SUBDIRS.

	* man/mdate.sh: Use ls -L if supported.

	* Consolidate all header files produced by gendef into lib/defs.h.
	* lib/macropath.c, lib/fontfile.c, lib/device.c: Include defs.h.
	Don't include path.h.
	* lib/Makefile (path.h): Don't generate.
	* troff/input.c: Include defs.h. Don't include config.h.
	* troff/Makefile (config.h): Don't generate.
	* refer/index.h: Don't include suffix.h.
	* refer/index.c: Include defs.h.
	* refer/indxbib.c: Include defs.h.
	* refer/refer.h, refer/lkbib.h: Don't include path.h. Include
	* refer/Makefile (suffix.h, path.h): Don't generate.
	* groff.c: Don't include config.h. Include defs.h.
	* Makefile (config.h): Don't generate.
	(lib/defs.h): Generate.
	(topclean): Remove lib/defs.h.

Mon Jul 20 10:12:57 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* lib/malloc.c, lib/getpagesize.h: Deleted.
	* Makefile: Add COOKIE_BUG configuration option.  Delete malloc
	related stuff.
	* lib/Makefile: Delete malloc-related stuff.
	* lib/new.c: Workaround COOKIE_BUG if necessary.

	* refer/lkbib.c, refer/indxbib.c: Don't include refer.h.  Include
	needed header files directly.
	* refer/refer.h: Omit definition of DEFAULT_INDEX.
	* Makefile: Include definition of DEFAULT_INDEX in path.h.

Sun Jul 19 10:19:22 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* lib/font.c (FONT_COMMAND_HANDLER): Pass command name and single
	* lib/font (font::load_desc, font::load): Don't split argument of
	unknown command.
	(font::handle_unknown_font_command): Change type.
	* ps/ps.c (ps_font::handle_unknown_font_command,
	handle_unknown_desc_command): Change type.
	* dvi/dvi.c (dvi_font::handle_unknown_font_command): Change type.

Fri Jul 17 11:12:49 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* lib/font.h (font::handle_unknown_font_command): Add file and
	line arguments.
	* lib/font.c (font::handle_unknown_font_command):
	* ps/ps.c (ps_font::handle_unknown_font_command):
	* dvi/dvi.c (dvi_font::handle_unknown_font_command): Add file and
	lineno arguments.  Use _with_file_and_line functions for error

	* lib/fontfile.c (font::unknown_desc_command_handler): New static
	data member.
	* lib/font.c (font::set_unknown_desc_command_handler): New
	(font::load_desc): For unknown commands, call
	unknown_desc_command_handler if not null.
	* lib/font.h (class font): Declare them.
	* ps/ps.c (handle_unknown_desc_command): New function.
	(main): Set bflag if we had a -b option. Call
	(broken.h): Don't include.
	* ps/Makefile: No need for broken.h.  Pass BROKEN_SPOOLER_FLAGS to
	* ps/devps/Makefile: Add `broken' command to DESC file using

	* macros/tmac.e ([, ]): Add as synonyms for { and }.

	* macros/tmac.e ($p): Only exdent if \$3 > 0.

	* macros/tmac.e (@R, @S): New macros.
	Declare @, po, $0, $i, $p, df, so, fu, bt, *, ?a, ?b, ?C, ?e, ?H,
	?I, ?n, ?o, ?R, ?s, ?T, ?W, ?w registers with @R.
	Declare $H, $[0-9], .. macros with @S.
	Declare |0, |1, |2, |3 strings with @S.

	* macros/tmac.e (@S): Rename to @U.

	* macros/tmac.e (@z): Define @b and bp as empty instead of
	deleting them,

	* macros/tmac.e (@m): Deleted.
	(@h): Don't call @m.
	(@z): Don't set @m trap.

	* macros/tmac.e ($h, $f): Define |z as empty string.

	* macros/tmac.e (@D): Rework to avoid unbalanced .el requests.
	(@q): Likewise.

	* macros/tmac.e (@h): Set ?H, ?C , ?s registers to 0 rather than
	removing them.
	()f): Likewise for * register.

	* macros/tmac.e (sr): Don't ever scale the arguments. If the third
	argument is missing, don't change $R.  Call sr with three
	arguments when initializing.

Thu Jul 16 12:17:12 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/tmac.e (sr): New macro.
	Initialize $r and $R using sr.

	* macros/tmac.e (,): Delete \*(#[.

	* troff/env.c (set_tabs): Read the tab type even if the position
	is bad.  Allow the position of the first tab stop to be negative.

Wed Jul 15 13:14:37 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* refer/dirnamemax.c: Use pathconf() if <unistd.h> defines
	* refer/Makefile: Compile dirnamemax.c using -DHAVE_UNISTD_H
	rather than -DPATHCONF_MISSING.
	* Makefile: Get rid of PATHCONF_MISSING.

	* refer/map.c: New file.
	* refer/index.c: Interface to mmap through map.c.  Rename map_size
	to map_len.
	* refer/Makefile: Handle map.c.
	* Makefile: Include -DHAVE_MMAP in OLDCFLAGS rather than CFLAGS.

Tue Jul 14 14:15:20 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Makefile: RANLIB should be `true' if there is no ranlib.
	* lib/Makefile (libgroff.a): Simplify.
	* driver/Makefile (libdriver.a): Simplify.

	* Makefile: Change -DWAIT_COREDUMP_0200 to -DWCOREFLAG=0200.
	* groff.c (WCOREDUMP): Use WCOREFLAG.  Define only if not already

Sat Jul 11 09:19:17 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/env.c (compare_ranges): Declare as extern "C".

	* troff/input.c (init_registers): Use `struct tm' instead of `tm'.

	* macros/tmac.s, macros/tmac.e: Change .nx /dev/null to .nx.

Wed Jul  8 11:52:27 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/troff.c (troff_output::text): Merge in grops_output::text,
	but conditionalize use of \X based on \*(.T.
	(grops_output::*): Deleted.
	* pic/output.h: Delete declaration of make_grops_output.
	* pic/main.c (main): Ignore -p and -x.  driver_extension_flag is 1
	by default. -n sets it to 0.
	(usage): Corresponding changes.
	* groff.c (main): Don't pass -x or -p to pic.
	* groff.sh: Likewise.

	* ps/ps.c (ps_printer::do_exec, ps_printer::do_file): Force ndefs
	to be non-zero.

	* ps/devps/afmtodit: Change calculation of asc_boundary and
	desc_boundary.  Make these bounds inclusive.
	* ps/devps: Regenerate font files.

Tue Jul  7 13:14:15 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/tmac.latin1: New file.
	* macros/tmac.tty-char: Use tmac.latin1.
	(tmac.tty-tr): Deleted.
	* macros/Makefile: Install tmac.latin1.
	* macros/tmac.dvi: Use tmac.latin1.
	* macros/troffrc: Translate \[char160] onto no-break space here.
	* macros/{tmac.dvi,tmac.ps,tmac.tty,tmac.X75}: Don't do it here.

Mon Jul  6 11:06:52 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/tmac.Xps: Use `do' request.

	* macros/tmac.ps: Use `do' request.

	* macros/tmac.e (@C): Use `do' request.

	* macros/tmac.X, macros/tmac.Xps: Moved from xditview.
	* macros/Makefile: Install tmac.X*.

	* tty/tmac.tty, tty/tmac.tty-char: Move to macros.
	* tty/Makefile: Don't install tmac.tty*.
	* macros/Makefile: Install tmac.tty*.

	* dvi/tmac.dvi: Move to macros.
	* dvi/Makefile: Don't install tmac.dvi.
	* macros/Makefile: Install tmac.dvi.

	* ps/tmac.ps*: Move to macros.
	* ps/Makefile: Don't install tmac.ps*.
	* macros/Makefile: Install tmac.ps*.

	* eqn/box.c: Provide draw_lines parameter corresponding to -D
	* macros/eqnrc: Set draw_lines parameter based on device.
	* groff.c: Don't pass -D flag to eqn.
	* groff.sh: Likewise.
	* eqn/main.c: Warn about use of -D.

	* troff/input.c (process_startup_file): New function.
	(main): Call process_startup_file().
	* macros/troffrc: New file.
	* macros/Makefile: Install troffrc.
	* groff.c (main): Don't pass extra -m option to troff. For a 
	pseudo device pass the name of the pseudo device to troff using
	* groff.sh: Likewise.
	* groff.c (possible_command::prepend_arg): Deleted.

	* troff/input.c (do_request): New function.
	(init_input_requests): Bind "do" to do_request.

	* eqn/main.c (main): Instead of loading eqnchar from device directory,
	load eqnrc from macro directory.
	* macros/eqnrc: New file.
	* macros/Makefile: Install eqnrc.
	* ps/devps/eqnchar: Deleted.
	* ps/devps/Makefile: Don't install eqnchar.
	* dvi/devdvi/eqnchar: Deleted.
	* dvi/devdvi/Makefile: Don't install eqnchar.
	* groff.c (main): Pass -M to eqn. Don't pass -F to eqn. New
	variable optM.

	* lib/device.[ch]: New files.
	* lib/font.h (font::set_device_name, font::get_device_name):
	* lib/fontfile.c: Use device.h.
	* lib/Makefile: Handle device.[ch]. Make paths.h define DEVICE.
	* troff/input.c: Delete definition of `device'.
	(main): Don't initialize device.
	* troff/troff.h: Include device.h rather than declaring device.
	* troff/Makefile: No need to handle DEVICE.
	* driver/input.c: Include device.h. Don't use
	* groff.c, Makefile: Rename device.h to config.h.
	* groff.c: Use library device variable.
	* eqn/main.c: Use library device variable.
	* eqn/Makefile: No need to handle DEVICE.

	* lib/searchpath.[ch]: New files.
	* lib/Makefile: Handle searchpath.[ch].
	* troff/input.c (open_file, init_dirs): Deleted.
	(macro_dirs): Deleted.
	(open_mac_file, macro_source): Use class search_path.
	(add_string, struct string_list): Move definition.
	(main): Change -M option to use macro_path. Delete call to
	* lib/fontfile.c (font::command_line_font_dir, font::open_file):
	Rewrite to use class search_path.
	* lib/font.h, lib/fontfile.c (font::cl_font_dirs): Deleted.
	* lib/Makefile: fontfile.c depends on searchpath.h.
	* lib/Makefile: Rename fontpath.h to paths.h. Make paths.h define
	* lib/macropath.[ch]: New files.
	* troff/Makefile: No need to handle MACROPATH.

	* troff/input.c: Delete DUMP code.
	* lib/fontfile.c, lib/font.h: Delete

	* troff/input.c (push_token): New function.
	(handle_first_page_transition): Use push_token().
	(process_input_stack): Change handling of a space at the beginning
	of the line.

Sun Jul  5 17:11:09 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (font_dirs): Delete unused variable.

	* eqn/lex.c (do_set): Correct error messages.

Sat Jul  4 10:20:55 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (do_define_string): Allow the string name to be
	followed immediately by a tab.
	(define_character): Likewise.

Thu Jul  2 10:59:15 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/ps.c (ps_printer::draw): When drawing an arc, don't allow k to
	be negative.

	* troff/input.c (input_iterator::is_file): New virtual function.
	(file_iterator::is_file): New function.
	(input_stack::end_file): New function.
	(input_stack::next_file): Handle the situation where there is no
	file on the input stack correctly.  Avoid making two passes over
	the input stack.
	(next_file): Make the filename optional; in this case call

Wed Jul  1 10:17:25 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* dvi/tmac.dvi: Change the definitions of \(ul and _ so that they
	produce a real _ charater when the current font is CW and _

	* lib/errarg.c (errarg::errarg(const char *)): Invert conditional
	expression to work around gcc 2.2 bug.

Wed Jun 24 08:12:24 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/main.c (main): Don't give an error if we can't find eqnchar.

	* troff/env.c (environment::add_padding): New function.
	(environment::add_char): Use add_padding().
	(environment::space): Likewise.
	(environment::wrap_up_field): Add some padding if there is none
	and there's no current tab.
	* troff/env.h: Declare environment::add_padding.

Mon Jun 22 08:37:45 1992  James Clark  (jjc@jclark)

	* pic/pic.y: undef fmod and rand before declaring them.

Sun Jun 14 11:40:18 1992  James Clark  (jjc@jclark)

	* troff/input.c (main): If the DESC file specifies a font name of
	0, then leave the corresponding font position empty.

	* nroff.sh: New file.
	* Makefile (install.nobin): Install nroff.sh.

	* tty/devlatin1/R.proto: Add ao as synonym for de.
	* tty/tmac.tty-char: Define ao as o.

	* tty/dev{ascii,latin1}/R.proto: Add aq.
	* tty/tmac.tty-char: Delete definition of aq.

Mon Jun  8 11:43:20 1992  James Clark  (jjc@jclark)

	* troff/input.c (init_charset_table): Don't translate 0240.
	* ps/tmac.ps: Translate char160 to space.
	* dvi/tmac.dvi: Likewise.
	* tty/tmac.tty: Likewise.

Sun Jun  7 10:52:35 1992  James Clark  (jjc@jclark)

	* dvi/tmac.dvi: Add support for all Latin-1 characters.

	* macros/tmac.s: Delete definitions of \(rg, \(ah, \(ad, \(a-,
	\(ao, \(ac, \(ho, \(-D, \(Sd, \(TP, \(Tp, \(ss, \(AE, \(ae, \(OE,
	\(oe, \(r?, \(r!.

	* tty/tmac.tty-char: Add \(ah.

	* dvi/tmac.dvi: Add definitions of Tp, TP, Sd, -D, ho.
	No need to define \(FM and \(!/. Conditionalize all character

	* ps/devps/lgreekmap: Add +h, +f, +p.

	* ps/tmac.psnew: New file.
	* ps/Makefile: Install tmac.psnew.

	* troff/input.c (charinfo_to_node_list): Don't ever interpret
	character definitions in compatible mode.

	* troff/input.c (remove_character): New function.
	(init_input_requests): Bind remove_character to "rchar".

	* ps/tmac.psold: New file.
	* ps/Makefile: Install tmac.psold.
	* ps/tmac.ps: Load tmac.psold. Move definitions of ISO Latin-1
	characters into tmac.psold.  Make these definitions unconditional.

	* tty/tmac.tty-char: Define \n(_C only if it is not already defined.

	* ps/tmac.ps: Don't define \('c and \('C.

	* ps/devps/textmap: Move Greek characters to...
	* ps/devps/symbolchars:

Sat Jun  6 16:41:17 1992  James Clark  (jjc@jclark)

	* ps/devps/text.enc: Add quotesingle.
	* ps/devps/textmap: Add +h, +f, +p, Fn, Bq, bq, aq, lz.
	* tty/tmac.tty-char: Likewise.
	* dvi/devdvi/texmi.map: Add +h, +f, +p.
	* dvi/devdvi/texi.map: Add Fn.
	* dvi/devdvi/msam.map: Add lz.
	* dvi/tmac.dvi: Handle Bq, bq, aq.

	* pic/lex.c (get_token): Recognize 'th.
	* pic/map.y: Allow `expr'th in contexts where ORDINAL was allowed.

Fri Jun  5 11:20:46 1992  James Clark  (jjc@jclark)

	* ps/devps/textmap: Move di, mu, +- to...
	* ps/devps/symbolchars:

	* macros/tmac.s (@XS): Don't call par@reset or fi.
	(XA): Call LP. Turn off adjustment. Reduce line length.

	* macros/tmac.s: Initially alias XS to LP.
	(XS): Rename to @XS.
	(cov*ab-init): Alias XS to @XS.

Thu Jun  4 09:12:05 1992  James Clark  (jjc@jclark)

	* troff/token.h: Delete TOKEN_CHAR_HEIGHT, TOKEN_CHAR_SLANT,
	(token::is_size, token::changes_env): Deleted.
	* troff/number.c (parse_term): No need to process \s explicitly.
	Call tok.next() only after scale indicator has been processed.
	* troff/input.c (do_overstrike, do_bracket): No need to process \s,
	\f etc explicitly.
	(token::next): Handle \s, \f, \S, \H immediately rather than
	returning them as tokens.
	(token::operator==, token::description, token::add_to_node_list,
	token::process): Remove handling of deleted tokens.

	* troff/env.c (environment::add_char): When adding padding
	indicator character, call start_line() if necessary.

Wed Jun  3 09:55:50 1992  James Clark  (jjc@jclark)

	* ps/devps/afmtodit: Don't output 0 kerns.

	* ps/devps/afmtodit: Remove directory from name of encoding in
	font description file.

	* ps/devps/afmtodit: Improve error messages.

	* ps/devps/afmtodit: Allow DESC file to be specified with -d.

	* ps/devps/Makefile: Incorporate FontMakefile. Rework.
	* ps/devps/FontMakefile: Deleted.
	* ps/devps/afmname: New file.

	* ps/devps/symbol.sed: New file.
	* ps/devps/symbol.diff: Deleted.
	* ps/devps/FontMakefile: Generate symbol.afm using symbol.sed.
	Generate zapfdr.afm from zapfd.afm.

	* tty/tmac.tty (tty-char): Prefix definition with ".

	* macros/tmac.an (TP): Don't start a diversion if one has already
	been started.

	* tty/tmac.tty-char: Add Latin-1 characters.

	* tty/tmac.tty-char: Incorporate suggestions from Paul Eggert.

