Thu Mar 18 18:56:43 1993  Jean-loup Gailly  (jloup@chorus.fr)

	* version 1.0.7
	  Allow zmore to read from standard input (like more).
	  Support the 68000 (Atari ST) in match.S.
	  Retry partial writes (required on Linux when gzip is suspended in
	    a pipe).
	  Allow full pathnames and renamings in gzexe.
	  Don't let gzexe compress setuid executables or gzip itself.
	  Added vms/Makefile.gcc for gcc on the Vax.
	  Give a pointer to Solaris and VMS executables of gzip in README.
	  Allow installation of binaries and shell scripts in different dirs.
	  Do not use alloca on the Cray.
	  Provide strspn and strcspn if string.h does not exist.
	  Define O_CREAT and O_EXCL from FCREAT and FEXCL if necessary.
	  Remove gzip.doc in make realclean.
	  Fixed many typos. (Corrections to my English are welcome.)
	  Put "make manext=l install" at the correct place in INSTALL.
	  Fix incorrect examples in INSTALL and give more examples.
	  Include zdiff.1 for install and uninstall.
	  Allows complex PAGER variable in zmore (e.g.: PAGER="col -x | more")
	  Avoid warning on unused indfound in getopt.c.
	  Cast memset arg to void* (required by some buggy compilers).
	  Include sys/types.h before dirent.h in acgeneral.m4.
	  Fix acgeneral.m4 AC_COMPILE_CHECK to avoid warnings.
	  Don't use alloca.c with gcc. (One NeXT user did not have alloca.h).
	  Change all error messages according to GNU standards.
	  Restore time stamp only if off by more than one minute.
	  Allow installation of zcat as gzcat.
	  Suppress help message  and send compressed data to the terminal when
	    gzip is invoked without parameters and without redirection.
	   (Explicit request from Noah Friedman.)
	  Add compile option GNU_STANDARD to respect the GNU coding standards:
	    with -DGNU_STANDARD, behave as gzip even if invoked under the
	    name gunzip. (Complaints to /dev/null or the FSF, not to me!)

Fri Mar 10 13:27:18 1993  Jean-loup Gailly  (jloup@chorus.fr)

	* version 1.0.6
	  Let gzexe detect executables that are already gzexe'd.
	  Don't try restoring record format on VMS (the simple 1.0.5 code
	    worked correctly only on fixed-512 files). Suppress text_mode.
	  Added asm version for 68000 in amiga/match.a.
	  Use asm version for Atari TT.
	  Fix "make clean" in vms/Makefile.vms.
	  For OS/2, assume HPFS by default, add flag OS2FAT if necessary.
	  Fixed some bugs in zdiff and define zcmp as a link to zdiff.
	  Added zdiff.1
	  Remove configure hack for NeXT; add general fix to autoconf instead
	  Do not strip a ".z" extension if this results in an empty name.
	  Avoid array overflow in get_prefix() for extensions > 10 chars.
	  Accept either q or e to quit zmore.
	  In zmore, try restoring tty mode in all cases.
	  Use Motorola style for match.S on the NeXT.
	  configure.in: unsetenv *hangs* with the Siemens csh...
	  Update vms/gzip.hlp.

Thu Mar 4 14:13:34 1993  Jean-loup Gailly  (jloup@chorus.fr)

	* version 1.0.5
	  For VMS, restore the file type for variable record format, otherwise
	    extract in fixed length format (not perfect, but better than
            forcing all files to be in stream_LF format).
	  Use "-z" suffix for VMS.
	  Use only .z, .*-z, .tgz, .taz as valid gzip extensions; update
	   zforce accordingly.
	  Allow a version number in input file names for VMS.
	  Added sample program zread.c.
	  Fix "make check" for some implementations of /bin/sh.
	  Don't rely on stat() for filenames with extension > 3 chars
	    on MSDOS, OS2 and Atari.
	  Garbage collect files in /tmp created by gzexe.
	  Quote $opt in znew.
	  Use TOUCH env variable in znew if it exists.
	  Better error message for gunzip on empty or truncated file.
	  Allow prototypes in getopt.h when __STDC__ defined but 0.
	  Added "make clean" in vms/Makefile.vms.
	  Removed -g from default CFLAGS (with Noah's permission!)
	  Avoid too many HAVE_xxx_H for most systems; use common defaults.
	  Moved default Atari flags into tailor.h for consistency.
	  Use memzero() to clear the hash table.
	  Update vms/gzip.hlp to reflect the VMS behavior.
	  Fix OS_CODE (to fit in a byte).
	  Add utime.h for the Amiga.
	  Add gcc support for the Amiga.
	  Work around incorrect dirent.h for NeXT 2.0.
	  Added Makefile entry for Coherent.

