# sys5r4-ncr	- an NCR system: Unix System V Release (WINS)
# running MMDF2 with SMTP posting
# Apparently, there are two compilation environments: 4.2BSD and SYS5.
# This config file uses the SYS5 environment -- I never could get the
# 4.2BSD environment directory routines to work right.
# You may want to define SVR4; this option was added after MH was
# ported to the NCR, and I haven't been able to test it there.
# uip/vmh.c still won't compile because of loader problems with the
# curses & termlib libraries.  Also, NCR should fix their loader not to try
# to search additional libraries for modules that have already been found.
bin	/usr/local
etc	/usr/local/lib/mh
mail	.mail
manuals	gen
chown   /usr/bin/chown
mts	mmdf2/smtp
mf	off
ranlib  off
bboards off
bbdelivery off
oldload none
cc	/bin/cc
ldoptlibs -lnet -lnsl -lsocket
options	MORE='"/usr/bin/more"'
options	ncr
options SYS5
options	SYS5DIR 
options	SOCKETS
options	TZNAME
options TYPESIG=void