Tue Jun  2 00:54:34 1992  James Clark  (jjc@jclark)

	* tbl/table.c (table::allocate): Delete old_vline, old_entry.
	Move declaration of struct horizontal_span.

	* tbl/table.c (table::table): Initialize span_list.
	(table::~table): Delete span_list.

	* lib/ptable.h (PTABLE(T)::~PTABLE(T)): Delete v.

	* ps/devps/Makefile: Avoid dependency on GNU make.

	* ps/tmac.ps: Check that character does not already exist before
	defining it.

	* tty/tmac.tty: Add definitions of \(ff, \(!=, \(==, \(~=, \(sq,
	\(OE, \(oe, \(AE, \(ae, \(lh, \(rh. Delete definitions of \(en,
	\(ru, \(ul, \(br, \(bv, \(sl which are in the font description

	* tty/tmac.tty-char: New file.
	* tty/Makefile: Install tmac.tty-char.
	* tty/tmac.tty: Move definitions of \(ua, \(da, \(uA, \(dA into

	* tty/tmac.tty: Fix definition of \(34.

	* tty/dev{ascii,latin1}/R.proto: Add ha and ti. Map
	bracket-drawing characters onto |. Add *o.

	* troff/env.c (environment::wrap_up_tab): Increment field_spaces
	only if current_field.

	* troff/dictionary.c (dictionary::lookup): Free old_table after

Mon Jun  1 10:15:22 1992  James Clark  (jjc@jclark)

	* tty/dev{ascii,latin1}/R.proto: Add uppercase Greek characters
	whose glyphs are identical to glyphs of some Roman character.

	* tty/devlatin1/R.proto (bu): Deleted.
	* tty/devascii/R.proto (bu): Deleted.
	* tty/tmac.tty: Add definition of \(bu.

	* eqn/main.c (do_file): Pass FILE as argument.
	(main): Automatically load eqnchar.  New options -F and -n.
	Pass do_file an opened FILE.
	* groff.c: Don't pass eqnchar to eqn. Pass -F options onto eqn.
	No need to include font.h.
	* groff.sh: Likewise.  Don't need to use - for standard input.
	Prefix files with -- if first file starts with -.

	* macros/tmac.e: Conditionalize use of \$* on \n(.g.

	* troff/env.c (environment::possibly_break_line): Don't set line
	to 0 across call to output_line().  Don't call output_line() until
	after discarding nodes after break.

Sun May 31 10:45:29 1992  James Clark  (jjc@jclark)

	* request.h (macro::empty): Declare it.
	* input.c (macro::empty): New method.
	(interpolate_macro):  Don't give a WARN_SPACE if the two-character
	macro is empty.

Sat May 30 10:27:15 1992  James Clark  (jjc@jclark)

	* troff/env.c (environment::start_field): Decrement space_total
	when a space is frozen.

Fri May 22 14:34:38 1992  James Clark  (jjc@jclark)

	* macros/tmac.an (R): Delete macro.

	* troff/input.c (get_copy, token::next): Support \# (like \" but
	newline is ignored).

	* troff/input.c (token::next): Fix error message in 'Y' case.

Thu May 21 09:26:24 1992  James Clark  (jjc@jclark)

	* eqn/delim.c (define_extensible_string): Recognize any prefix of
	a delimiter name.

Fri May 15 10:20:41 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* c++test.c: Include <osfcn.h>.

	* lib/strtol.c, lib/getcwd.c, ps/psbb.c: Declare errno in case
	<errno.h> doesn't.

Fri May  8 09:37:19 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/table.c (table::divide_span): Don't count column separation
	if expand was specified.

	* tbl/main.c (process_format): Don't ignore width specs in
	continued format.  Give warning for changing equal widths or
	column separation in continued format.
	(process_data): Set column separation, minimum width, equal
	columns at end of table.

Thu May  7 08:50:40 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/node.c (kern_pair_node::add_discretionary_hyphen,
	node::add_discretionary_hyphen): Use soft_hyphen_char.
	(set_soft_hyphen_char): New function.
	(init_node_requests): Bind to shc.  Initialize soft_hyphen_char.

	* Makefile (c++tested): Give more helpful message if test fails.

Tue May  5 10:58:39 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (init_charset_table): Translate 0240 to
	an unbreakable space.

	* troff/token.h (token::hyphen_indicator): New function.
	* troff/charinfo.h (TRANSLATE_HYPHEN_INDICATOR): New special
	* troff/input.c (translate): Allow translation to \%.
	* troff/node.c (node::add_char): Handle
	(make_node): Don't allow TRANSLATE_HYPHEN_INDICATOR here.

	* troff/input.c (init_charset_table): Don't set BREAK_AFTER flag
	for \(hy.

	* tty/devlatin1/R.proto: \(hy and - should print as 055.

Tue Apr 21 09:24:42 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* groff.c (run_commands): If the last command gets a SIGPIPE send
	a SIGPIPE to all children than haven't yet terminated.  When
	command terminates, set pid field to -1.

Fri Apr 17 11:20:48 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* groff.c (main): Pass an appropriate -filename option to gxditview.

Thu Apr 16 15:11:40 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Makefile.bd (install): Remove existing program before copying.

	* Makefile, */Makefile, Makefile.bd, groff.sh, groff.c: Allow
	programs which have Unix counterparts to be installed with
	user-specified prefix.

	* troff/input.c (exit_troff): Don't check if exit_started.
	(exit_request): Don't call exit_troff if exit_started.

	* Makefile.bd (install.mm): Rename to install.dwbmm.

Tue Apr 14 10:05:10 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* driver/input.c (do_file): Add missing break for '#' case.

Mon Apr 13 10:11:02 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (input_stack::clear):  Clear past any boundaries and
	then add the boundaries back.

	* troff/input.c (exit_troff): Return immediately if already

	* macros/tmac.s (pg@end-text): New macro.  Use pg@end-text for the
	end macro.
	(pg*end-page): If the text has ended and there are no more
	footnotes or keeps, exit.

	* macros/doc-ditroff (Lq, Rq): Define as \(lq and \(rq.

	* troff/input.c (init_charset_table): Make \(rq transparent by

	* macros/tmac.an: Define lq and rq strings.

	* macros/tmac.s (Q, U): Define as \(lq and \(rq.

Sun Apr 12 12:54:37 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/env.c (environment::final_break): New function.
	(environment::newline): Set prev_line_interrupted to 2 if
	* troff/env.h: Declare environment::final_break.
	* troff/input.c (exit_troff): Call environment::final_break()
	instead of environment::do_break().

	* macros/Makefile: Install man.local if $(MACRODIR)/man.local
	doesn't already exist.
	* macros/man.local: New file.
	* macros/tmac.an: Load man.local.
	* macros/man.ultrix: New file.

Sat Apr 11 17:32:04 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (exit_groff): Rename to...
	(exit_troff): New function.

	* troff/div.c (exit_started, done_end_macro,
	seen_last_page_ejector): New global variables.
	(began_page_in_end_macro): New static variable.
	(exit_flag): Deleted.
	(top_level_diversion::top_level_diversion): Initialize
	(top_level_diversion): More elaborate test for whether
	cleanup_and_exit() should be called.
	Set began_page_in_end_macro if the end macro isn't yet finished.
	* troff/div.h (top_level_diversion::last_page_count): New data
	(top_level_diversion::set_last_page): New function.
	(exit_started, done_end_macro, seen_last_page_ejector): Declare.
	* troff/env.c (do_break): Zero prev_line_interrupted.
	* troff/input.c (exit_flag): Delete declaration.
	(LAST_PAGE_EJECTOR): New magic cookie.
	(token::next): Handle LAST_PAGE_EJECTOR.
	(exit_groff): Set exit_started and done_end_macro instead of
	exit_flag.  Call top_level_diversion::set_last_page.  Push a
	LAST_PAGE_EJECTOR instead of calling push_page_ejector().  Do
	another ejection after setting seen_last_page_ejector.

Thu Apr  9 04:37:11 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* etc/grog.sh, etc/grog.sh: Recognize -me sh macro.

	* macros/tmac.e (TH): Make sure there's room for the initial

	* macros/tmac.s (par@init): Make PD and DD at least \n(.V.
	Set FVS in points rather than units.

Mon Apr  6 11:21:32 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/div.c (top_level_diversion::add_trap): Don't consider the
	position of empty slots.

Fri Apr  3 10:46:45 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/devps/S: Fix height and depth of parenrightex.
	* ps/devps/symbol.diff: Regenerate.

Sat Mar 28 21:17:52 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tmac.e (u): Do underlining as in -mgs.

Fri Mar 27 09:23:44 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tty/tty.c (tty_printer::end_page): If overstriking is
	suppressed, still turn overstruck horizontal and vertical lines
	into +.

	* lib/new.c: Back out Feb 24 change; no longer needed with gcc

	* refer/label.y (format_expr::evaluate): Avoid use of %0*d.

Wed Mar 18 09:29:10 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Version 1.05 released.

Tue Mar 17 16:50:45 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tty/tty.c: Instead of keeping an array of glyphs and then
	sorting it, keep a ordered linked list of glyphs for each line.

	* driver/driver.h: Include stddef.h.

	* tty/tty.c (compare_glyph):
	* refer/refer.c (rcompare):
	* troff/env.c (compare_ranges): Arguments of qsort comparison
	function should be const void *.

	* troff/number.c (parse_term):
	* dvi/dvi.c (draw_dvi_printer::draw): Avoid initialization in
	switch statement.

	* refer/label.y (consider_authors): Don't access variables
	constructed under a condition outside that condition: put braces
	round for statement containing declaration; redeclare use of same
	variable later.

	* pic/pic.y (text_expr): Delete production that allows
	parenthesised text_expr.
	(expr): Allow a conditional_expr to appear in parentheses.
	(conditional_expr): Rename to any_expr.

	* mm: Install new version 1.01 from jh.

	* lib/font.c (font::get_width): Cache scaled widths.
	(font::font): Initialize widths_cache.
	(font::~font): Destroy widths_cache.
	* lib/font.h: Add font::widths_cache. Declare font_widths_cache.

Mon Mar 16 10:16:10 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* c++test.c, c++test.ref: New files.
	* Makefile: Check that the C++ compiler works.

	* ps/tmac.pspic (PSPIC): Do a break.

	* ps/tmac.ps: Move definition of PSPIC into...
	* ps/tmac.pspic: New file.
	(PSPIC): Draw box around picture, but make it invisible to grops.
	* ps/tmac.ps: Load tmac.pspic.
	* ps/Makefile: Install tmac.pspic.

Sun Mar 15 14:18:08 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* lib/font.c (scale_round): If n is negative,
	subtract .5 before truncating floating point result.

	* lib/fontfile.c: Include <errno.h>.

Tue Mar 10 14:17:03 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* driver/input.c (get_char): Inline. Don't update current_lineno.
	Change callers to up date current_lineno if necessary.
	Use get_char() instead of getc(current_file).

Sun Mar  8 18:05:28 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/tmac.ps: Fix up spacing of \(mo and \(nm.

Fri Mar  6 19:38:58 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tty/tty.c (tmac.tty): Define \(rg as (R).

Tue Mar  3 10:11:25 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* lib/lib.h: New define a_delete.
	* Use a_delete instead of delete when deleting an array of objects
	without destructors.

	* lib/lib.h: Rename adelete to ad_delete.
	* Change uses of adelete.

Mon Mar  2 12:41:05 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/eqn.y: Include lib.h.

	* troff/node.c (grow_font_table): Delete old_font_table.

	* mm: Install new version from jh.

Fri Feb 28 10:42:23 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/table.h (format_type): Make global instead of local to class
	entry_format.  Prefix enumerators with FORMAT_.
	* tbl/table.c, tbl/main.c: Corresponding changes.
	* refer/token.h (token_type): Make global.  Prefix enumerators
	with TOKEN_.
	* refer/token.[ch]: Corresponding changes.
	* Makefile: Get rid of -DNO_NESTED_TYPES configuration option.

	* troff/div.c (node::set_vertical_size): Don't name argument.

Thu Feb 27 10:29:19 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Makefile: New configuration option ARRAY_DELETE_NEEDS_SIZE.
	* lib/lib.h: Define adelete accordingly.
	* pic/object.c (graphic_object::graphic_object):
	* tbl/main.c (format::~format):
	* tbl/table.c (table::~table):
	* refer/ref.c (reference::~reference, reference::merge,
	reference::insert_field, reference::delete_field): Use adelete.

	* Makefile: Change NESTED_TYPES to NO_NESTED_TYPES.
	* refer/token.h:
	* tbl/table.h: Corresponding changes.

	* common.c (common_output::dashed_arc, common_output::dotted_arc):
	Ensure total_angle is positive.

Wed Feb 26 08:49:26 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* refer/ref.c (reference::merge, reference::insert_field,
	reference::delete_field): Avoid delete[0].

	* refer/token.c (init_special_chars): Move calls to cmupper
	outside calls to init_two_char_letter to work around bug in gcc

Mon Feb 24 14:20:00 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* lib/new.c (operator new): Use __builtin_new for g++.

	* pic/object.c (graphic_object::~graphic_object):  Don't use
	delete [] on 0.

	* pic/object.c (output::compute_scale): Initialize max_width and

Sat Feb 15 09:55:20 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (write_request): Call fflush.

	* troff/node.h (class composite_node): Move declaration to node.c
	* troff/input.c (charinfo_to_node): Rename to ...
	(charinfo_to_node_list): Return node list rather than composite
	* troff/node.c (make_composite_node): New function.
	(make_node, add_char): Call make_composite_node instead of
	(class composite_node): Add a tfont * member.  Delete font_size
	(composite_node::composite_node, composite_node::copy,
	composite_node::size): Corresponding changes.
	(composite_node::tprint): Provide constant spacing, emboldening
	and track kerning as specified in tfont.
	(composite_node::width): Change width calculation accordingly.
	* troff/env.h (environment::composite): New member.
	(environment::is_composite, environment::set_composite): New
	* troff/env.c (environment::environment): Initialize composite.
	* troff/input.c (charinfo_to_node): Call
	* troff/node.c (make_composite_node, make_glyph_node): Use the
	plain version of the tfont if the environment is composite.

	* troff/node.c (font_info::get_space_width): Additional argument
	giving space_size.  Handle constant space correctly. Scale by
	space_size unless constant spaced.
	(env_sentence_space_width): New function.
	* troff/node.h: Declare it.
	* troff/env.h (environment::get_space_size,
	environment::get_half_narrow_space_width): Make inline.
	(environment::get_space_width): Make inline.  Just call
	* troff/env.c: Delete definitions for funtions made inline.
	(environment::space_newline, environment::space): Use
	env_sentence_space_width(). Don't scale by space_size.
	* troff/node.h: Move declarations of env*space_width() functions
	into env.h.

Sat Feb  8 09:30:22 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/tmac.s (PS): Don't try to set negative indent.

Thu Feb  6 09:00:35 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/pic.y: Fix min function.

Tue Jan 28 07:52:29 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* man/mdate.sh: Clear LANGUAGE.

Sun Jan 19 13:02:41 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/pic.y, pic/lex.c: Rename COMMAND token to COMMAND_LINE.
	* pic/lex.c: New COMMAND keyword.
	* pic/pic.y (print_args, print_arg): New rules.
	(placeless_element): Use print_args for PRINT.
	New COMMAND element.

Tue Jan  7 13:14:31 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (terminal): Handle missing argument correctly.

	* pic/pic.y (text_expr): New rule.

	* pic/pic.y: Implement := operator.

Sun Jan  5 10:23:02 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* etc/grog.pl, etc/grog.sh: Distinguish old and new versions of

Sat Jan  4 14:42:26 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/devps/dingbatsrmap: Include this in the distribution.

	* macros/tmac.doc: Replace with new version from 2nd Networking
	Release. Fix loading of doc-* files.
	* macros/{doc-common,doc-ditroff,doc-nroff,doc-syms}: New files.
	* macros/tmac.doc.old: New file.  Apply fixes that had been
	applied to old tmac.doc.
	* macros/tmac.andoc: Check that we're running under groff.
	* macros/Makefile: Rework.

Fri Jan  3 13:27:51 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/table.h (format_type): 
	* refer/token.h (token_type): If NESTED_TYPES is defined, use
	typedef to make these types visible at file scope.
	* Makefile: Add NESTED_TYPES configuration option.

	* troff/div.c (mark): At the top level use the value of
	nl_reg_contents rather than the current vertical position.

Thu Jan  2 10:34:51 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tty/tty.c: Implement \D for horizontal or vertical lines.
	(tty_printer::set_char): Use vec_used+2 as serial number.
	Don't allow size of vector to exceed USHRT_MAX-2.
	Split off part into...
	(tty_printer::add_char): New function.
	(tty_printer::draw): New function.
	(compare_glyph): Handle equal serial numbers.
	(tty_printer::end_page): Handle overstruck characters from \D.
	(main, usage): Implement -d option.

Mon Dec 23 10:37:51 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/main.c (process_format):
	* eqn/text.c (split_text):
	* troff/input.c (token::next): Use inner block for declarations
	with initializers in switch statement.

Mon Dec 16 20:52:03 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/common.c (common_output::dash_line): Cope with zero-length

Sun Nov 17 12:04:08 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Version 1.04 released.

Wed Nov 13 05:27:21 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/tmac.an (TH): Define a macro an-init to define variables
	based on command line arguments.
	(an-header): Call it.

Sun Nov  3 12:07:34 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Makefile (install.mm): Rename to install.dwbmm.