Fri Feb 22 11:20:49 1993  Jean-loup Gailly  (jloup@chorus.fr)

	* version 1.0.4
	  Added optimized asm version for 68020.
	  Add support for DJGPP.
	  Add support for the Atari ST.
	  Added zforce to rename gzip'ed files with truncated names.
	  Do not install with name uncompress (some systems rely on the
	    absence of any check in the old uncompress).
	  Added missing function (fcfree) in msdos/tailor.c
	  Let gunzip handle .tgz files, and let gzip skip them.
	  Added 'stty min 1' in zmore for SysV and fixed trap code.
	  Suppress .PHONY in Makefile.in, which breaks old makes.
	  Added documentation about pcat and unpack in INSTALL.
	  Add cast to getenv for systems without stdlib.h.
	  Use VAXC instead of VMS to avoid confusion for gcc.
	  Add -K to znew.1.
	  Add gzexe.1.
	  Try preserving file permissions in gzexe.
	  Added -d option for gzexe.
	  Guard against spaces in file names in gzexe.
	  Use CMP env. variable in zcmp.
	  Return a warning exit status for gzip of file with .z suffix.
	  Suppress usage of d_ino which is not portable to all systems.
	  Use #ifdef instead of #if for consistency.
	  For VMS, use "cc util.c" instead of "cc util" (pb with logical names)
	  Added utime() for Amiga.
	  Renamed gzcat.1 as zcat.1.
	  Include fcntl.h for Amiga (for read and write).
	  For VMS, add definition of symbols and links in the makefiles.
	  Give a VMS look to vms/gzip.hlp.
	  Save the original name only when necessary.
	  Add a mode parameter for open in read mode (required by VMS).
	  For VMS, remove the version suffix from the original name.
	  Accept both / and \ as path separator for MSDOS.
	  Let gunzip extract stored .zip files correctly.
	  Added warning about VFC format in vms/gzip.hlp.
	  In znew, skip a bad file but process the others.
	  Cleanup tailor.h.
	  Use GZIP_OPT for VMS to avoid conflict with program name.
	  Added description of GZIP variable in gzip.texi.

Thu Feb 11 17:21:32 1993  Jean-loup Gailly  (jloup@chorus.fr)

	* version 1.0.3
	  Add -K option for znew to keep old .Z files if smaller.
	  Add -q option (quiet) to cancel -v in GZIP env variable.
          For Turbo C, normalize pointers before freeing them.
          Add more safety checks in add_envopt().
          Add do_exit() for uniform exit path (always free memory).
          Reduce MAX_PATH_LEN for MSDOS.
	  Include sys/types.h before signal.h
	  Avoid strdup, the NeXT does not have it.
          Made gzexe safer on systems with filename limitation to 14 chars.

Fri Feb  10 09:45:49 1993  Jean-loup Gailly  (jloup@chorus.fr)

	* version 1.0.2
	  Added env variable GZIP for default options.
	  Added support for the Amiga.
	  znew now keeps the old .Z if it is smaller than the .z file.
	  Added gzexe to compress rarely used executables.
	  Reduce memory usage when using static allocation (no DYN_ALLOC).
	  Better separation of warning and error return codes.
	  Fix unlzw.c to make DYN_ALLOC and MAXSEG_64K independent options.
	  Allow INBUFSIZ to be >= 32K in unlzw (don't use sign of rsize)
	  Generate tar file in old format to avoid problems with old systems.
	  Preserve time stamp in znew -P if touch -r works.
	  Use ${PAGER-more} instead of ${PAGER:-more} in zmore.
	  Do not use unsigned instead of mode_t.
	  Better error message for trailing garbage in .z file; ignore this
	   garbage on VMS.
	  In zmore, use icanon instead of -cbreak on SYSV.
	  Add trap handler in zmore.
	  Use char* instead of void* for non STDC compilers.
	  Added makefile entry for Xenix on 286.
	  Return an error code when existing file was not overwritten.
	  Use prototype of lzw.h for lzw.c.
	  Fix znew with -P option alone.
	  Give warning for directories even without -v.
	  Close output file before unlink() in case of error.
	  Suppress all target dependent ifdef from the portable files.
	  Free all dynamically allocated variables upon exit.

