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muinc, musift, uminc, umsift \- mail filters

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The mail filters
are a set of programs that filter mail from one format to another.
In particular, \fIUUCP\fR\- and \fIMMDF\fR\-style mail files are handled.

filters mail from the user's \fIMMDF\fR maildrop into the user's \fIUUCP\fR
filters mail from the user's \fIUUCP\fR maildrop into the user's \fIMMDF\fR
These two programs respect each system's maildrop locking protocols.

filters each file on the command line
(or the standard input if no arguments are given),
and places the result on the standard output in \fIUUCP\fR format.
The files (or standard input) are expected to be in \fIMMDF\fR format.
does the same thing filtering \fIUUCP\fR formatted files (or input),
and places the \fIMMDF\fR formatted result on the standard output.
No locking protocols are used by these programs.

If the files aren't in the expected format,
the mail filters will try to recover.
In really bad cases,
you may lose big.
^/usr/spool/mail/~^UUCP spool area for maildrops
^@(MHDROPLOC)~^Location of standard maildrop
\fIProposed Standard for Message Header Munging\fR (aka RFC\-886),
Numerous; protocol translation is very difficult.