	* Makefile: Integrate mm.
	* mm: New directory.

Wed Oct 30 10:11:34 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* refer/dirnamemax.c: If PATHCONF_MISSING is defined, include

	* pic/troff.c (troff_output::simple_spline,
	troff_output::simple_polygon): Rename variable `v' to `d' to avoid
	shadowing parameter.

	* lib/tmpfile.c (xtmpfile): Declare dir as const char *.

	* lib/ptable.h: Add explicit casts when converting from unsigned
	long to unsigned.

	* dvi/devdvi/{SA,SB,msam.map,msbm.map}: New files.
	* dvi/devdvi/Makefile: Install SA, SB.

	* refer/indxbib.c: Add declaration of mktemp.

	* refer/lookbib.c: Add declaration of isatty.

Fri Oct 25 09:00:17 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/lex.c (interpolate_macro_with_args):  While collecting
	arguments, keep track of whether we're in a string.

Wed Oct 23 08:42:48 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/tmac.ps (PSPIC): Do the .sp after the \X, and move the \X
	down with \v, so as to avoid problems with top of page trap
	setting no space mode.

Tue Oct 22 17:38:49 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/lex.c (get_delimited_text): Allow tab before macro body.

Tue Oct 15 17:24:53 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/psrm.c (ps_get_line): Fix bug when lines longer than 255.
	Improve error message.

Fri Oct 11 11:09:38 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/psrm.c (print_ps_string): Don't pass negative numbers to

Wed Oct  9 17:50:14 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* groff.c (possible_command::execp): Always use _exit() after a
	failed exec.

	NO_SYS_WAIT_H 	configuration options.
	* groff.c: Use these options.  Use POSIX-style macros to extract
	fields from the status returned by wait().

Fri Oct  4 12:12:27 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/table.c (table::compute_separation_factor): Allow the
	separation factor to drop to 0.

Tue Oct  1 18:12:38 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* refer/search.c: Include <errno.h>.

Sun Sep 29 08:40:57 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/pic.y (YYDEBUG): Don't define for Borland C++.

	* lib/lib.h: #ifdef out declarations of itoa and iftoa for Borland

	* pic/lex.c (input_stack::bol): Move definition out of class body.

	* pic/main.c: On MSDOS munge argv[0].

	* lib/ptable.h: Define name2 as _Paste2 for Borland C++.

	* lib/ptable.c (hash_string): Use unsigned long rather than
	(next_ptable_size): Use unsigned rather than int.  Give an error
	message if we've hit the largest table size.
	* lib/ptable.c: Corresponding changes.  Also use unsigneds for the
	table size.

	* pic/object.h (object_spec): Make flags unsigned long.  Declare
	flags as const unisgned long rather than as enums.

	* pic/output.c: Deleted.

	* pic/troff.c (troff_output::simple_ellipse): Remove spurious %.

	* tbl/table.c (simple_entry::note_double_vrule_on_{left,right}):
	Add additional argument.
	(line_entry::note_double_vrule_on_{left,right}): Set value of
	douvle_vrule_on_{right,left} flag according to argument.
	simple_line_entry::double_line_print): If adjacent to double vrule
	on a corner extend rather than shorten the rule by half the double
	vrule sep.

	* troff/number.c (parse_term): In checking for overflow, handle the
	case where the current horizontal position is negative.

Thu Sep 12 08:26:09 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/object.c (draw_arrow): Check for object having zero length.

Wed Sep 11 10:32:38 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/main.c (do_file): Split off inline equation handling into...
	(inline_equation): New function.  Search for starting delimiter
	(delim_search): New function. Don't recognize a delimiter that
	occurs in the name of an escape sequence, number register, string

Tue Sep 10 04:01:11 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/delim.c (delim_box::compute_metrics): Don't call
	define_extensible_string if left is 0.
	(delim_box::output):  Don't print the left delimiter if left is 0.
	(delim_box::debug_print): Check for left == 0 before calling printf.

Fri Aug 23 13:02:30 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/Makefile (majorminor.c): Include only digits in

Thu Aug 22 09:35:37 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* refer/dirnamemax.c: new file.
	* refer/genlimits.c: Deleted.
	* refer/indxbib.c (main): Use dir_name_max() instead of NAME_MAX.
	Don't check path length.
	* refer/Makefile: Add dir_name_max.o; delete genlimits.
	* Makefile: Add PATHCONF_MISSING option.

	* refer/indxbib.c (get_cwd): New function.
	(main): Use get_cwd().
	* lib/getcwd.c: New file.
	* Makefile: Delete -DHAVE_GETWD. Include GETCWD variable. Pass
	* lib/Makefile: Compile getcwd.o.

	* ps/tmac.psatk (psatk-defs): Define showpage after pushing

	* refer/indxbib.c (main): Check success of mktemp.

	* lib/tmpfile.c: New file.
	* lib/Makefile: Add tmpfile.c.
	* lib/lib.h: Declare xtmpfile(); include <stdio.h>.
	* ps/ps.h: Delete declaration of mktemp().
	* ps/ps.c (ps_printer::ps_printer): Use xtmpfile().
	* refer/refer.c (divert_to_temporary_file): Use xtmpfile().
	* driver/driver.h: No need now to include errno.h.

	* everywhere: Set errno to 0 before calling fopen().

	* eqn/eqn.h, etc/soelim.c, driver/driver.h, etc/addftinfo.c,
	dvi/tfmtodit.c, groff.c, refer/index.c, refer/linear.c,
	refer/lookbib.c, refer/refer.h, ps/psbb.c: Include <errno.h>.

Mon Aug 19 10:52:18 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/env.h (translate_space_to_dummy): Declare it.
	* troff/env.c (environment::space_newline, environment::space):
	If translate_space_to_dummy is set then make the width of spaces 0.
	* troff/input.c (translate): If the second character of a
	translation is a space, translate to unbreakable space.  If the
	first character is a space, set or clear translate_space_to_dummy
	according to whether the second character is \&.  Weird!

Tue Jul 30 10:03:56 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* groff.c (run_commands): Don't use non-zero exit code because a
	command gets SIGPIPE.

	* groff.c, groff.sh: Use -mXps with -TXps.

	* ps/ps.c (ps_printer::special): Move call to flush_sbuf() into...
	(ps_printer::do_exec, ps_printer::do_file, ps_printer::do_def,
	ps_printer::do_mdef, ps_printer::do_import): Call flush_sbuf().
	(ps_printer::special): New specials invis and endinvis.
	(ps_printer::do_invis, ps_printer::do_endinvis): New functions.
	(ps_printer::set_char, ps_printer::draw): Return if invis_count>0. 
	(ps_printer::end_page): Check that invis_count == 0.
	(ps_printer::invis_count): New member.
	(ps_printer::ps_printer): Initialize invis_count to 0.

	* troff/env.c (environment::hyphenate_line): Hyphenation
	indicator at beginning of word inhibits splitting after -, \(em

	* pic/pic.y (element): Allow another element to follow } without
	any intervening separator.

Mon Jul 22 12:27:37 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/lex.c (get_delimited): Allow tabs before delimiter.

Wed Jul 17 10:59:08 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* groff.c: Get rid of HAVE_UNION_WAIT stuff.  Instead suppress
	declaration of wait() in header files.
	* Makefile: Get rid of -DHAVE_UNION_WAIT.

	* tbl/table.c (alphabetic_text_entry::add_tab): New function.

	* lib/lib.h: Declare return type of strerror as char *.

	* man/Makefile: Add g flag to sed substitutions.
	* Makefile (shgroff, bindist): Likewise.

Sun Jul 14 11:57:02 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/ps.c (ps_printer::do_import): Move push of userdict into...
	* ps/devps/prologue (PBEGIN): Define showpage after pushing

Sat Jul 13 20:53:04 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/devps/prologue (PBEGIN): Zap any definition of showpage in

Fri Jul 12 07:10:09 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* man/mdate.sh: Handle the fact that BSD ls -l does not print the

Sun Jul  7 08:00:23 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (define_number_reg):  If currently undefined,
	don't define it if the argument is an invalid expression.

	* Makefile: Ignore return value of `if' commands without `else'

	* Makefile: Split up CPPDEFINES into a series of separate
	configuration options.

	* troff/input.c (init_registers): Use time_t instead of long
	unless LONG_FOR_TIME_T is defined.  Use returned result rather
	than passing pointer.
	* Makefile: Document LONG_FOR_TIME_T as a CPPDEFINE.

	* lib/Makefile (fontpath.h): Use gendef.

Thu Jul  4 09:48:05 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (input_iterator::shift): Delete argument name.
	* troff/node.c (suppress_output_file::really_begin_page,
	suppress_output_file::really_transparent_char, node::ascii_print,
	node::tprint): Delete names of unused arguments.

Wed Jul  3 17:34:57 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* refer/label.y (string):  Pass $4 to command_error.

Tue Jul  2 15:06:01 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Version 1.03 released.

Sat Jun 29 08:14:01 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Makefile: Pass definition of SHELL in SUBFLAGS.

	* gendef: New file.
	* Makefile, eqn/Makefile, refer/Makefile, troff/Makefile,
	ps/Makefile: Use gendef to construct header files that are
	constructed from the Makefile.

	* macros/Makefile: make all should build stripped version of tmac.e.

	* refer/Makefile (clean): Remove y.output.

Fri Jun 28 09:44:36 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/pfbtops.c (main): Add -v option which prints out a version
	* ps/Makefile (pfbtops): Link with libgroff.a.

Fri Jun 21 07:43:23 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* refer/search.h (linear_searcher::get_nkeys): Delete declaration.
	* refer/linear.c (linear_searcher::get_nkeys): Delete definition.

	* refer/lkbib.c (main): Always terminate reference with blank
	* refer/lookbib.c (main): Likewise.

	* refer/linear.c (file_buffer::load): Check that the file is not a
	binary file.

	* refer/Makefile (genlimits): Possibly add -DHAVE_SYS_DIR_H.
	(genlimits.c): Include <sys/dir.h> if HAVE_SYS_DIR_H is defined.
	Delete second inclusion of <sys/param.h>.

Tue Jun 18 01:32:26 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/token.h (token::special): Deleted.

	* tbl/main.c (process_format): Rework so that opt->tab_char is
	recognized only when appropriate.

	* ps/Makefile (clean): Remove pfbtops.

Sun Jun 16 09:37:19 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* lib/font.c (text_file::next): Don't return if we have got a
	blank line.

Fri Jun 14 09:52:26 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* refer/refer.c (store_reference): Get hash code from old_table[i]
	when rehashing the table.

Thu Jun 13 01:26:43 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/box.c (box::top_level): Save size and prev size using \R and
	restore it afterwards. Set the size to the size at the beginning
	of the line.
	* eqn/pbox.h: Declare SAVED_INLINE_PREV_SIZE_REG,

	* refer/Makefile (limits.h): Use ./genlimits.

Wed Jun 12 16:05:34 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* refer/index.c: Delete declarations of stat() and fstat().

Tue Jun 11 14:52:49 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tty/tmac.tty: Add character definitions for \(>= and \(<=.

Mon Jun 10 22:49:48 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* etc/grog.sh, etc/grog.pl: Change regex for .PS.

Fri Jun  7 09:13:06 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (token::get_char): Handle \e.

	* refer/linear.c: Delete declarations of fstat() and stat().

Wed Jun  5 09:11:59 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/node.c, troff/env.c, troff/input.c, Makefile: Remove
	OP_DELETE_BROKEN stuff, since we now have a fix for g++.

Mon Jun  3 13:41:32 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (do_define_macro): Improve error handling for end
	of file while defining macro.

Sun Jun  2 10:20:24 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/box.h: Fix declaration of set_gsize.
	* eqn/box.c (set_gsize): Make argument const char *.
	(gsize): Declare as char *.
	* eqn/main.c (main): Don't convert gsize to int.
	* eqn/lex.c (do_gsize): Pass char * to set_gsize.

	* Version 1.02 released.

Sat Jun  1 12:19:46 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/tmac.andoc: New file.
	* macros/Makefile: Install tmac.andoc.

	* troff/node.c, troff/env.c, troff/input.c: Conditionalize use of
	operator new and delete on OP_DELETE_BROKEN not being defined.
	* Makefile: Mention OP_DELETE_BROKEN.

Mon May 27 13:49:07 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Makefile (bindist): Pass SUBFLAGS.

Sun May 26 14:13:22 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Makefile, groff.c: Pass definitions to groff.c via device.h.

	* tty/tty.c (tty_font::load_tty_font): Avoid shadowing

	* ps/Makefile, ps.c: Pass BROKEN_SPOOLER_FLAGS via broken.h.

	* ps/ps.h, ps/psrm.c: Make comment_table and
	header_comment_table local to resource_manager::process_file.

	* groff.sh: With -TXps pass -printCommand option to gxditview.

	* groff.c (possible_command::print): Implement using

	* xditview: Merge in new implementation with own ChangeLog.

Sat May 25 18:33:20 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* groff.c (main): Implement PRINT_OPTION.
	(append_arg_to_string): New command.
	(device_table): Set PRINT_OPTION flag for Xps.

Fri May 24 09:48:58 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/groff.h: Rename to troff.h.

	* pic/lex.c (lookup_keyword, docmp): New functions.
	(get_token): Use new lookup_keyword.
	Don't include key.h.
	* pic/key.[ch], pic/pic.gperf: Deleted.
	* pic/Makefile: Remove gperf stuff.

	* pic/Makefile, pic/output.h: Move definition of TEX_SUPPORT
	into output.h.
	* pic/tex.c: Move include of pic.h before test of TEX_SUPPORT.

	* troff/Makefile, troff/node.c: Move definition of
	STORE_WIDTH into node.c.

	* etc/grog.pl, etc/grog.sh: Support -mdoc.

Thu May 23 12:30:49 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* dvi/devdvi/texr.map, dvi.devdvi/texi.map,
	dvi/devdvi/texb.map: Add lq and rq.
	dvi/devdvi: Regenerate fonts.
	* ps/devps/textmap: Add lq and rq.
	* ps/devps: Regenerate fonts.
	* tty/devascii/R.proto, tty/devlatin1/R.proto: Add lq and rq.
	* macros/tmac.e: Define \*(lq and \*(rq to be \(lq and \(rq.

	* pic/object.c (position_rectangle): When checking radius
	cope with possiblity that width or height is negative.
	(box_object::box_object): Have separate xrad and yrad with
	signs matching signs of dim components.
	(box_object::{north,south}_{east,west}): Use xrad and yrad.
	(box_object::print): With rounded boxes use absolute values
	for dim and rad arguments.

	* lib/Makefile, lib/fontfile.o: Pass definition of FONTPATH
	in fontpath.h.

	* eqn/Makefile, eqn/main.c: Pass definition of DEVICE in device.h.

	* various files: Add explicit destructors to keep Saber CC +d

Wed May 22 11:37:11 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/box.c (box::top_level): Restore fonts correctly after
	font changes in line containing inline equation.  Also
	restore previous font as well as current font.
	* eqn/pbox.h: Define necessary string and register names.

	* troff/input.c (token::next): Case 'R' calls do_register.
	(do_register): New function.

Tue May 21 11:28:23 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* groff.c, groff.sh: Support Xps device.  Allow each device
	to have a pseudo_name and a real_name.

	* groff.c (run_commands): Don't print `Broken pipe' messages.

	* ps/pfbtops.c: New file.
	* ps/Makefile: Add pfbtops.

	* troff/number.c (parse_term): Improved error message.

Mon May 20 11:22:14 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* groff.c, groff.sh, etc/grog.sh, etc/grog.pl: Support grefer.

	* Makefile: Integrate refer.
	* refer: New directory.
	* man/grefer.man, man/glookbib.man, man/gindxbib.man,
	man/lkbib.man: New files.
	* man/Makefile: Support refer man pages.

	* lib/lib.h: Declare is_prime.
	* lib/prime.c: New file.

	* troff/input.c (macro_source): New function.
	(init_input_requests): Bind "mso" to macro_source.

	* troff/env.c (environment::possibly_break_line): Maintain
	pointer to pointer to node to be split in ndp so as to avoid
	using address of freed node.

	* troff/env.c (environment::hyphenate_line): Maintain pointer to
	pointer to first node to be hyphenated in startp so as to
	avoid using address of freed node.

	* troff/env.c (class trie, class hyphen_trie): Make the
	elements of the trie be of type char not unsigned char.
	Declare arguments to be const char* instead of unsigned char *.
	* troff/env.c (hyphenate): Initialize hbuf[0].

	* troff/input.c (set_string): Declare p to be char * and cast
	*p to unsigned char when necessary.

	* troff/input.c (do_define_macro): Declare s to be const
	char*. Cast element to unisgned char when necessary, Declare
	d to be an int.  Handle EOF better.

	* troff/Makefile, troff/input.c: Different scheme for passing

Tue May 14 13:41:36 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tty/devascii/R.proto: Delete entry for em.
	* tty/devlatin1/R.proto: Likewise.

Sat May 11 11:13:28 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (translate): Stop when we get a space. Treat eof
	like newline.

	* macros/tmac.an (IP): Only pass quoted argument to TP when \n(.$>1.

Wed Apr 24 19:24:33 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/main.c (process_format): A font name following a `f'
	modifier that starts with a digit can be only one character long.
	Also deal with EOF on the second character of the font name.

