.\" @(#)$Id: bboards8.rf,v 1.5 90/04/05 15:11:57 sources Exp $
bboards \- BBoards channel/mailer
fd1 fd2 \%[y]

.ti .5i
bboard\ ...

.ti .5i
file maildrop directory bboards.bboard
For \fIMMDF\fR, the BBoards channel delivers mail to the BBoards system.
For \fISendMail\fR and stand\-alone \fIMH\fR, the SBBoards mailer performs
this task.

For each address given,
these programs consult the \fIbboards\fR\0(5) file to ascertain information
about the BBoard named by the address.
The programs then perform local delivery, if appropriate.
After that, 
with the exception of \fIsbboards\fR running under stand\-alone \fIMH\fR,
the programs perform redistribution, if appropriate.

For redistribution,
the return address is set to be the request address at the local host,
so bad addresses down the line return to the nearest point of authority.
If any failures occur during redistribution,
a mail message is sent to the local request address.
^@(MHETCPATH)/mtstailor~^tailor file
^@(BBHOME)/BBoards~^BBoards database
bboards(5), bbaka(8)