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 *  Hunt
 *  Copyright (c) 1985 Conrad C. Huang, Gregory S. Couch, Kenneth C.R.C. Arnold
 *  San Francisco, California

# include	"hunt.h"
# include	<signal.h>

do_connect(name, team, enter_status)
char	*name;
char	team;
long	enter_status;
	static long	uid;
	static long	mode;
	extern char	*ttyname();

	if (uid == 0)
		uid = htonl(getuid());
	(void) write(Socket, (char *) &uid, LONGLEN);
	(void) write(Socket, name, NAMELEN);
	(void) write(Socket, &team, 1);
	enter_status = htonl(enter_status);
	(void) write(Socket, (char *) &enter_status, LONGLEN);
	(void) strcpy(Buf, ttyname(fileno(stderr)));
	(void) write(Socket, Buf, NAMELEN);
# ifdef INTERNET
	if (Send_message != NULL)
		mode = C_MESSAGE;
# endif
# ifdef MONITOR
	if (Am_monitor)
		mode = C_MONITOR;
# endif
		mode = C_PLAYER;
	mode = htonl(mode);
	(void) write(Socket, (char *) &mode, sizeof mode);