Wed Apr 17 11:23:43 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (token::next): Turn \~ into an
	* troff/node.c (unbreakable_space_node): New class.
	* troff/node.h: Declare it.

Tue Apr 16 10:47:12 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* dvi/dvi.c (dvi_printer::set_char): Make code an int.  Check that
	it's >= 0, before outputting it as a single byte.

Mon Apr 15 11:20:23 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* lib/font.c: Make font_char_metric::code an int.
	(font::get_code): Change return type to int.
	(font::load): Allow code to be arbitrary integer.
	* lib/font.h (font::get_code): Change return type to int.
	(font::number_to_index): Change argument type to int.
	* troff/input.c (token::next):  In case 'N', allow any value.
	Store value in token::val.
	(token::operator==): For TOKEN_NUMBERED_CHAR test equality of val.
	(token::get_char, token::add_to_node_list, token::process): Get
	number from val.
	(charinfo::set_number): Change argument to int.
	(charinfo::get_number):  Require that NUMBERED flag be set.
	(get_charinfo_by_number): Store numbered characters not between 0
	and 255 in a dictionary.
	* troff/charinfo.h (get_charinfo_by_number): Change argument type
	to int.
	(charinfo::number): Change type to int.
	(charinfo::set_number): Change type of set_number to int.
	* troff/node.c (troff_output_file::put_char_width,
	troff_output_file::put_char): Test whether character is numbered
	using charinfo::numbered().
	* driver/printer.c (printer::set_numbered_char): Allow arbitrary
	values of num.
	* lib/nametoindex.c: New implementation to cope with arbitrary
	number characters.

	* troff/input.c (token::operator==): Test val for

	* man/Makefile: Add definiton of BROKEN_SPOOLER_FLAGS.
	(.man.n):  sed out @BROKEN_SPOOLER_FLAGS@.

Sun Apr 14 12:57:00 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/devps/zapfdr.ps: Don't copy UniqueID.  Avoid use of newdict

	* all Makefiles: rm targets of cp and >.

	* xditview/xtotroff.c (MapFont): Unlink troff_name before opening

	* eqn/lex.c (def_table): Add dollar.

Sat Apr 13 13:02:44 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (do_width): Push back newline before closing delim
	like do_bracket.

Fri Apr 12 15:16:03 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* groff.c (possible_command::prepend_arg): New function.
	(main): Prepend device -m option.
	* groff.sh: Put device -m options before command-line options.

Tue Apr  9 10:24:43 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/tmac.an (IP): Quote argument to TP.

	* ps/ps.c (main): New option -b, which sets...
	(broken_flags): New variable.
	(ps_printer::~ps_printer): Incorporate the setup section in the
	prolog if (broken_flags & NO_SETUP_SECTION).
	(ps_printer::begin_page): Generate {Begin,End}PageSetup comments.
	(ps_printer::merge_download_fonts, ps_printer::merge_import_fonts,
	ps_printer::merge_ps_fonts, ps_printer::print_font_comment,
	ps_printer::lookup_doc_font, ps_printer::download_fonts,
	ps_printer::read_download_file, read_document_fonts, add_font,
	skip_line, parse_fonts_arg, document_font::document_font,
	document_font::~document_font, document_font::download,
	ps_output::include_file):  Deleted.
	(ps_printer::~ps_printer): Generate %%EOF. Generate %!PS-Adobe-3.0
	rather than %!PS-Adobe-2.0.  Make calls to
	resource_manager::need_font for each font that we used. Replace
	calls to merge_ps_fonts, merge_download_fonts, print_font_comment,
	print_supplied_font_comment, print_needed_font_comment by call to
	resource_manager::print_header_comments. Output %%Orientation
	comment. Output %%Requirements: numcopies comment if ncopies > 1.
	Don't output the prolog directly.  Instead call
	resource_manager::output_prolog.  Only define #copies when ncopies
	> 1.  Delete calls to print_include_font_comments  and
	download_fonts.  Add call to resource_manager::document_setup.
	(ps_printer::do_file): Call resource_manager::import_file instead
	of including it ourselves.
	(ps_printer::do_import): Likewise.  Also don't call
	merge_import_fonts. Push userdict on the dictionary stack before
	and pop it afterwards.
	Move declaration of ps_output into ps.h.
	* ps/psrm.c: New file implementing resource_manager class.
	* ps/ps.h: New file declaring ps_output and resource_manager
	* ps/devps/zapfdr.ps:
	* ps/devps/symbolsl.ps:
	* ps/devps/prologue:  Use 3.0 conventions.
	* ps/Makefile: Pass definition of BROKEN_SPOOLER_FLAGS in DEFINES.
	Add default definition of BROKEN_SPOOLER_FLAGS.
	* Makefile: New variable BROKEN_SPOOLER_FLAGS.  Add

Mon Apr  8 09:26:54 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* etc/grog.pl: New file.
	* Makefile (GROG): New variable.
	* etc/Makefile (GROG): New variable.
	(install.nobin): Install $(GROG) rather than grog.sh.

Thu Apr  4 11:36:45 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/special.c (special_box::compute_metrics): Make the input and
	output strings the same.  Get the new height and depth from the
	predefined height and depth registers.  Also make subscript kern
	and skew available.
	(special_box::compute_subscript_kern, special_box::compute_skew):
	New functions.

	* eqn/box.c (pointer_box::compute_skew,
	simple_box::compute_metrics, box::top_level)
	* eqn/text.c (prime_box::compute_metrics,
	* eqn/limit.c (limit_box::compute_metrics):
	* eqn/delim.c (build_extensible, delim_box::compute_metrics):
	* eqn/sqrt.c (sqrt_box::compute_metrics): Protect possibly
	negative numbers in `nr' requests with a leading 0.

Wed Apr  3 15:58:23 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/special.c: New file.
	* eqn/eqn.y: Declare token SPECIAL.  Make it right associative.
	Add new rule for simple.
	* eqn/lex.c (token_table): Add SPECIAL.
	* eqn/box.h: Declare make_special_box.
	* eqn/Makefile: Add special.[co].

Sat Mar 30 10:57:53 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/devps/prologue: Possibly set packing to true while defining.
	Create grops dictionary here.  Initialize local variables before
	defining procedures.
	(PICTURE): Rename to PBEGIN. Also do save, noop showpage, count
	the dictionary stack. Set strokeadjust and overprint to false if
	the relevant operators are defined.
	(PEND): New procedure.
	* ps/ps.c (ps_printer::~ps_printer): In the prolog just include
	prologue.  Do everything else in the setup section.
	(ps_printer::do_import): Just call PBEGIN and PEND around the
	picture. Also push userdict before, and pop it afterwards.

Wed Mar 27 07:59:50 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/node.c (bracket_node::tprint): Brackets were being printed
	1m too low.

	* macros/tmac.an (SH, SS): Set fill mode.

Tue Mar 26 07:46:31 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/div.c (top_level_diversion::begin_page): Set
	high_water_mark to 0.

Fri Mar 22 09:19:46 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* man/mdate.sh: New file.
	* man/mdate.c: Deleted.
	* man/Makefile: Use mdate.sh instead of mdate.
	(mdate): Deleted.

	* eqn/lex.c (do_gsize): Supply missing argument to error message.

Tue Mar 19 11:06:50 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* man/mdate.c: New file.
	* man/*.man: Replace modification date by @MDATE@.
	* man/Makefile (.man.n): Replace @MDATE@ by `mdate $<`.
	(mdate): New target.

	* lib/font.c (text_file::next): Deal with arbitrarily long lines.
	Remove illegal input characters.

Mon Mar 18 08:32:25 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/tmac.s (pg*start-col): Do .ns *after* running the hooks.

Sat Mar 16 03:52:25 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/div.c (begin_page): Change behaviour when
	!first_page_begun and !break_flag.

	* troff/input.c (do_name_test): Return 0 if argument is empty.

	* troff/input.c (read_long_escape_name): Require closing ] to be
	at same input level as opening [.

	* troff/input.c (read_increment_and_escape_name): New function.
	(get_copy, process_input_stack): Use this for \n.

Fri Mar 15 00:31:48 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/div.c (top_level_diversion::begin_page): Ignore the
	current value of page_number if !first_page_begun.

	* groff.c (main): Fix declaration of buf.

	* troff/input.c (do_name_test): New function.
	(token::next): Implement \A.
	(token::next): Implement \e by turning it into a TOKEN_ESCAPE.
	(token::description, token::add_to_node_list, token::process):
	* troff/token.h: New token TOKEN_ESCAPE.

Thu Mar 14 10:22:26 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/main.c (do_picture): Allow space before and after filename
	following `<'.  Check that the filename is not empty.

Wed Mar 13 12:49:40 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Version 1.01 released. 

	* dvi/devdvi/CompileFonts: Add cm*ss10 fonts.

	* dvi/tmac.dvi: ftr HR to H.

	* macros/tmac.e: Round up computation of $r.

	* xditview/tmac.X:  Don't give up completely in compatibility mode.
	Use \n(.s instead of \n[.s].

	* dvi/tmac.dvi: Don't give up completely in compatibility mode.
	Use \(ci instead of \[ci]. Use \n(.s instead of \n[.s].
	Add u to factors inside \s[...]. Rename frac to dvi-frac.
	Translate \(FM onto \[prime] and \(!/ onto \[slashnot]; use these
	short names in the char definitions.

	* ps/tmac.ps: Don't give up completely in compatibility mode.
	Fix the fraction definitions to use \n(.s and \(f/. Add an extra
	quote in front of \n(.s. Add u to factors inside \s[...].

Mon Mar 11 12:01:20 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tty/tmac.tty: Call the nroff request.

	* macros/tmac.e ((x, )x):  Better definitions that work properly
	in a diversion.
	(@0, @1): Helper macros for (x.

	* macros/tmac.e ($s, hl): Use \l rather than \D.

	* tty/tmac.tty: Make it work better in compatibility mode.
	(pchar): Rename to tty-char.

	* macros/tmac.e (@E): New macro.
	(r, i, b, rb, bi): Use @E.

	* macros/tmac.e (@F): Don't use (;...) syntax.

	* macros/tmac.e: Remove mention of \*(||/revisions.  Mention that
	it was modified for groff.

	* macros/tmac.e: Make sure \n(ps and \n(es are >= \n(.V.

	* macros/tmac.e (<., .>): Removed.
	([., .]): If \n(.V>=1v, use [] instead of superscripting.

	* macros/tmac.e: Remove check that groff is being used.

	* macros/tmac.e (@C): Change families only if using groff; turn
	compatibility mode off while changing familes. Save compatibility
	mode before changing families and restore it afterwards.

	* macros/tmac.e (@h): Remove test for offset + line length.

	* macros/tmac.e (sorry): Rename to @S.  Use \$1 instead of \$0
	(lo, th, ac): Define to call @S instead of using als.

	* macros/tmac.e: Make $r and $R now contain \n(.v*100/\n(.sp, ie
	the ratio of the vertical spacing to the point size in units
	expressed as a percentage.  Use these instead of $10r and $10R,
	Delete $10r and $10R.

	* lib/font.c (font::load): In default computation of space_width,
	divide by sizescale.  Use scale_round.

	* macros/tmac.an (TP): Don't call `nf'.
	(an-do-tag): Don't call `fi'.

Sun Mar 10 09:52:35 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (process_input_stack): Handle the case where
	spaces at the beginning of an input line are followed by a

Thu Mar  7 20:18:07 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* groff.c (device_table): Add PIC_X_OPTION for dvi device.
	* groff.sh: Use pic -x with the dvi device.

	* dvi/devdvi/FontMakefile (H): Don't use -s.

	* dvi/devdvi/HI, dvi/devdvi/HB: New files.
	* dvi/devdvi/Makefile: Add HI and HB to FONTS.
	* dvi/devdvi/FontMakefile: Add rules for HI and HB. Include these
	in FONTS.

Mon Mar  4 13:20:14 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/psfig.diff: New file.
	* ps/tmac.psfig: New file.

Sat Mar  2 00:15:09 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/tmac.s (]=, ref*do-tl, ref*bib-print): Deleted.
	(]-): Don't call ref*do-tl.

	* macros/tmac.s (ref*end-print): Use XP if [F not defined.

	* macros/tmac.s (ref*normal-print): Call FS rather than fn@do-FS.
	(fn@do-FS): Rename to fn*do-FS.

	* troff/input.c (transparent_translate): New function.
	(process_input_stack): Apply transparent_translate before calling
	diversion::transparent_output(unsigned char).

Wed Feb 27 00:13:25 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (do_define_macro): Define the macro before calling

	* xditview/Makefile: Add DEVICES variable.  Change install target
	to use this.

Tue Feb 26 10:46:22 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* groff.c (run_commands): Handle the possibility that there are
	child processes other than those forked by us.

Sun Feb 24 21:32:30 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* lib/string.c (string::append): New function.
	* lib/stringclass.h: Declare it.

Thu Feb 21 11:49:26 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/main.c (main): New option -N which sets
	(do_file): If no_newline_in_delim_flag is set don't allow newlines
	in delimiters.
	* groff.c (main): Pass -N on to eqn.
	(help, synopsis): Mention -N.
	* groff.sh: Implement -N.

Wed Feb 20 15:16:10 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/tmac.s (]=, ref*bib-print, ref*do-tl): New macros.
	(]-): Call ref*do-tl if ref*need-tl is non-zero.
	(XP): Allow as initializer.

Tue Feb 19 14:09:06 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/env.c (environment::wrap_up_field): If field_spaces are
	non-zero and we have a current_tab, subtract padding from
	tab_distance.  If this makes tab_distance <= 0, use the next tab
	stop instead.  If there isn't any next tab or it's a left tab,
	wrap up the current tab.
	(environment::start_field): Initialize tab_precedes_field.
	(environment::wrap_up_tab): If there's a current field, update
	pre_field_width, field_distance and tab_precedes_field.
	* troff/env.h (environment::tab_precedes_field): New member.

Fri Feb 15 01:24:00 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/ps.c (ps_printer::do_file): New function.
	(ps_printer::special): Bind to `file' special.
	(ps_printer::do_exec): Set ndefined_styles to 0.

Sat Feb  9 03:03:04 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/text.c (split_text): Grok \* and similar escapes sequences.
	Avoid stripping first character from the start of unrecognized
	escapes.  Use lex_error instead of error to report errors.
	* eqn/lex.c (get_token): Rework handling of escapes.
	(lex_error): Move declaration into...
	* eqn/eqn.h.

	* xditview/xditview.c (main): Make -page option work.

	* Makefile: Correct comment about -DBROKEN_SPOOLER and pageview.

Wed Feb  6 12:28:43 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/tmac.s (B2): Correct size of box.

Tue Feb  5 00:37:35 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/tmac.s (B2): Postpone drawing the box until in the
	top-level diversion.

	* tty/tmac.tty: Add font translations for C, CR, CW.

	* groff.c (synopsis, help): Document -i.
	* groff.sh: Implement -i.

	* macros/tmac.s (@NH): Put a `.' after multi-part numbers.
	Simplify the construction of SN.

	* troff/number.c (parse_term): Give `|' a higher precedence.
	* tbl/table.c (numeric_text_entry::simple_print): Parenthesise

	* macros/tmac.s (B2): Use par@finish instead of par@reset.

Mon Feb  4 12:36:09 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* lib/string.c (string::move): New function.
	* lib/stringclass.h: Declare it.

Sat Feb  2 16:02:16 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/env.c (distribute_space): Add optional argument
	(environment::wrap_up_field): Call distribute_space with
	`force_forward' argument of 1.

Fri Feb  1 19:36:33 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* lib/string.c, lib/stringclass.h (string::operator+=(char)):
	Inline it.  Move reallocation into...
	(string::grow1): New function.
	* pic/Makefile, tbl/Makefile, eqn/Makefile, ps/Makefile: Redo
	dependencies to include library header files.
	* lib/Makefile: Make string.c and lf.c depend on stringclass.h.

Thu Jan 31 15:02:27 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/tmac.s (@NH): Use the same number registers than -ms does
	for the heading level counters.  Use the same string that -ms does
	for the number for this heading.

Wed Jan 30 14:25:40 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* lib/new.c (operator new): Cast result of malloc to char *.

	* troff/input.c (spring_trap, lookup_request): Add assert that nm
	is not null.

Tue Jan 29 18:08:05 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* groff.c (main): Support -i.

Sun Jan 27 13:23:17 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/pic.h: Include <osfcn.h>.

	* ps/ps.c: Add declaration of mktemp.

	* Makefile: Add -DHAVE_UNION_WAIT option for CPPDEFINES.
	* groff.c: If HAVE_UNION_WAIT is defined, declare wait()'s
	argument as union wait *.
	(run_commands): If HAVE_UNION_WAIT is defined cast wait()'s
	argument to union wait *.

Sat Jan 26 12:04:52 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tty/tmac.tty: Add definition of \(co.

	* pic/object.c (make_arc): Only increase radius when radius
	strictly less than d.
	(arc_object::update_bounding_box): May need to add 4.0 to end_quad
	more than once.

	* troff/env.c (environment::environment(symbol),
	environment::environment(const environment *)):  Initialize

Sat Jan 19 08:18:35 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/main.c (main): Add exit(0).

	* ps/ps.c (ps_printer::~ps_printer): Use fseek instead of rewind.

	* pic/main.c (main):
	* eqn/main.c (main):
	* tbl/main.c (main):
	* etc/soelim.c (main):
	* driver/printer.c (printer::~printer):
	* troff/node.c (real_output_file::~real_output_file,
	real_output_file::flush):  Check for errors on stdout.

