$Id: README,v 1.8 1992/11/20 17:05:30 jromine Exp $

The "miscellany/" directory contains some useful things for MH
users and installers.

These three tools are probably out of date, but should be of help.

compress-4.0	MH Patches are sent out compressed.
less-177	"less is more" - a more/pg-like pager (ver. 177)
patch-2.0.12u8	The famous patch program.  MH updates are sent as patches.

Other interesting stuff:

audit		A perl package to parse and process messages 
convert		Utilities for converting to/from other mailbox formats.
libndir		The new directory routines for sites that don't have them.
mem		A reminder system using an appointment folder.
mh-e		GNU Emacs interface to MH (probably not the newest version)
mhe		Brian Reid's MHE system
mtrenv		Some of Marshall T. Rose's MH environment
multi-media	Multi-media mail as specified by RFC 1341 (MIME)
netnews		Making netnews directories MH folders under 4BSD
rcvtrip		A script mhook which will annoy all posters of
		mailing lists the user might be on.
scripts		Some useful scripts
sendmail	A replacement local mailer which uses the MMDF
		maildrop format
sortf		Sort a folder by arbitrary fields (for MH6.6)
tools		MH maintenance tools.