Thu Feb 4 18:23:56 1993  Jean-loup Gailly  (jloup@chorus.fr)

	* version 1.0.1
	  Fixed some trivial errors in msdos/Makefile.bor

Thu Feb 4 10:00:59 1993  Jean-loup Gailly  (jloup@chorus.fr)

	* version 1.0
	  gzip now runs on Vax/VMS (Amiga support will come in next version).
	  Do not overwrite files without -f when using /bin/sh.
          Support the test option -t for compressed (.Z) files.
	  Flush output for bad compressed files. Add warning in README.
	  Added makefiles for MSDOS.
	  Don't rely on presence of csh in configure
	  Added gunzip.1 and gzcat.1.
	  Updated znew.1.
	  Check reserved flags in unlzw().
	  Return dummy value in main to avoid lint warning.
	  Define OF in lzw.h for lint.
	  Allow both "znew -v -t" and "znew -vt".
	  Don't overwrite the output file name for multiple parts.
	  Echo just a warning if configure is out of date.
	  Use ; instead of , in trees.c (confuses the SAS Amiga compiler).
	  In INSTALL, document "DEFS='-DM_XENIX' ./configure".
	  Use OTHER_PATH_SEP for more portability (DOS, OS2, VMS, AMIGA).
	  Make all directories world writable for broken versions of tar.
	  Use gzip -cd instead of zcat in zmore, zcmp, zdiff.
	  Don't use GNU tar for distributions, some systems can't untar.
	  Do not exit() for gzip --version.

Mon Jan 26 10:26:42 1993  Jean-loup Gailly  (jloup@chorus.fr)

	* Beta version 0.8.2
	  Avoid 'far' declarations for MSDOS.
	  Use test -f instead of test -x in configure.in (for Ultrix)
	  Add empty else part to if in Makefile.in for broken shells.
	  Use NO_UNDERLINE instead of UNDERLINE (pb with Linux cpp)
	  Accept continuation files with -ff (for damage recovery)
	  Small patch to Makefile.os2
	  Use memzero instead of bzero to avoid potential conflicts
	  Document restriction on extraction of zip files.
	  Fix quoting in ACL_HAVE_SHELL_HACK.
          Do not check file size on MSDOS because of bug in DIET.
	  Allow zcat on a file with multiple links.
	  Add fix in inflate.c for compatibility with pkzip 2.04c.
	  Release gzip in tar.z and tar format. (No tar.Z).

Fri Jan 22 10:04:13 1993  Jean-loup Gailly  (jloup@chorus.fr)

	* Beta version 0.8.1
	  Fixed Makefile.os2
	  Fixed #if directives that TurboC does not like.
	  Don't rely on uncompress in znew, use gzip -d.
	  Add the pipe option -P in znew.
	  Add some more ideas in TODO.
	  Support both NDIR and SYSNDIR.

Sat Jan  21 15:46:38 1993  Jean-loup Gailly  (jloup@chorus.fr)

	* Beta version 0.8
	  Support unpack.
	  Check for _match.o in configure.in in addition to return status.
	  Include <sys/types.h> in zip.c
	  Define local variables and functions as local.
	  Accept more alternative names for the program (pcat, gzcat, ...).
	  Accept .exe as well as .EXE.
	  Uncompress files with multiple links only with -f.
	  Better error message for gunzip of non-existent file.z.
	  Fix the entry for /etc/magic in INSTALL.
	  Use AC_HAVE_HEADERS uniformly instead of special macros.
	  Install the man pages as .1 by default instead of .l.
	  Document crypt++.el in README.
	  Fix for unlzw() on 16-bit machines (bitmask must be unsigned).
	  Complain if input and output files are identical.
	  Create a correct output name for files of exactly 13 chars.
	  Do not overwrite CPP if set
	  Check for i386 before trying to assemble match.s
	  Check for underline in external name before assembling
	  Add patch for tar 1.11.1.

Mon Jan  5 10:16:24 1993  Jean-loup Gailly  (jloup@chorus.fr)

	* Beta version 0.7
	  Use "make check" instead of "make test".
	  Do not rely on dirname in znew.
	  Keep time stamp and pass options to gzip in znew.
	  Rename .l files back to .1 to avoid conflict with lex
	  Do not create .z.z files with gzip -r.
	  Use nice_match in match.asm
	  Unroll loops in deflate.c
	  Do not attempt matches beyond the window end
	  Allow again gunzip .zip files (was working in 0.5)
	  Allow again compilation with TurboC 2.0 (was working in 0.4)

Tue Dec 30 20:00:19 1992  Jean-loup Gailly  (jloup@chorus.fr)