	* most files: Add 1991 to copyright notice.

	* macros/tmac.s: Don't test \n(.x and \n(.y.

	* troff/input.c (token::next): Rename `escape_char' label to
	`handle_escape_char' and `normal_char' label to

Thu Jan 17 15:46:35 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* groff.c (main, synopsis, help): Support -a option.
	* groff.sh: Likewise.  Also eliminate Zflag variable by adding -z
	to trflags while parsing options.

Tue Jan 15 13:07:27 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/number.c (parse_term): With `m', `M' and `n' scale
	indicators, convert scale factor to hunits before scaling.

Mon Jan 14 12:39:12 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* lib/font.c (scale_round): Better test for overflow when n is

Thu Jan 10 11:10:56 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/main.c (process_format): Add second argument of type
	options*. Change callers.  Allow opt->tab_char as well as '\t'
	between format items.

Mon Jan  7 12:30:18 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/tmac.an (PD): With no arguments, make sure register PD is
	at least \n[.V].
	(TH): Call PD with no argument, instead of setting register PD

Sun Jan  6 11:18:39 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Version 1.00 released.

Sat Jan  5 08:44:30 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/tmac.ps, xditview/tmac.X: Add font translation of C to CR.

	* dvi/devdvi/DESC: Mount CW instead of CR.

	* dvi/tmac.dvi: Add definition of \(tm.

	* dvi/devdvi/texsy.map: Add lh, and rh.
	* dvi/devdvi/texex.map: Add lt, rt, lb, rb, lk, rk.
	* dvi/devdvi/texmi.map: Add *o. Regenerate fonts.

	* dvi/devdvi/FontMakefile: Generate H from cmss10.
	* dvi/devdvi/Makefile: Install H.
	* dvi/devdvi/H: New file.

Fri Jan  4 15:04:57 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/env.c (vertical_spacing): Don't allow vertical spacing to
	be 0.

Thu Jan  3 13:41:19 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/tmac.s (@EN): Add \n(.V to the argument to ds@need.

	* macros/tmac.pic (PS): Avoid attempting to set negative indent.

	* macros/tmac.s (@EN): Handle the case where the equation is empty
	but the label is not.

Wed Jan  2 10:31:44 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/groff.h: New warning category WARN_SPACE.
	* troff/input.c: Add WARN_SPACE to DEFAULT_WARNING_MASK. Add
	WARN_SPACE to warning_table.
	(interpolate_macro): Give a warning of type WARN_SPACE if the name
	is longer than two characters and is not defined, but the first
	two characters do make a defined name.

	* PROBLEMS: New file.

	* CHANGES: New file.
	* README-0.6, README-1.00: Deleted.

	* groff.c, groff.sh: Add X75-12 and X100-12 devices.
	* xditview/devX75/Makefile: Make devX75-12.
	* xditview/devX100/Makefile: Make devX100-12.

	* xditview/devX100/eqnchar, xditview/devX75/eqnchar,
	dvi/devdvi/eqnchar, ps/devps/eqnchar: Remove use of \R.

Tue Jan  1 19:24:01 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* README-0.7: Rename to README-1.00.

	* macros/tmac.pic: New file.
	* macros/Makefile (install.nobin): Install tmac.pic.

Mon Dec 31 10:40:53 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/env.c (hyphen_word): Correct the test for whether the
	token is a hyphen.  Reset npos to 0.

	* macros/tmac.s (par@sup-start, par@sup-end): New implementations.

Sun Dec 30 15:53:13 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/tmac.s (ds*common-end): Call par*reset.
	(PE): Likewise.
	(par@reset-indent): Deleted.

	* macros/tmac.s (@IP): Divert the label.

Sat Dec 29 14:33:32 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* xditview/draw.c (setGC): Use a line width of .1m rather than
	.04m by default; round rather than truncate value.

	* tbl/table.c (class empty_entry): New class.
	(empty_entry::empty_entry, empty_entry::line_type): New functions.
	(table::add_entry): Represent empty entries by objects of type
	(table_entry::line_type): Return -1.
	(table::determine_row_type): Ignore entries with line_type 0.
	Treat type -1 as non-lines.

Fri Dec 28 15:04:41 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/devps/textmap, xditview/libXdvi/DviChar.c, tty/devlatin1/R.proto,
	macros/tmac.s: Rename \(-d to \(Sd.

Thu Dec 27 12:35:47 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/devps/textmap: Add `sd', `/_' and `3d' characters.
	* xditview/libXdvi/DviChar.c: Likewise.
	* dvi/devdvi/texsy.map: Add `<<', `>>'.

Wed Dec 26 13:33:23 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/div.c (top_level_diversion::begin_page): Call
	init_output() if the_output is 0.

Sat Dec 22 12:35:29 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c: Replace ESCAPE_E by ESCAPE_e and ESCAPE_C by
	(get_copy): Turn \E into ESCAPE_E.
	(token::process, asciify): Handle ESCAPE_E.

	* macros/tmac.s (ds*common-end, par@reset): Add `.rj 0'.
	(RD): New macro.
	(DS): Implement `.DS R'.

Fri Dec 21 11:41:53 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/tmac.s (FS): New macro.

	* macros/tmac.s (fn@do-FS): Use @LP instead of LP.

	* macros/tmac.s (cov*tl-init): Remove after first execution
	instead of aliasing to @nop.  Call top of page macro explicitly
	instead of setting trap; call @init first.  Set pg@top as top of
	page macro.
	(cov*auto-init): Deleted.  Set cov*tl-init instead of
	cov*auto-init as top of page trap. 
	(TL, LP): Do a break instead of calling cov*tl-init.
	(cov*print): With RP format but no TL, alias FS and FE to @FS and
	@FE; in this case also give a warning and always start another
	page. No need to set pg@top here.
	(cov*tl-init): Rename to cov*first-page-init.

	* macros/tmac.s (RP): Do `.pn 0'.
	(cov*tl-init): With RP format don't do `.pn 0'.

	* macros/tmac.s (pg@cs-top): Set no space mode.

	* macros/tmac.s (par@TL, par@AU, par@AI): New macros.
	(cov*ab-init): Alias TL, AU and AI to these.

Thu Dec 20 10:10:50 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/tmac.s (@EQ): Move the space before the equation into @EN
	(@EN): Do nothing unless \n[dl] is > 0.

Tue Dec 18 12:20:47 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/object.c (ellipse_object::radius): New function.

	* VERSION: Change version to 0.7.

	* tbl/table.c (block_entry::do_divert): Declare return type as
	(block_entry::divert, alphabetic_block_entry::divert): Return 1.

Mon Dec 17 12:30:34 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/column.c: New file.
	* troff/Makefile: Corresponding changes.

	* troff/hvunits.c (scale(vunits, vunits, vunits)):  New function.
	Friend of vunits.

	* troff/div.c (top_level_diversion::space): If the space causes
	the first-page transition and springs a trap, truncate the space
	to 0.

Fri Dec 14 12:30:02 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/ps.c (ps_printer::do_import): Add a `clear' after including
	the document.

	* pic/troff.c (troff_output::line_thickness,
	troff_output::set_fill): Do a horizontal motion to compensate for
	the width of the \D escape sequence.

Thu Dec 13 10:17:14 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* xditview/tmac.X: Reinstate definition of \(rn, but only for X100
	(not X75).

	* eqn/sqrt.c (sqrt_box::compute_metrics):  Supply missing argument
	to printf.

	* tbl/table.c (simple_entry::simply_print): Don't declare as pure.
	Supply empty definition.
	(text_entry::simple_print, simple_text_entry::simple_print):
	Delete declarations.
	(table::add_entry): Represent empty entries by objects of type

Wed Dec 12 08:50:48 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/Makefile: Remove -DHYPHEN_CONTROL from DEFINES.

	* tbl/table.c (left_text_entry::add_tab): New function.

	* macros/tmac.s: Make @RT an alias for par@reset.  Make RT
	initialize like LP.

Mon Dec 10 11:19:55 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/env.c (environment::start_field): Give an error message if
	there is no next tab.

Sun Dec  9 11:46:40 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/env.c (hyphenate): Skip initial elements with zero
	hyphenation code.

	* macros/tmac.s (par@init): Keep VS in points rather than units.

Sat Dec  8 23:00:27 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/main.c (main): Implement `-c' option.
	* pic/output.h: Declare make_tpic_output().
	* pic/tex.c (tex_output::set_pen_size): Make it virtual and
	(tpic_output): New class.
	(tpic_output::tpic_output, tpic_output::set_pen_size,
	tpic_output::command, make_tpic_output): New functions.

Fri Dec  7 11:57:41 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/main.c (main): Call `.ab' if \n(.g is false.  Define TS/TE
	if they're not already defined.
	* tbl/table.c (init_output): Don't test \n(.g.

	* troff/input.c (do_if_request): Delete `g' condition. Recognize
	`d', `r' and `c' conditions even in compatibility mode.

Tue Dec  4 09:13:47 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/tmac.ps (ps-bb): Protect against negative numbers in bounding

Mon Dec  3 07:18:26 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/env.h (environment::prev_line_interrupted): New member.
	(environment::get_prev_line_interrupted): New function.
	* troff/env.c (environment::newline): Set prev_line_interrupted.
	(environment::environment(const environment *),
	environment::environment(symbol)): Initialize
	* troff/input.c (process_input_stack): Don't give special
	treatment to space and newline at the beginning of the line if the
	previous line was interrupted.

Sat Dec  1 15:48:37 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/eqn.y: Disallow PRIME by itself.
	* eqn/lex.c (token_table): Bind `opprime' instead of `prime' to
	(def_table): Remove definition of '.  Define prime to be `.

	* eqn/eqn.y: Split off part of rule `script' into a new rule

Fri Nov 30 10:23:44 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/tmac.s ({, }): New string aliases.

Thu Nov 29 11:34:40 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* README-0.7: New file.

Wed Nov 28 10:09:57 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/tmac.s: New file.
	* man/groff_ms.man: New file.
	* Makefile: Add definition of TMAC_S. Pass TMAC_S in SUBFLAGS.
	* Makefile.bd: Similarily.
	* man/Makefile: Add groff_ms.n to MAN7PAGES. Replace @TMAC_S@. Add
	definition of TMAC_S.
	* macros/Makefile: Add definition of TMAC_S. Install tmac.s.
	* macros/TODO: New file.

Sat Nov 24 20:04:54 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/env.c (right_justify): New function.
	(init_env_requests): Bind this to request "rj".
	(center_lines): Set right_justify_lines to 0. If we get a bad
	integer, center 1 line.
	(environment::environment(symbol), environment::environment(const
	environment *)): Initialize right_justify_lines.
	(environment::get_right_justify_lines): New function.
	(init_env_requests): Bind this to number_register ".rj".

	* troff/env.c (environment::choose_breakpoint): Implement
	hyphenation_margin and hyphenation_space.
	environment::get_hyphenation_margin): New functions.
	(init_env_requests): Bind these to .hys and .hym.
	(hyphenation_space_request, hyphenation_margin_request): New
	(init_env_requests): Bind these to hys and hym.
	(environment::environment(symbol), environment::environment(const
	environment *)): Initialize hyphenation_margin and
	* troff/env.h: Corresponding changes to class environment.

Fri Nov 23 09:08:16 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/div.c (blank_line): Always do a break.

	* eqn/box.c (do_text): Turn off escapes while appending text to

Thu Nov 22 10:58:59 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (while_break_request, while_continue_request): New
	(init_input_requests): Bind these to "break" and "continue".
	(while_depth, while_break_flag): New variables.
	(while_request): Update while_depth.  Break out of loop if
	while_break_flag is set.

Wed Nov 21 10:54:40 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/table.c (init_span_reg): Initialize span_width_reg to \n(.H
	rather than 0.

Mon Nov 19 00:45:03 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Makefile: Include -DBROKEN_SPOOLER by default.  Expand comment.

	* stringify: New file.
	* Makefile (groff.o): Use stringify.

	* xditview/tmac.X: Remove definition of \(rn.
	* xditview/libXdvi/DviChar.c: Remove radicalex from

Sat Nov 17 10:44:58 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/table.c (table::add_entry): Allow alphabetic text blocks.
	alphabetic_block_entry::divert, alphabetic_block_entry::print):
	New functions.
	(block_entry::divert): Split off body into ...
	(block_entry::do_divert): If the block is alphabetic, subtract 2n
	from the line length; also update the span width to dl+2n, and the
	alphabetic span width to dl.

	* driver/input.c (do_file):  While reading argument to D command,
	when expanding buffer, multiply szp by sizeof(int) rather than 2
	in the argument to memcpy.

	* tbl/table.c (compute_span_width): Add 2n rather than 1n to the
	width of alphabetic columns.

Fri Nov 16 06:34:27 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/node.c (lookup_family): Supply second argument to lookup.

	* troff/dictionary.c (dictionary::lookup): After an unsuccesful
	search, return immediately if v is 0.

	* pic/troff.c: Define EQN_NO_EXTRA_SPACE_REG.
	(troff_output::start_picture): Set this reg.
	(troff_output::end_picture): Remove this reg
	* eqn/box.c (box::extra_space): Don't produce `\x's if

	* eqn/eqn.y: Allow just a PRIME to be a `simple'.
	* eqn/text.c (split_text): Map ' to \(fm when it's the first

Thu Nov 15 10:35:06 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/tmac.e: Use font 3 instead of B in $c. Remove `bd'

	* troff/div.c (top_level_diversion::top_level_diversion):
	Initialize page_number to 0.

Wed Nov 14 21:41:58 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* groff/troff (environment::environment(const environment *)):
	Initialize name to e->name, rather than "anonymous".

Sat Nov 10 01:59:37 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* xditview/libXdvi/Dvi.c (ShowDvi): If eof is encountered, reset
	requested_page.  Split middle part into ...
	(FindPage): New function.
	(SetValues): If we don't yet know the last page, and the requested
	page is greater than the current page, call FindPage.
	Update the font_map_string before doing this.

	* xditview/tmac.X: Add definitions of \(sq, \(ga, \(dg and \(dd.
	Translate \(lh and \(rh into left and right double arrows.

	* troff/node.c (class hyphen_inhibitor_node): New class.
	hyphen_inhibitor_node::copy, hyphen_inhibitor_node::same,
	hyphen_inhibitor_node::get_hyphenation_type): New functions.
	(node::add_discretionary_hyphen): Use hyphen_inhibitor_node rather
	than dbreak_node(0, 0) to represent a `\%' at the beginning of a

Fri Nov  9 16:05:38 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/node.h (dummy_node::get_hyphenation_type,
	transparent_dummy_node::get_hyphenation_type):  Declare them.
	* troff/node.c: (dummy_node::get_hyphenation_type,
	transparent_dummy_node::get_hyphenation_type): New functions.

Wed Nov  7 10:09:06 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* xditview/libXdvi/draw.c: If M_PI not defined after including
	math.h, then define it.

	* xditview/Makefile: Add definition of AR. Pass it to the submake
	in libXdvi.
	* xditview/libXdvi/Makefile: Add definitions of AR and RANLIB.

Tue Nov  6 10:14:27 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/dictionary.h (object_dictionary::alias): Declare return
	value as int.
	* troff/dictionary.c (object_dictionary::alias): Return non-zero
	if the old name was defined.
	* troff/input.c (alias_macro): Give a warning if the old name was
	not defined.
	* troff/reg.c (alias_reg): Likewise.

Mon Nov  5 00:31:39 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (token::next): Delete implementation of \R.

	* macros/Makefile: Strip comments from tmac.e while installing it.

	* troff/input.c: New variable `nroff_mode'.
	(troff_request, nroff_request): New functions.
	(init_input_requests): Bind `troff' and `nroff' to troff_request
	and nroff_request.
	(do_if_request): Compute results of t and n conditions from

	* text/text.c (split_text): Fix typo in >=.

	* eqn/lex.c: Add definition of `==' to def_table.

Fri Nov  2 02:49:09 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/tex.c (tex_output::start_picture): Change the definitions of
	\graph and \graphtemp so that they work properly with Plain TeX.

	* pic/tex.c (tex_output::solid_arc): Ensure that the second angle
	argument to `ar' is not less than the first.

	* pic/pic.y: Allow a comma between elements of the variable list
	in the argument to `reset'.

	* pic/object.c (arc_object::arc_object): Fix computation of

	* eqn/main.c (main): Add exit(0).

Thu Nov  1 02:03:50 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/div.c (begin_page): Test no_space_mode after doing the
	break, but still push the page ejector cookie before doing the
	break.  Also set the next page number after doing the break.
	* xditview/xditview.c (NewFile): Don't set the title and icon name
	if this is the first file and its name is `-'.
	* groff/groff.c: Define a new device flag XT_OPTION.  Set it for
	the X75 and X100 devices.
	(main): If a device has the XT_OPTION flag set and there's exactly
	one file argument, pass the driver -xrm and -title options to set
	the icon name and window title to the name of the file.

	* troff/env.c (environment_switch): If there was an argument but
	it wasn't a valid number or name, then pop an environment but
	don't give an error message on underflow.

	* troff/number.c (start_number): Correct spelling in error message.

	* troff/input.c (token::delimiter): Don't print an error message
	if err is false.

	* xditview/libXdvi/parse.c (ParseInput): In case 'D', only call
	ParseDrawFunction if dw->display_enable is true.

