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.TH PROMPTDATE 1 3/13/86
promptdate \- accept date entry and print out in specified format
.B promptdate
.B -f format
] [
.B datespec
If no format is specified, one suitable for parsing by MH
will be used.
If no date is given on the command line,
.I promptdate
will interactively prompt for one.
It will persist in asking for a date until
a legal date is supplied.
To exit, type the EOF character (normally control-d).
The syntax of an acceptable date specification is:
"today" | "tomorrow" | <dayofweek> | "+"<daysfromtoday>
| <date> [<month> [<year>]]
<dayofweek> is "sunday",...,"saturday"
<daysfromtoday> is an unsigned decimal number
<date> is a valid date for that month
<month> is "january",...,"december"
<year> is > 1970
Alphabetic strings may be in
any mix of upper or lower case.
They may also be abbreviated to
the first three letters.
<dayofweek> is equivalent
to specifying from "+1" to "+7".
Ken Yap (University of Rochester)
This manual page lies - the format is hardwired for MH.
General date formatting is not implemented yet.
Should accept more date formats. Will be replaced by a
user-friendlier version soon.