	* Beta version 0.6
	  The .z extension is used by pack, not compact (README, gzip.1)
	  Accept gzcat in addition to zcat.
	  Use PAGER in zmore if defined.
	  Man pages for /usr/local/man/manl should have extension .l.
	  Don't redefine bzero on the NeXT
	  Allow incomplete Huffman table if there is only one code.
	  Don't lookahead more than 7 bits (caused premature EOF).
	  Added "make test" to check for compiler bugs.
	  Don't rely on `i386`; try to assemble directly
	  Change magic header to avoid conflict with freeze 1.x.
	  Added entry for /etc/magic in INSTALL.
	  Do not destroy an input .zip file with more than one member.
	  Display "untested" instead of "OK" for gzip -t foo.Z
	  With -t, skip stdin in .Z format
	  Allow multiple compressed members in an input file.
	  Ignore a zero time stamp.
	  Made znew safer.

Tue Dec 29 10:00:19 1992   Noah Friedman  (friedman@gnu.ai.mit.edu)

	  Added test for #!/bin/sh in configure.in.
	  Fix some references to $srcdir in Makefile.in

Mon Dec 21 17:33:35 1992  Jean-Loup Gailly  (jloup@chorus.fr)

	* Beta version 0.5
	  Put RCS ids in all files.
	  Added znew to recompress old .Z files with gzip.
	  Avoid "already .z suffix" messages for -r and no -v.
	  Put back check for d_ino in treat_dir().
	  Use HAVE_STRING_H instead of USG.
	  Added os2/Makefile.os2
	  Use SYSUTIME on OS/2.
	  Info dir is $(prefix)/info, not $(prefix)/lib/info.
	  Support long options, added getopt and alloca
	  Support -V and -t
	  Reorder configure.in according to suggestions in autoconf.info
	  Allow links when not removing original file
	  Allow either .z or .Z in zdiff

Wed Nov 25 11:40:04 1992  Jean-loup Gailly  (jloup@chorus.fr)

	* Beta version 0.4.1
	  Save only the original base name, don't include any directory prefix.
	  Don't use HAVE_LONG_FILE_NAMES (support multiple file system types).
	  Fix declaration of abort_gzip in gzip.h.
	  Include unistd.h when it exists to avoid warnings with gcc -Wall.

Mon Nov 23 12:39:01 1992    Jean-loup Gailly  (jloup@chorus.fr)

	* Beta version 0.4
          Lots of cleanup
	  Use autoconf generated 'configure'
          Fixed the NO_MULTIPLE_DOTS code
          Fixed the save_orig_name code
          Support for MSDOS (Turbo C)

Thu Nov 19 15:18:22 1992    Jean-loup Gailly  (jloup@chorus.fr)

	* Beta version 0.3
	  Added auto configuration. Just type "make" now.
	  Don't overwrite compress by default in "make install". Use
	    "make install_compress" to overwrite.
	  Add match.s for 386 boxes.
	  Added documentation in texinfo format.
	  Provide help for "gunzip" invoked without redirected input.
	  Save original file name when necessary.
	  Support OS/2 (Kai-Uwe Rommel).

Tue Nov 17 14:32:53 1992  Jean-loup Gailly  (jloup@chorus.fr)

	* Alpha version 0.2.4
	  Return 0 in get_istat() when ok (caused error with zcat).
	  Don't update crc on compressed data (caused crc errors on
	    large files).

Fri Nov 13 15:04:12 1992  Jean-loup Gailly  (jloup@chorus.fr)

	* Alpha version 0.2.3
	  Initialize rsize in unlzw.c
	  Initialize ofd for zcat.
	  Do not use volatile ifname as argument of treat_dir.
	  Add -1 to -9 in gzip.1.

Sat Oct 31 18:30:00 1992  Jean-loup Gailly  (jloup@chorus.fr)

	* Alpha version 0.2.2.
	  Fix error messages.
	  Accept gunzip on zip files.

Sat Oct 31 17:15:00 1992  Jean-loup Gailly  (jloup@chorus.fr)

	* Alpha version 0.2.1
	  Use ctype.h in util.c (problem on SysV).
	  Create BINDIR if it does not exist.
	  Use cc by default.
	  Added zcmp, zmore, zdiff.
	  Fixed the man page gzip.1.

Sat Oct 31 17:00:00 1992  Jean-loup Gailly  (jloup@chorus.fr)

	* Alpha version 0.2
	  Fixed compilation problems with gcc

Sat Oct 31 12:46:00 1992  Jean-loup Gailly  (jloup@chorus.fr)

	* Alpha version 0.1 released (under time pressure), so it's not
	  much tested, sorry.