.\" @(#)$Id: fmtdump.rf,v 1.6 1992/12/02 21:38:37 jromine Exp $
fmtdump \- decode MH format files
\%[\-form\ formatfile]
\%[\-format\ string]
\fIFmtdump\fR is a program that parses an \fIMH\fP format file
and produces a pseudo-language listing of the how \fIMH\fP
interprets the file.

The `\-format\ string' and `\-form\ formatfile' switches may be used
to specify a format string or format file to read.
The string is simply a format string and the file is simply a format file.
See \fImh-format\fR\|(5) for the details.
^$HOME/\&.mh\(ruprofile~^The user profile
^@(MHETCPATH)/scan.default~^The default format file
^Path:~^To determine the user's MH directory
mh-format(5), mh-sequences(8)
The output may not be useful unless you are familiar
with the internals of the mh-format subroutines.