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.\"	@(#)bboards.me	8.1 (Berkeley) 8/14/93
.\"	This file is automatically generated.  Do not edit!
.\" @(#)$Id: bboards.rf,v 1.5 90/04/05 15:11:40 sources Exp $
bboards \- the UCI BBoards facility
bboards ...
The home directory of \fIbboards\fR is where the BBoard system is kept.
This documentation describes some of the nuances of the BBoard system.

.in +.5i
.ti -.5i
\fBBBoards, BBoard\-IDs\fR
A BBoard is just a file containing a group of messages relating to the same
These files live in the ~bboards home directory.
Each message in a BBoard file has in its header the line
\*(lqBBoard-Id: n\*(rq,
where \*(lqn\*(rq is an ascending decimal number.
This id-number is unique for each message in a BBoards file.
It should NOT be confused with the message number of a message,
which can change as messages are removed from the BBoard.

.ti -.5i
\fBBBoard Handling\fR
To read BBoards, use the \fIbbc\fR and \fImsh\fR programs.
The \fImsh\fR command is a monolithic program which contains all the
functionality of \fIMH\fR in a single program.
The `\-check' switch to \fIbbc\fR lets you check on the status of BBoards,
and the `\-read' switch tells \fIbbc\fR to invoke \fImsh\fR to read
those BBoards.

.ti -.5i
\fBCreating a BBoard\fR
Both public, and private BBoards are supported.
Contact the mail address \fIPostMaster\fR if you'd like to have a BBoard

.ti -.5i
\fBBBoard addresses\fR
Each BBoard has associated with it 4 addresses,
these are (for the ficticious BBoard called ``hacks''):
.in +.75i
.ti -.5i
\fBhacks\fR\0: The Internet wide distribution list.
.ti -.5i
\fBdist-hacks\fR\0: The local BBoard.
.ti -.5i
The people responsible for the BBoard at the Internet level.
.ti -.5i
The people responsible for the BBoard locally.
.in -.75i
.in -.5i
^$HOME/\&.mh\(ruprofile~^The user profile
^$HOME/\&.bbrc~^BBoard information
^Path:~^To determine the user's MH directory
^bboards:~^To specify interesting BBoards
^mshproc:~^Program to read a given BBoard
bbc(1), bbl(1), bbleader(1), msh(1)
.\" This is a hack for correct page headers since the manpage is a full
.\" one that triggers the eh/oh before the end of its processing which causes
.\" the bboards header to carry over to the next manpage (burst).
.eh 'USD:8-%'The RAND Message Handling System: User Manual'BURST(1)'
.oh 'BURST(1)'The RAND Message Handling System: User Manual'USD:8-%'
The default bboard is \*(lqsystem\*(rq