Wed Oct 31 05:49:50 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/pic.y: Parse text positioning like normal attributes, so as
	to allow `"text" at 0,0 ljust'.  Don't allow `center' as a
	positioning attribute.

Mon Oct 29 22:50:38 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/main.c (process_data): When in state START while reading a
	text block, don't change to state MIDDLE if c is a newline.

Sun Oct 28 21:59:56 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* dvi/dvi.c (dvi_printer::begin_page): Rename `i' variable to `j'
	so as to avoid shadowing parameter.

Wed Oct 24 18:35:39 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/table.c (trim_space): Deleted.
	(table::add_entry): Don't call trim_space.

Mon Oct 22 03:48:39 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* VERSION: Change version to 0.6.

	* troff/number.c (parse_expr): Make == work.

Sat Oct 20 11:28:17 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* man/grog.man: New file.
	* man/Makefile: Add grog.n to MAN1PAGES.
	* etc/grog.sh: New file.
	* etc/Makefile: Install grog.sh as grog.

Fri Oct 19 11:17:15 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (token::next): Implement \E.

Thu Oct 18 11:56:24 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* xditview/tmac.X: Change font translations to match tmac.ps.

	* troff/input.c (non_empty_name_warning): Don't give a warning if
	`\{' terminates the name.

Tue Oct 16 10:04:23 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/devps/symbol.diff: New file.
	* ps/devps/FontMakefile: Mention symbol.diff.

Sun Oct 14 11:46:46 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/node.c (font_position): Use get_long_name to read the

	* troff/env.c (environment_switch): If we get a number that's < 0
	or >= NENVIRONMENTS, treat it like a name.
	Change NENVIRONMENTS to 10.

	* troff/groff.h: Remove definition of FONTS_MAX.
	* troff/node.h (class font_family): Make map a pointer instead of
	an array. Add a map_size member. Make it a class. Make nm const
	and public. Make invalidate_fontno a friend.
	* troff/node.c: Define font_table_size. Make font_info a pointer
	rather than an array.
	(class troff_output_file): Allocate font_position dynamically. Add
	nfont_positions member.
	(troff_output_file::set_font): Grow font_position if necessary.
	(troff_output_file::~troff_output_file): Delete font_position.
	(troff_output_file::troff_output_file): Allocate font_position.
	(grow_font_table): New function.
	troff_output_file:really_copy_page): Use nfont_positions rather
	than FONTS_MAX.
	(mount_font_no_translate, mount_style): Call grow_font_table if
	(font_family::font_family): Allocate map.
	(font_family::make_definite): Grow map if necessary. Use
	font_table_size instead of FONTS_MAX.
	(font_family::~font_family): New function.
	(invalidate_fontno): Use font_family::map_size.
	(get_fontno, env_space_width, env_half_narrow_space_width,
	env_narrow_space_width, symbol_fotno, is_good_fontno,
	get_bold_fontno, make_glyph_node): Use font_table_size rather than
	(next_available_font_position): Never return 0.

Fri Oct 12 10:17:52 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/tmac.ps: Add font translations for compatibility with dpost.

Thu Oct 11 12:09:03 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/pile.c: Rename default_baseline_sep to baseline_sep.
	Move definitions baseline_sep, shift_down, column_sep,
	matrix_side_sep into...
	* eqn/box.c: Add them to param_table.
	* eqn/pbox.h: Add declarations to pbox.h.

	* troff/input.c (set_string): Cast value to unsigned char *.

	* troff/token.h (process_input_stack): Declare it static before
	declaring it a friend.

Wed Oct 10 09:59:13 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* dvi/devdvi/texex.map: Fix positions of extensible brace middle
	and bottom.
	* dvi/devdvi/EX: Regenerate.

	* troff/input.c (init_charset_table): Make ", ', ), ], *, \(dg

Tue Oct  9 08:34:02 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/lex.c: In defaults_table, make definition of `dot' call
	`dot_def'.  Don't explicitly make it roman.  Similarily for other

	* pic/lex.c (for_input::for_input): Add by_is_multiplicative
	(for_input::get, for_input::peek): Use this.
	(do_for): Add by_is_multiplicative argument.
	* pic/pic.y: Change optional_by clause to allow '*' after `by'.
	Change semantic value of optional_by to be a double plus a flag
	saying whethet the by clause is multiplicative.

	* eqn/lex.c (get_delimited_text): Remember location of start of
	definition.  Improve error handling when EOF is encountered.

	* lib/font.h: Rename handle_x_command to
	* lib/font.c (font::load): Call handle_unknown_font_command for
	any unknown command in the font description file.  Don't call
	handle_x_command. Include the name of the command in the argv.
	Improve message for unknown command after kernpairs or charset
	* ps/ps.c (ps_font::handle_x_command): Rename to
	handle_unknown_font_command.  Remove message about `x download'
	command.  Give error message for wrong number of arguments.
	* ps/devps/afmtodit: Generate `encoding' instead of `x encoding'.
	* dvi/dvi.c (dvi_font::handle_x_command): Rename to
	handle_unknown_font_command. Give an error message for wrong
	number of arguments.  Rename design_size to designsize.
	* dvi/tfmtodit.c (main): Generate `checksum' instead of `x
	checksum', `designsize' instead of `design_size'.

Mon Oct  8 00:38:55 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/*.[chy]: Change underaccent to uaccent.

	* eqn/eqn.y: Add rule for underaccent.  Declare UNDERACCENT token;
	give it the same precedence as ACCENT.
	* eqn/other.c (make_underaccent_box): New function.
	* eqn/box.h: Declare it.
	* eqn/lex.c: Add UNDERACCENT to token_table. Add utilde to

Sun Oct  7 11:25:16 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/pic.y (reset_all): New function. Called in rule for RESET.
	(parse_init): Call reset_all.
	(define_variable): When defining scale reset only those
	pre-defined variables that are scaled.
	(defaults_table): Add `scale' as non-scaled value.

	* pic/pic.y: Redo parsing of text adjustments: parse adjustments
	together with the text; allow any number of positioning words;
	allow center as a positioning word.

	* pic/object.c (output::compute_scale): Get picture maximum height
	and width from variables called maxpswid and maxpsht.
	* pic/pic.y: Add maxpswid and maxpsht to defaults_table.

Sat Oct  6 10:16:56 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/object.c (object_spec::make_text): Multiply textht by number
	of text items.

	* pic/pic.y: Allow `sprintf("string", expr,...)' wherever text can
	(do_sprintf): New function.
	(pic.gperf): Add sprintf token.
	(text, sprintf): New rules.

	* pic/pic.y: `rand()' with no arguments returns a random number
	in the range [0,1).

	* pic/pic.y: Allow a bare expression to be an attribute: change
	precedences to support this.  Change optional_ordinal rule to
	optional_ordinal_last to avoid reduce/reduce conflict.
	* pic/object.c (object_spec::object_spec): Initialize direction.

	* pic/pic.y: Implement ^ operator meaning exponentiation.

	* troff/node.h: Add default argument to mount_font.
	* troff/node.c (font_position): Read an optional third argument
	giving the external_name.
	(mount_font): Add optional argument giving the external_name.
	(mount_font_not_translate): Have additional argument giving
	external name.  Use this name to load the font.  Pass both names
	to font_info::font_info.
	(font_info::font_info): Have additional argument giving
	(class tfont): New member external_name.
	(font_info::get_tfont): Use external name to construct tfont_spec.

Fri Oct  5 04:03:13 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/lex.c (init_table): Add argument giving device.  Define
	name of device to be "1".
	(do_ifdef): Counts as true if the argument has been defined with
	* eqn/main.c (main): Call init_table with device argument. Make
	device local to main.
	* eqn/eqn.h: Change declaration of init_table. Remove declaration
	of device.

	* pic/lex.c (get_delimited): Allow text to be delimited by
	matching {}s.  Don't recognize ending delimiter within a string.

	* troff/input.c (get_delim_name): New function.
	(token::next): Implement \C.

	* lib/font.c (font::load): Grok ---.  Add an alias for each
	character based on its code.
	(font::get_code_width): Deleted.
	* lib/font.h (class font): Declare font::number_to_index().
	Remove declaration of font::get_code_width.
	* lib/nametoindex.c (font::name_to_index): Add 512 rather than 256
	to indices of named characters.
	(font::number_to_index): New function.
	* troff/input.c (font::number_to_index): New function.
	(get_charinfo_by_number, charinfo::get_number,
	charinfo::set_number): New functions.
	(token::next): Turn \N into a TOKEN_NUMBERED_CHAR.
	(token::process, token::description, token::get_char,
	token::add_to_node_list, token::operator==): Handle
	* troff/charinfo.h: Declare get_charinfo_by_number,
	charinfo::get_number, charinfo::set_number.  Add NUMBERED flag to
	charinfo class.
	(charinfo::numbered): New function.
	* troff/token.h: Add TOKEN_NUMBERED_CHAR.
	* troff/env.h (class environment): Remove declaration of ...
	* troff/env.c (environment::make_numbered_char_node): Deleted.
	* troff/node.c (make_numbered_node): Deleted.
	(class numbered_glyph_node): Remove.
	(troff_output_file::put_char_width, troff_output_file::put_char):
	Handle numbered chars.
	(troff_output_file::numbered_char): Removed.
	(tfont::get_code_width): Removed.
	(make_glyph_node): Don't search special fonts for numbered
	* troff/node.h: Remove declaration of make_numbered_node.
	* driver/input.c (do_file): Handle N command.
	* driver/printer.h: Add declaration of ...
	* driver/printer.c (printer::set_numbered_char): New function.
	* dvi/tfmtodit.c (main): Generate unnamed entries.
	* ps/devps/afmtodit: Likewise.
	* xditview/xtotroff.c (MapFont): Likewise.
	* xditview/libXdvi/parse.c (ParseInput): Grok N command.

	* tbl/main.c (process_format): If multiple widths are specified
	for a column but all the widths are the same, don't give an error

	* tbl/table.c (table::do_row): If the current row is all lines and
	the stuff doesn't contains a line, mark the top of the row after
	printing stuff before the row.  If the current row is not all
	lines and the stuff doesn't contain a line, don't unnecessarily
	mark the top of the row before printing the stuff.
Mon Oct  1 11:42:00 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/groff.h: Remove MAX_PATH.
	* troff/input.c (open_file): Dynamically allocate space for the
	(open_mac_file, process_macro_file): Corresponding changes.

Sun Sep 23 18:56:26 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/node.h (class output_file): Make copy_file pure.  Add
	vspace method ifdef COLUMN. Add is_printing method.
	* troff/node.c: Add class printing_reg. Add class
	real_output_file. Derive other output_file classes from
	real_output_file; in these classes rename begin_page to
	really_begin_page, print_line to really_print_line, copy_file to
	really_copy_file, transparent_char to really_transparent_char.
	Move output_file::flush to real_output_file. Add printing member
	to class output_file.
	* troff/div.h: Remove printing member from top_level_diversion.
	Add vspace member function to class diversion ifdef COLUMN. Add
	some declarations ifdef COLUMN.
	* troff/div.c (top_level_diversion::copy_file,
	top_level_diversion::output): Don't test printing member before
	* troff/input.c: Handle initial variable_space_request ifdef
	* troff/Makefile: Add column.c but comment it out. Add -DCOLUMN
	but comment it out.

Sat Sep 22 11:32:22 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/div.c (diversion::need): Make any space forced.  If we
	sprung a trap, set truncated_space to minus the distance to the
	trap and set needed_space to the amount that was needed.
	(top_level_diversion::space): A forced space turns no_space_mode
	(class constant_vunits_reg): New class.
	(init_div_requests): Implement number registers .trunc and .ne
	using constant_vunits_reg.
	(class truncated_space_reg): Deleted.	

	* troff/div.h: Don't have a no_space_mode member in diversion.
	Instead have it in top_level_diversion.
	* troff/div.c (diversion::diversion): Don't initialize
	(top_level_diversion::top_level_diversion): Initialize
	(no_space, restore_spacing): Do nothing if curdiv != topdiv.
	(macro_diversion::output): Don't clear no_space_mode.

	* troff/input.c (diverted_space_node::reread): Don't call
	environment::do_break.  In fill mode, act like a blank line.
	(diverted_copy_file_node::reread): Don't call

	* troff/div.c (blank_line): New function.
	* troff/div.h: Declare it.
	* troff/input.c (process_input_stack): Call it.

	* troff/div.c (truncated_space_reg::get_string): New function.
	(init_div_requests): Bind to .trunc.
	(space_request, top_level_diversion::space,
	top_level_diversion::output, macro_diversion::space,
	macro_diversion::output): Update truncated_space.
	(macro_diversion::output): Redo calculations when trap sprung.
	(macro_diversion::output, macro_diversion::space): No need for

	* troff/div.c (top_level_diversion::output): Set nl_reg_contents
	after truncating post line spacing.

Fri Sep 21 11:27:25 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/devps/prologue (MF, SF): Make them work even if setfont is
	defined as a procedure rather than as an operator.

Thu Sep 20 12:55:05 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/div.c (macro_diversion::space): Ignore no_space_mode.

Wed Sep 19 10:54:37 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/div.c (top_level_diversion::output): Merge
	output_file::print_line and output_file::end_of_line member
	* troff/div.h (class output_file):
	* troff/node.c (troff_output_file::print_line,
	troff_output_file::end_of_line, output_file::end_of_line,
	ascii_output_file::print_line, suppress_output_file::print_line):
	Corresponding changes.	

Tue Sep 18 11:31:47 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (token::next): Don't give a warning for `\.'.

	* troff/env.c (environment::get_center_lines): New function.
	(init_env_requests): Bind number register .ce to it.
	* troff/env.h: Declare it.
	* tbl/table.c (table::init_output): Define reset macro to restore
	.ce.  If center option not given, store .ce in SAVED_CENTER_REG.
	Then do .ce 0.
	(table::print): If center option not given, then imply center
	option if SAVED_CENTER_REG > 0.

Mon Sep 17 09:19:19 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/devps/Makefile: Remove T from FONTS. Remove TSymbol.ps and
	Troff.ps from DOWNLOAD.
	* troff/Makefile: Change comment in DEFINES to avoid confusing
	System V make.

	* ps/ps.c (ps_printer::do_exec): Allow newlines within PostScript
	code.  Don't try to catch errors with stopped.
	(check_line_lengths): New function.
	* ps/devps/prologue (EXEC): Deleted.
	(EBEGIN, EEND): New procedures.

Sun Sep 16 14:51:15 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c: Include request.h before node.h.
	* troff/node.c: Likewise.
	* troff/env.c: Likewise.
	* troff/div.c: Likewise.
	* troff/node.h (class special_node): Store argument as a macro
	rather than a char *.
	* troff/node.c (special_node::special_node, special_node::copy):
	Grok this.
	(special_node::~special_node): Deleted.
	(special_node::tprint): Deleted.
	(special_node::tprint_start, special_node::tprint_end,
	special_node::tprint_char): New functions.
	(troff_output_file::special): Deleted.
	(troff_output_file::start_special, troff_output_file::end_special,
	troff_output_file::special_char): New functions.
	* troff/input.c (special_node::tprint): New function.
	(do_special): Use macro not char *.
	(do_transparent_macro): Deleted.
	(token::next): Don't call do_transparent_macro.

	* troff/input.c (token::next): Add 'Y' case.
	(do_transparent_macro): New function.
	* troff/node.c (troff_output_file::special): Handle newlines with
	argument using new continuation convention.
	* driver/input.c (get_string): Cope with continuation convention.
	(do_file): Don't call skip_line after calling get_string(1).
	* ps/ps.c (ps_printer::special, ps_printer::do_import,
	ps_printer::do_def, ps_printer::do_exec): Cope with newlines in
	* xditview/libXdvi/parse.c (ParseInput): Ignore lines starting
	with +.

Sat Sep 15 19:00:10 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (asciify): By default, illegal input characters
	should return empty string.

	* troff/input.c (copy_file): Handle first page transition like title.
	(token::next, process_input_stack): Grok COPY_FILE_REQUEST.

	* troff/input.c (token::next): Improve error message for EOF after
	escape character.
	(input_char_description): New function.
	(get_char_for_escape_name): Use input_char_description.
	(token::next): Warn about unrecognized escape sequences.
	(warning_table): Add WARN_ESCAPE.
	* troff/groff.h: Declare WARN_ESCAPE. Change WARN_TOTAL

	* troff/token.h: Remove declaration of process_input_stack.

	* troff/input.c: Remove declaration of init_hyphen_requests.
	* troff/request.h: Correct spelling in declaration of same.

	* troff/input.c (token::next): Check whether escape_char is 0.

Fri Sep 14 12:09:25 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* groff.c (main, usage, help): Implement -P and -L options.
	* groff.sh: Likewise.

	* troff/input.c (token::next): Use some gotos to avoid code

	* troff/input.c (get_long_name, get_name, read_long_ecsape_name):
	Avoid calling symbol::symbol if name empty.

Thu Sep 13 06:21:45 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (init_input_requests): Make \n(.x return the major
	version number and \n(.y return the minor version number.
	* troff/Makefile: Construct file majorminor.c defining
	major_version and minor_version automatically from ../VERSION.

	* troff/node.c (class glyph_node): Make operator new and operator
	delete public.
	(class ligature_node): Similarily.

	* troff/input.c (operator==(const macro &, const macro &)): New
	(non_interpreted_node::same): Use this.
	(string_iterator::string_iterator): Make macro& argument const.

