# aux.rand.org - MH 6.8 under AUX in SYS5 mode
# Jim Guyton <guyton@condor.rand.ORG>
# Thu, 05 Nov 1992 13:59:48 PST
# Note that I don't know what the default locking is on this system.
# Iswitched my sendmail to use 'miscellany/sendmail/spooler.c' so that
# I could be sure that inc and the delivery program both use the same
# lock.  Also note that I'm just starting to use MH on this system and
# so this may not be optimal.
bin             /usr/local/bin
etc             /usr/local/lib/mh
mail            /usr/spool/mail
mandir          /usr/local/man
manuals         standard
chown           /bin/chown
remove          mv -f
cc              cc
ccoptions       -ZS -A 2
curses          -lcurses -ltermcap
ldoptions       -s
ranlib          off
sprintf         int
mts             sendmail/smtp
signal          int

# options        BIND
options         AUX
options         DUMB FLOCK MHRC
options         MIME NFS
options         MORE='"/bin/more"' MSGID
options         SOCKETS SYS5 SYS5DIR
options         VSPRINTF