	* troff/input.c (input_iterator::get): New function. Don't make
	asciify_macro or class non_interpreted_node friends of class
	(non_interpreted_node::interpret): Use input_iterator::get.
	(asciify_macro): Likewise.

	* troff/input.c (~token_node, ~string_iterator, ~arg_list,
	~non_interpreted_node): Deleted.
	* troff/node.c: (~suppress_output_file, ~ascii_output_file):

	* troff/symbol.h: Make all symbol member functions const.

	* lib/strtol.c: New file.
	* lib/Makefile: Add strtol.c.
	* Makefile: Define STRTOL as strtol.o to include strtol in

Wed Sep 12 10:00:49 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/troff.c (troff_output::simple_circle): Divide by scale.

Tue Sep 11 14:17:16 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (do_special): Use input_level.

	* troff/token.h (TOKEN_BACKSPACE): New token.
	(token::backspace): New function.
	* troff/input.c (token::description, token::next, token::process):
	(do_special): Turn TOKEN_BACKSPACE back into \b.

	* troff/token.h (token::leader): New function.
	* troff/input.c (do_special): Turn TOKEN_LEADER back into \001.

	* troff/input.c (do_special): Turn TOKEN_TAB back into \t.

	* troff/input.c (do_special): Use token::description in error

Mon Sep 10 11:06:27 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (decode_args): Combine quoted and
	quote_input_level variables. Make it a for (;;) loop.

	* troff/input.c (get_char_for_escape_name): Check for \001 and \b.

	* troff/input.c (read_long_escape_name): The test for whether to
	expand buffer was off by 1.
	(read_string): Similarily.

Fri Sep  7 11:45:50 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c: Use `const int' rather than `static const int'.

	* troff/div.h (diversion::copy_file): Declare as pure virtual.
	(macro_diversion::copy_file): New function.
	* troff/node.h: New class diverted_copy_file_node.
	* troff/node.c: Implement it.
	* troff/input.c (copy_file): Use diversion::copy_file. Handle
	first page transition by pushing a diverted_copy_file_node.
	* troff/input.c (token::next, process_input_stack): Don't handle

Thu Sep  6 13:29:10 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/ps.c (flush_sbuf): Remember to add sbuf_kern when checking
	whether space widths need adjusting.

	* troff/charinfo.h: Generalize translated_to_space to
	special_translation so as to allow translation to \&.
	* troff/input.c (translate): Allow translation to \&.
	(charinfo::*): Corresponding changes.
	* troff/node.c (make_node, node::add_char): Corresponding changes.
	* troff/node.h (dummy_node::dummy_node): Allow optional first

	* lib/lib.h: Make codes 0200 to 0237 illegal input characters.
	* troff/token.h: Remove TOKEN_TITLE. Remove token::title. Add
	* troff/input.c (token::next): Turn a TITLE_REQUEST into a
	TOKEN_REQUEST with an argument of TITLE_REQUEST.
	(token::process): Grok that.
	* troff/input.c (copy_file): Handle first page transition like
	title by pushing a COPY_FILE_REQUEST cookie.
	(token::next, process_input_stack): Grok that.
	* troff/node.h (output_file::copy_file): Add x and y arguments.
	Make it non-pure.
	* troff/div.c (top_level_diversion::copy_file): Supply them.
	* troff/node.c (troff_output_file::copy_file): Add x and y
	arguments; moveto specified position.  Invalidate font_position
	array after copying file.
	(output_file::copy_file): New function.
	(suppressed_output_file::copy_file, ascii_output::copy_file):
	* troff/input.c (transparent_file): New function.
	(init_input_requests): Bind to "trf".
	(token::next): Handle TRANSPARENT_FILE_REQUEST cookie.
	(process_input_stack): Likewise.

	* troff/Makefile: Add ../lib/lib.h to GROFF_H.

	* troff/node.c (init_node_requests): New number registers .kern
	pointing to global_kern_mode, and .lg pointing to

	* troff/node.c (ligature): Don't change it if we get a bad

	* troff/input.c (do_define_string): Don't strip tabs.

	* troff/input.c (asciify_macro): Make the string_iterator auto.

	* troff/node.c (init_font_requests): Rename to...
	* troff/node.h: Change declaration.
	* troff/input.c (main): Change call.

	* troff/input.c (node::reread, diverted_space_node::reread): New
	(process_input_stack): Call reread rather than
	* troff/node.c (node::get_diverted_space_node,
	diverted_space_node::get_diverted_space_node): Removed.
	* troff/node.h: Declare reread methods instead of
	get_diverted_space_node methods. Make `n' member private.
	* troff/input.c: (token::diverted_space): Removed.
	* troff/token.h: Removed declaration.

Tue Sep  4 00:48:04 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/script.c (script_box::compute_metrics): Don't let
	SUP_RAISE_FORMAT become negative.

	* tbl/table.c (table::do_row): Entries that don't end in the
	this row shouldn't make the row non-blank.
	* tbl/table.c (table::make_columns_equal): Only set the width of
	columns which are marked as equal.
	* tbl/main.c (process_data): Before issuing excess data error,
	if last character was a newline unget it; then get it again after
	the error.  Also include the contents of the entry in the message.

	* groff.c: New file.
	* Makefile: Build groff from groff.c.  Make it possible to use
	either groff.sh or groff.c as groff.
	* Makefile.bd: Similarily.

Mon Sep  3 09:39:49 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* groff.sh: Don't delay expansion of $@ in assignment to files.
	Remove occurrences of \".

Sun Sep  2 09:56:59 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* all Makefiles: Simplify and rearrange.

	* Makefile: Handle fmod like malloc.
	* lib/Makefile: Similarily.
	* lib/fmod.c: Remove #ifdef NEED_FMOD.

	* Makefile: Rename OPTIMISE to OPTIMIZE.

	* groff.sh: Remove assignment to PATH.
	* Makefile: Remove SHPATH variable.
	* Makefile.bd: Similarily.

	* groff.sh: Add -V option to print the pipeline instead of
	executing it.

Fri Aug 31 00:56:46 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* lib/font.c: Split off file searching into ...
	* lib/fontfile.c: New file.

	* lib/strerror.c (strerror): Use `Error %d' for unknown errors.

Thu Aug 30 13:13:55 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/table.c (table::do_hspan): Delete assertion that e != 0.
	Also change misleading comment.
	(table::do_vspan): Change similarily misleading comment.
	* tbl/main.c (process_data): A format row with an explicit `s'
	uses up a data line, even if all the other columns are `_' or `='.

	* troff/input.c (token::description): Fix description of

Wed Aug 29 04:12:08 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* groff.sh: Fix description of -Z in help message.

Tue Aug 28 07:28:33 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/object.c (object_spec::make_object): Allow negative and zero
	line thicknesses.
	* pic/pic.y: Give linethick default value of -1.0.
	* pic/troff.c (troff_output::troff_output): Initialize
	last_line_thickness to BAD_THICKNESS.
	(troff_output::finish_picture): Set thickness to BAD_THICKNESS.
	(troff_output::line_thickness): Canonicalize negative thicknesses
	* pic/tex.c (tex_output::set_pen_size): Silently map negative line
	thicknesses to DEFAULT_PEN_SIZE. Canonicalize negative pen sizes
	to -1.0.
	(tex_output::start_picture): Set pen_size to -2.0.

	* ps/ps.c (ps_printer::set_line_thickness): If line_thickness is
	0, then use 0 linewidth.
	(ps_printer::ps_printer): Initialize line_thickness to -1.

	* pic/troff.c (troff_output::simple_ellipse): Divide by scale.

	* ps/devps/symbolchars: Remove `or'.
	* ps/tmac.ps: Implement \(or with .char.

	* ps/devps/symbolchars: Move most characters into textmap.
	* ps/devps/textmap: Add names for troff bracket characters. Remove
	ul, ru, br, bv.

	* ps/devps/TSymbol.ps: Removed.
	* ps/devps/FontMakefile: Make S from Symbol not TSymbol.
	* ps/tmac.ps: Do with .char what TSymbol did.
	* ps/devps/download: Remove TSymbol.

	* ps/devps/T: Removed.
	* ps/devps/Troff.ps: Removed.
	* ps/devps/Troff.afm: Removed.
	* ps/tmac.ps: Implement \(ru, \(ul, and \(br with .char.
	* ps/devps/download: Remove Troff.
	* ps/devps/FontMakefile: Remove T target.
	* ps/devps/DESC-A4: Remove T from font list.
	* ps/devps/DESC-letter: Likewise.

	* troff/input.c (macro_to_node): Rename to ...
	(charinfo_to_node): Don't pass mac argument.  Temporarily remove the
	character's definition while processing it.
	* troff/node.c (node::add_char, make_node): Change calls to
	macro_to_node accordingly.

	* troff/input.c (token::next): Translate \_ to \(ul.

	* tty/devascii/R.proto: Add `|'.
	* tty/devlatin1/R.proto: Likewise.

Mon Aug 27 11:25:41 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* man: Put the version number in all the man pages.

Sun Aug 26 11:40:05 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Makefile.bd: New file.
	* README.bd: New file.

	* VERSION: New file.
	* lib/version.c: Removed.
	* lib/Makefile: Create version.c from ../VERSION. Remove version.c
	in clean target.

	* troff/input.c (main): Get hyphen_file from GROFF_HYPHEN
	environment variable.

	* all Makefiles: Split install target into install.bin for
	binaries, and install.nobin for everything else.
	* Makefile: Add bindist target.

	* man/afmtodit.man: New file.
	* man/Makefile: Add afmtodit.n to MAN1PAGES.
	* ps/devps/Makefile: Add textmap to DEVICEFILES. Install afmtodit
	* ps/Makefile: Pass BINDIR to make install in devps.

	* ps/ps.c (ps_printer::set_char): Do nothing if the character is
	the space character.

	* ps/devps/FontMakefile: Rename symbol.afm to tsymbol.afm.

Sat Aug 25 15:39:03 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/ps.c: Redo font downloading.
	* ps/devps/download: New file.
	* ps/devps/Makefile: Add download to DEVICEFILES.
	* ps/devps/afmtodit: Remove -d option.
	* ps/devps/FontMakefile: Don't use -d option with afmtodit.
	* ps/devps/symbosl.ps: Add %%DocumentFonts comment.
	* ps/devps/zapfdr.ps: Likewise.
	* ps/devps/TSymbol.ps: Likewise.

Fri Aug 24 20:10:30 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* groff.sh: Initialize dev to ${GROFF_TYPESETTER:-@DEVICE@}.

Thu Aug 23 10:03:47 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* ps/ps.c (ps_output::include_file): If BROKEN_SPOOLER is defined,
	then strip the first line if it starts with %.
	* Makefile: Add a comment about this.

	* man/tfmtodit.man: New file.
	* man/Makefile: Add tfmtodit.n to MAN1PAGES.
	* dvi/Makefile: Install tfmtodit in BINDIR.

	* dvi/tfmtodit.c (usage): Mention -v option.

Wed Aug 22 09:56:36 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* troff/node.c (troff_output_file::end_of_line): Call do_motion.
	* troff/node.c (troff_output_file::transparent_char): Don't call

	* eqn: Add check_tabs method to most box classes.
	* eqn/box.c (box::top_level): Call check_tabs.

	* eqn/script.c (script_box::output): Use \Z.
	* eqn/limit.c (limit_box::output): Use \Z.

	* eqn/box.c (box::top_level): Use itoa.

Tue Aug 21 09:29:28 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* dvi/tmac.dvi: Add font translations for CR, C, TT.
	* dvi/devdvi/Makefile: Don't make links to CW.

	* ps/tmac.ps: Add font translations for C, CW, CO, CX, CD, H, HO,
	HX, HD.
	* xditview/tmac.X: Likewise.

	* troff/node.c: Add font translation feature.
	(get_font_translation): New function.
	(symbol_fontno): Translate the font name.
	(mount_font_no_translate): Rename to mount_font to this.
	(mount_font): New function.
	(font_family::make_definite): Call mount_font_no_translate instead
	of mount_font.
	(mount_style): Translate the font name.
	(font_translate): New function.
	(init_font_requests): Bind "ftr" to font_translate.

	* ps/devps/prologue (SN): New procedure that rounds a position to
	the nearest (pixel + (.25,.25)).
	(DL): Use SN to round endpoints.

	* lib/version.c: Changed version to 0.5.

Sat Aug 18 04:43:21 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* Makefile: Move definition of PAGE to the very beginning, so that
	people are less likely to miss it.

Fri Aug 17 02:15:11 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* man/Makefile: Don't need to sed out @UPCASE_PROG_PREFIX@.

	* troff/env.c (environment::choose_breakpoint): Make `can't find
	breakpoint' error a warning of type WARN_BREAK.  Change message to
	`can't break line'.
	* troff/groff.h: Declare WARN_BREAK with code 4; change WARN_INPUT to
	code 040000.
	* troff/input.c: Add WARN_BREAK to warning_table.  Include

	* tty/tmac.tty: Add definition of \(+-.

	* groff.sh: Remove `--' option to set command.

	* dvi/devdvi/texsy.map: Remove duplicate md entry.

	* ps/devps/eqnchar: Better definition of cdot using md.
	* dvi/devdvi/eqnchar:  Likewise.
	* xditview/devX100/eqnchar:  Likewise.
	* xditview/devX75/eqnchar: Likewise.
	* eqn/lex.c: Add definition of cdot.

Thu Aug 16 09:33:57 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* troff/input.c (get_optional_char): New function.
	* troff/input.c (set_page_character): Use get_optional_char(),
	rather than has_arg() and tok.get_char(1).
	* troff/env.c (tab_character, leader_character, hyphen_char,
	field_characters): Likewise.
	(margin_character): Likewise.  Also always delete the

	* troff/input.c (token::get_char): Use token::description.

	* troff/input.c (has_arg): Don't skip over tab and \}.
	* troff/number.c (start_number): Give a warning if the number
	starts with \} (WARN_RIGHT_BRACE) or tab (WARN_TAB).

Wed Aug 15 10:04:37 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* troff/input.c (empty_name_warning, non_empty_name_warning): New
	(get_name, get_long_name): Use these.  Rename `warn' argument to

	* troff/node.c (get_fontno): Test that the symbol is not null.

	* troff/input.c (token::description): New function.
	* troff/number.c (parse_term): Use token::description in `numeric
	expression expected' message.
	* troff/groff.h: Add WARN_MISSING.
	* troff/number.c (start_number): New function.
	* troff/number.c (get_vunits, get_hunits, get_number, get_integer,
	get_incr_number): Use start_number().
	* troff/input.c (DEFAULT_WARNING_MASK): Enable WARN_NUMBER by
	* troff/input.c (get_name, get_long_name): Use WARN_MISSING.
	* troff/reg.c (alter_format): Use WARN_MISSING. Also use
	* troff/input.c (token::get_char): Use WARN_MISSING.
	* troff/input.c (token::delimiter): Use token::description.
	* troff/env.c (environment_switch): Back out Aug 3 change.
	* troff/input.c (has_arg): Skip over \}s and tabs but give a
	* troff/token.h (token::tab): New function.
	* troff/node.c (get_fontno): Use tok.skip() rather than has_arg().
	* troff/reg.c (alter_format): Likewise.
	* troff/node.c (bold_font): Use has_arg() rather than tok.skip().

Tue Aug 14 10:11:21 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* troff (most files): Redo warnings. Divide warnings into various
	categories; warning() has an additional first argument indicating
	the category it falls into.
	* troff/input.c (main): -w now takes an argument. New option -W.
	(enable_warning, disable_warning): New functions.

	* ps/devps/afmtodit: Add -a option to lie about the italic angle.
	* ps/devps/FontMakefile: Pretend TI has an angle of 7.

Mon Aug 13 10:11:16 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* ps/devps/eqnchar: Better definitions of dotdot, vec, dyad, inf.
	* xditview/devX100/eqnchar: Likewise. Remove definition of dot.
	* xditview/devX75/eqnchar: Likewise.
	* dvi/devdvi/eqnchar: Better definitions of vec, dyad, dotdot.

	* eqn/other.c: When bar or over applies to a single character
	don't produce an overline_box or an underline_box. Instead produce
	an accent_box or an underaccent_box, with the accent a line
	whose width is accent_width.  New classes underaccent_box,
	overline_char_box and underline_char_box.
	* eqn/box.h: Move overline_box, underline_box, accent_box class
	declarations into eqn/other.c. Add declarations of
	make_underline_box, make_overline_box, make_accent_box.
	* eqn/eqn.y: Call make_overline_box, make_underline_box
	make_accent_box instead	of constructors.
	* eqn/pbox.h, eqn/box.c: Add accent_width parameter.

	* eqn/other.c: Add accent_box::~accent_box.
	* eqn/box.h: Declare it.

	* groff.sh: With -Tps, use eqn -D.

	* eqn/other.c (overline_box::output): Use \Z. If draw_flag use \D
	rather than \l.
	(underline_box::output): Similarily.
	(accent_box::output): Use \Z.

	* xditview/tmac.X: Add definitions of ~ and ^ (so that they are a
	bit smaller.)

Sun Aug 12 09:41:15 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* troff/div.c (top_level_diversion::transparent_output(unsigned
	char)): Use asciify.
	* troff/input.c (asciify): Don't make it static.
	* troff/token.h (asciify): Declare it.
	* troff/input.c (get_name, get_long_name, token::get_char,
	token::delimiter): Add an extra default argument which says
	whether a warning should be printed.
	* troff: Pass a non-zero argument to one of these rather than
	printing a warning directly.

Sat Aug 11 09:02:21 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* troff: Consistently use symbol::is_null.

	* troff/dictionary.h: Move some inline functions into

	* troff/request.h: Move inline functions into input.c.
	(request_or_macro::invoke): Make it pure.

	* troff/input.c, troff/reg.h: New class `constant_int_reg'.
	* troff/input.c (init_input_requests): Use class constant_int_reg.
	(class compatible_reg): Deleted.
	* troff/div.c (init_div_requests): Use class constant_int_reg.
	(class last_post_line_extra_space_reg): Deleted.

	* troff/env.c (tab_character): Don't change the tab character if
	we get an invalid argument.
	(hyphen_char): Similarily.

	* troff/reg.c (alter_format): Check that nm is not null.

	* Makefile, groff.sh: Make it possible to customize the commands
	used for printing PostScript and dvi files. Also make it possible
	to customize the path used by groff.sh.

	* eqn/eqn.y: Make `left' right associative.

Fri Aug 10 18:20:39 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* pic/pic.h: Added definition of M_SQRT2 for those systems that
	don't have it.

	* pic/pic.h: Removed definition of INT_MAX.

	* troff/node.c (italic_corrected_node::vertical_extent): Omit

	* troff/input.c (token::next):  Handle \R like \n.

Tue Aug  7 09:46:33 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* ps/tmac.pc (PSPIC): Simplify.

	* troff/env.c (tab_stops::to_string):
	* pic/pic.y (object_type_name):
	* pic/troff.c (simple_output::line):
	* pic/tex.c (tex_output::spline):
	* pic/object.c (object_spec::make_object):
	* tbl/main.c (process_data):  Add cases to switch statements to
	avoid cfront warnings. (Some of these are spurious, since the
	switch already has a default case.)

	* ps/tmac.ps (PSPIC): Reformatted.  Prefix all local names with
	`ps-'.  Don't test systat; instead check number of arguments to

Mon Aug  6 00:13:07 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* macros/tmac.e: Do not decrease the page offset by 0.5i.

	* ps/ps.c (ps_printer::ps_printer): Use mktemp instead of tempnam.
	Unlink the file as soon as we have opened it, so that we don't
	have to bother with signal handlers.
	(handler): Deleted.
	(fatal_error_exit): Deleted.
	(main): Don't call signal.

	* dvi/tfmtodit.c: Add -k option so that kerns with the skewchar
	can be ignored.
	* dvi/devdvi/Makefile: Use the -k option with S and MI.

	* pic/pic.y:  If there is a label, or an nth construction before
	the first `.' in the argument to `with', ignore it and generate a
	* pic/lex.c (lex_warning): New function.

	* tbl/table.c (table::init_output): In section keep and release
	macro, use 0 indent when diverting and the correct indent when

	* troff/input.c (interpolate_number_format): Do not interpolate
	anything if the number register is not defined.

	* tbl/main.c (process_data): Don't add entry when col >= ncolumns.

Sat Aug  4 08:12:05 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* ps/devps/prologue (PICTURE): Set components of graphics state to
	their default values.

	* ps/devps/text.enc: Add trademark
	* ps/devps/textmap: Add names for club, spade, heart, diamond,
	carriagereturn, suchthat. Use Upsilon1 rather than Upsilon.
	* ps/devps/symbolchars: Add names for summation and product.

	* dvi/devdvi/texsy.map: Add names for club, spade, heart, diamond,
	suchthat. Add pp. Add upper-case letters.

	* xditview/libXdvi/DviChar.c: Add names for club, spade, heart,
	diamond, carriagereturn, suchthat. Use Upsilon1 rather than

	* dvi/devdvi/texsy.map: Rename lA (left angle bracket) to la, and
	rA (right angle bracket) to ra.  Introduce names for double-headed
	arrows and double-barred arrows: <>, va, lA, rA, hA, uA, dA, vA.
	* ps/devps/textmap: Likewise for ps device.
	* xditview/libXdvi/DviChar.c: Likewise for X100 and X75 devices.
	* tty/devascii/R.proto: Rename lA to la and rA to ra.
	* tty/devascii/R.proto: Likewise.
	* tty/tmac.tty: Provide definitions for \(<>, \(lA, \(rA, \(hA,
	\(uA, \(dA.
	* eqn/delim.c: In delim_table, rename \(lA to \(la and \(rA to \(ra.

	* xditview/tmac.X: Add definitions for \(fi \(fl \(ff \(Fi \(Fl.

	* eqn/lex.c: Added definitions of `approx', `grad' and `del' to

Fri Aug  3 09:59:27 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* troff/div.c (when_request): Use symbol::is_null rather than
	has_arg to determine whether we have an argument.
	(change_trap): Remove the trap if we get an invalid number. Give
	an error if we don't get at least the macro name.
	(diversion_trap): Remove trap if we get an invalid name or number.

	* troff/env.c (environment_switch): Pop if we get an invalid
	symbol or numeric expression.

	* troff/input.c (do_define_macro):  If EOF is encoutered while
	defining the macro, do tok.next() before returning.

	* troff/token.h (has_arg): Move definition from here, to ...
	* troff/input.c (has_arg): ... here

	* troff/env.c (space_size): Do nothing if we get an invalid argument.
	* troff/input.c (shift): Likewise.

	* pic/lex.c (get_token_after_dot):  Accept `.center' as a synonym
	for `.c'.

	* pic/troff.c (troff_output::start_picture):  Comment out calls to

	* eqn/main.c (do_file): Subtract 1 from current_lineno if
	interpret_lf_args succeeds.

	* eqn/main.c (do_file): Don't recognize delimiter if preceded by
	\\.  This avoids problems with \$N.

	* groff.sh: Pass -C to preprocessors.

	* lib/lf.c (interpret_lf_args):  Be more flexible.

	* tbl/main.c (main): Add -C option.
	(table_input::get): Do not recognize TE if followed by character
	other than a space or newline unless -C option given.
	(process_input_file): Likewise for lf, TS.
	(process_data): Likewise for lf in text blocks.

	* eqn/main.c (main): Add -C option.
	(do_file): Don't recognize EQ, EN or lf if followed by character
	other than space or newline unless -C option given.
	* eqn/lex.c (file_input::read_line): Similarily.
	* eqn/eqn.h: Declare compatible_flag.

	* etc/soelim.c (main): Add -C option.
	(interpret_lf_args): Use version in libgroff.

	* pic/main.c (main): Add -C option, which sets compatible_flag.
	(top_input::get), (top_input::peek):  If -C option not given,
	do not recognize .PS/.PE/.PF/.lf if followed by a character
	other than space or newline.
	* pic/lex.c (file_input::read_line): Similarily.
	* pic/pic.h: Add declaration of compatible_flag.

Thu Aug  2 11:11:27 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* ps/tmac.ps (PSPIC): Avoid use of `echo -n'.

	* troff/node.c, troff/node.h:  Add `asciify' methods to classes
	derived from node.  New class space_char_hmotion_node.
	* troff/input.c (asciify_macro): New function.
	* troff/input.c (init_input_requests): New request `asciify' bound
	to asciify_macro.
	* macros/mm.diff: New file.
	* Makefile:  In install.mm target use `patch' to apply

	* troff/input.c (macro::print_size): Just print the size in bytes.

	* troff/div.c (return_request): Correct the argument

Wed Aug  1 12:38:36 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* troff/node.h (class composite_node): Add sz member.
	* troff/node.c (composite_node::size): Return sz.
	* troff/input.c (macro_to_node):  Use the initial size in the
	environment as the size of the composite_node.

	* troff/node.c (node::zero_width_tprint):  Provide a reasonable

Tue Jul 31 10:07:10 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* troff/div.c (change_trap): If we get a bad number expression,
	do nothing.

Mon Jul 30 10:30:49 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* lib/matherr.c (matherr): Define this only if math.h defines

Sun Jul 29 10:34:27 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* troff/div.c (macro_diversion::distance_to_next_trap): If there
	no diversion trap return vunits(INT_MAX - vresolution).

Sat Jul 28 14:28:14 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* troff/input.c (do_zero_width): New implementation that doesn't
	use a temporary environment. Use instead:
	(token::add_to_node_list): New function.
	* troff/env.c (environment::get_prev_char_height),
	(environment::get_prev_char_skew): New functions.
	(environment::get_prev_char): New function.
	(environment::get_prev_char_width): Change to use get_prev_char.
	(init_env_request): Implement new registers .cht, .cdp, .csk.
	* eqn/sqrt.c (sqrt_box::output): Don't rely upon the argument to
	\Z being processed in a separate environment.

Fri Jul 27 10:21:25 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* tbl/table.c: Removed TABLE_BOTTOM_REG.

	* tbl/table.c (table::init_output): In the section release macro,
	give a warning message if the section won't fit on one page.

	* tbl/table.c (table::do_top): Emit table keep only if table is
	(table::do_bottom): Likewise for table release.
	(table::table), (table::add_vertical_rule):  Remove reference to
	keep member.
	* tbl/table.h: Remove keep member.

	* tbl/table.c: New register SUPPRESS_BOTTOM_REG. In
	SECTION_RELEASE_MACRO, if there's not enough space before the next
	trap to output the diversion, call T# ourselves, set
	SUPPRESS_BOTTOM_REG to 1, spring the trap, then set
	SUPPRESS_BOTTOM_REG back to 0.  In T#, do nothing if
	SUPPRESS_BOTTOM_REG is non-zero.  In T#, always mark the current
	vertical position and return to it before turning traps on again.
Thu Jul 26 02:54:32 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* troff/node.c, troff/node.h: In classes derived from node,
	replace prev_char_width method by last_char_node method.
	* troff/env.c (environment::get_prev_char_width): Use
	node::last_char_node rather than node::get_prev_char_width.

	* Makefile: Added comment about -fno-inline on 68030-based

	* troff/reg.c (number_format_to_ascii), eqn/delim.c (DELIM_TABLE_SIZE),
	tty/tty.c (tty_font::load_tty_font), dvi/tfmtodit.c (main): Cast
	expressions using sizeof to int.
	* dvi/dvi.c (dvi_font::handle_x_command): Avoid long->int warnings.

	* macros/tmac.e (TS):  Don't move @f back past the current

Wed Jul 25 09:11:08 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* ps/ps.c (main): Buffer stderr.
	* dvi/dvi.c (main): Likewise.
	* tty/tty.c (main): Likewise.

	* ps/ps.c (ps_printer::do_import): Improve error handling.

	* troff/input.c (abort_request): Use asciify.

	* driver/printer.h (printer::draw), driver/printer.c (printer::draw),
	ps/ps.c (ps_printer::draw), dvi/dvi.c (dvi_printer::draw): Make
	type of first argument int rather than char.  This works around a
	bug on the 68030 based Apollo using g++ 1.37.1.

	* tbl/table.h (class table): Add `keep' member.
	* tbl/table.c (table::table): Initialize `keep'.
	(table::add_vertical_rule): Set `keep' to 1.
	(table::do_top): Only emit table keep macro is `keep' is non-zero.
	(table::do_bottom): Likewise for table release macro.
	(table::do_row): Emit section keep macro even if the row is 0.

Tue Jul 24 08:35:07 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* macros/tmac.e (@C): Preserve the font family across the change
	in environments.

Mon Jul 23 10:15:23 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* lib/font.c: Initialize font::hor and font::vert to 1.
	(font::load_desc): Check the values of font::hor and font::vert.

	* lib/lib.h: Added definition of INT_DIGITS. Fix it so that it can
	be included in a C compilation.
	(iftoa): Use INT_DIGITS. Include lib.h.
	(itoa): Likewise.
	(as_string): Likewise.
	* tbl/table.c: Removed definition of INT_DIGITS.
	* eqn/box.c (box::top_level): Use INT_DIGITS + 1 instead of 12.
	* troff/input.c (input_input_requests): Likewise.
	* ps/ps.c (make_encoding_name): Likewise.
	(ps_printer::set_style): Likewise.
	(ps_output::put_number): Use 1 + INT_DIGITS + 1 instead	of 12.

	* tty/devascii/R.proto: Map fm onto '.
	* tty/devlatin1/R.proto: Likewise.

Sat Jul 21 12:45:07 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* tbl/table.c: Use ' instead of DELIMITER_CHAR in places where the
	argument to \w is at a different input level.

	* tbl/table.c (table::init_output): Define a new macro
	REPEATED_VPT_MACRO, like vpt but if in a diversion also
	transparently outputs itself.
	(table::define_bottom_macro): Use REPEATED_VPT_MACRO instead of
	(table::do_row): Likewise.

	* tbl/table.c (vertical_rule::print): Prefix the .sp -1 line with

	* tbl/table.c (table::init_output): In the table release macro
	print an error message and don't produce any output if after
	issuing the need request the table still will not fit.  Also
	remove the diversion after bringing it back.

	* tbl/table.c (table::init_output): Define a new macro
	REPEATED_MARK_MACRO, like mk but if in a diversion also
	transparently outputs itself.
	(table::do_row): Mark row_top_reg using	REPEATED_MARK_MACRO. This
	is necessary because .TH might not call .T#.
	(table::do_top): Likewise TOP_REG.
	(table::define_bottom_macro): If TOP_REG is no longer valid, use
	#T - DOUBLE_LINE_SEP rather than #T. This is necessary because the
	table header might contain just the two top rules.

Fri Jul 20 10:51:42 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* troff/div.c: Implement new request `ptr' to print all traps.

	* troff/env.c (init_env_requests): Implement `.tabs' reg with
	* troff/env.c (class tab_reg): Deleted.

Thu Jul 19 12:07:16 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* troff/div.c: New number register .pn returns the number of the
	next page as set by the pn request.

	* macros/tmac.an: Redid headers and footers.  Number each manual
	entry starting from 1 unless \nC is > 0, like Sun.  Added an
	optional 5th argument to .TH which specifies the manual name and
	appears in the center of the header.  Understand the X, P and D
	registers like Sun.

Wed Jul 18 10:23:31 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* troff/env.c (init_env_requests): New number register `.lt' to
	return the title length.

	* troff/node.h (class transparent_dummy_node): New class.
	* troff/node.c (class transparent_dummy_node): Provide member
	* troff/env.c (interrupt): Add a transparent_dummy_node, rather
	than a dummy_node.

	* troff/input.c (token::next): New escape sequence \).
	* troff/input.c (get_copy): Recognize \) in copy mode.

	* troff/input.c (input_stack::clear): New function.
	* troff/input.c (exit_request): Use input_stack::clear.

	* troff/token.h: Removed TOKEN_NO_PRINT_CHAR.
	* troff/input.c (token::process): Removed case TOKEN_NO_PRINT_CHAR.

	* troff/env.c: Move set_page_character to input.c.  Move
	page_character to input.c also.
	* troff/env.c (title): Split off the reading of the parts of the
	title into read_title_parts.
	* troff/input.c (read_title_parts): New function.  Check the
	input_level when testing whether a token matches the delimiter.

	* troff/input.c (exit_request): New function.
	* troff/input.c (init_input_requests): Bind ex request to
	exit_request rather than exit_groff.

	* troff/input.c (exit_groff): Call tok.next() before

Mon Jul 16 09:47:23 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* troff/env.c: ifdef widow control support on WIDOW_CONTROL.
	* troff/env.h: ditto.
	* troff/input.c: ditto.

	* troff/env.c (environment::is_empty): Test pending_lines.

	* troff/env.c (environment::have_pending_lines): Removed.

	* troff/input.c: Add request to flush pending lines from the

	* troff/env.c, troff/env.h: Add automatic widow control feature.

	* troff/input.c (exit_groff):  Do process_input_stack() after
	do_break() but before setting exit_flag to 2.

	* troff/input.c: Remove FLUSH_PENDING_LINES and
	TOKEN_FLUSH_PENDING_LINES. Instead, flush pending lines from
	environment after END_TRAP token seen, but only if there aren't
	any more traps still unfinished.
	* troff/token.h: Remove TOKEN_FLUSH_PENDING_LINES.

Sun Jul 15 10:50:08 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* troff/env.c: Rename the `retain_size' member of class
	pending_output_line to `no_fill'.

	* troff/env.c (title): When the line is output, make the
	retain_size argument !fill.

	* troff/node.h: Add `hyphenated' member to struct breakpoint.
	* troff/node.c (space_node::get_breakpoints),
	(dbreak_node::get_breakpoints):  Fill this in.
	* troff/env.c:  Allow specification of maximum number of
	consecutive hyphenated lines.

	* troff/env.c (environment::is_empty): Add test for !current_tab.

Sat Jul 14 11:23:01 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* troff/env.c (environment::hyphenate_line): Don't completely give
	up if the word is not to be hyphenated; continue so that breaks
	can be made at break_char_node's.

	* lib/lib.h: Only define INT_MAX if it's not already defined;
	undef INT_MIN if it's already defined.

	* Makefile: Make it easy to define CFRONT_ANSI_BUG.

	* lib/lib.h: If CFRONT_ANSI_BUG is defined, cast INT_MIN to long.
	This works around a bug in AT&T C++ 2.0 used with an ANSI C
	* macros/tmac.an (an-header): Set no-space mode.

	* macros/tmac.an (TH): Start a new page if necessary.

	* Started using ChangeLog at version 0.4.

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