Tue Sep 15 00:36:15 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (djm@nutrimat.gnu.ai.mit.edu)

	* patchlevel.h: PATCHLEVEL 12u8.

Mon Sep 14 22:01:23 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (djm@nutrimat.gnu.ai.mit.edu)

	* Makefile.SH: Add uninstall target.  Simplify install target.

	* util.c (fatal, pfatal): Add some asterisks to make fatal
	messages stand out more.

Tue Aug 25 22:13:36 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (djm@nutrimat.gnu.ai.mit.edu)

	* patch.c (main, get_some_switches), common.h, inp.c (plan_a,
	plan_b), pch.c (there_is_another_aptch): Add -t option,
	similar to -f.

Mon Jul 27 11:27:07 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (djm@nutrimat.gnu.ai.mit.edu)

	* inp.c (plan_a, util.c (fetchname): Use a macro to simplify code.
	* common.h: Define SCCSDIFF and RCSDIFF.
	* inp.c (plan_a): Use them to make sure it's safe to check out
	the default RCS or SCCS version.
	From Paul Eggert.

Wed Jul 22 14:37:08 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (djm@nutrimat.gnu.ai.mit.edu)

	* patch.man: Use the standard comment syntax -- '\" -- instead
	of '''.

Tue Jul 21 15:26:01 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (djm@nutrimat.gnu.ai.mit.edu)

	* Configure: Add /etc /usr/lib /lib to pth.

Mon Jul 20 14:10:32 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (djm@nutrimat.gnu.ai.mit.edu)

	* util.h: Declare basename.
	* inp.c (plan_a), util.c (fetchname): Use it to isolate the
	leading path when testing for RCS and SCCS files.

Sat Jul 11 18:03:26 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (djm@nutrimat.gnu.ai.mit.edu)

	* Configure: Use the user's PATH and build pth from it.

Fri Jul 10 16:03:23 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (djm@nutrimat.gnu.ai.mit.edu)

	* Configure: Change cc -S to cc -c and tr '[ - ]' '[\012-\012]'
	to tr ' ' '\012' for AIX 3.2.
	From chip@tct.com (Chip Salzenberg).

	* util.c (makedirs): Only make the directories that don't exist.
	From chip@tct.com (Chip Salzenberg).

Wed Jul  8 01:21:15 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (djm@nutrimat.gnu.ai.mit.edu)

	* util.c (fatal, pfatal): Print "patch: " before message.
	* pch.c, inp.c, patch.c, util.c: Remove "patch: " from the
	callers that had it.

	* util.c (pfatal): New function.
	* util.h: Declare it and pfatal[1-4] macros.
	* various files: Use it instead of fatal where appropriate.

	* Configure: Make /usr/local/man/man1 the first choice for the
	man pages.

	* patch.c (main): Open ofp after checking for ed script.
	Close ofp and rejfp before trying plan B.
	From epang@sfu.ca (Eugene Pang).

	* backupfile.h: Declare get_version.

	* Move decls of rindex and popen to common.h.

	* common.h (myuid): New variable.
	* patch.c (main): Initialize it.
	* inp.c (myuid): Function removed.
	(plan_a): Use the variable, not the function.

	* patch.c: Reinstate -E option.

Tue Jul  7 23:19:28 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (djm@nutrimat.gnu.ai.mit.edu)

	* inp.c (myuid): New function.
	(plan_a): Call it.  Optimize stat calls.  Be smarter about
	detecting checked out RCS and SCCS files.
	From Paul Eggert (eggert@twinsun.com).

	* inp.c, util.c, patch.c: Don't bother checking for stat() > 0.

Mon Jul  6 13:01:52 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (djm@nutrimat.gnu.ai.mit.edu)

	* version.c (version): Don't print the RCS stuff, since we're
	not updating it regularly.

	* patch.c (get_some_switches): Make the usage message more accurate.

	* patchlevel.h: PATCHLEVEL 12u7.

	* Makefile.SH (dist): New target.
	Makedist: File removed.

	* inp.c (plan_a): Check whether the user can write to the
	file, not whether anyone can write to the file.

Sat Jul  4 00:06:58 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (djm@nutrimat.gnu.ai.mit.edu)

	* inp.c (plan_a): Try to check out read-only files from RCS or SCCS.

	* util.c (move_file): If backing up by linking fails, try copying.
	From cek@sdc.boeing.com (Conrad Kimball).

	* patch.c (get_some_switches): Eliminate -E option; always
	remove empty output files.

	* util.c (fetchname): Only undo slash removal for relative
	paths if -p was not given.

	* Makefile.sh: Add mostlyclean target.

Fri Jul  3 23:48:14 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (djm@nutrimat.gnu.ai.mit.edu)

	* util.c (fetchname): Accept whitespace between `Index:' and filename.
	Also plug a small memory leak for diffs against /dev/null.
	From eggert@twinsun.com (Paul Eggert).

	* common.h: Don't define TRUE and FALSE if already defined.
	From phk@data.fls.dk (Poul-Henning Kamp).

Wed Apr 29 10:19:33 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (djm@churchy.gnu.ai.mit.edu)

	* backupfile.c (get_version): Exit if given a bad backup type.

Fri Mar 27 09:57:14 1992  Karl Berry  (karl at hayley)

        * common.h (S_ISDIR, S_ISREG): define these.
        * inp.c (plan_a): use S_ISREG, not S_IFREG.
        * util.c (fetchname): use S_ISDIR, not S_IFDIR.

Mon Mar 16 14:10:42 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (djm@wookumz.gnu.ai.mit.edu)

	* patchlevel.h: PATCHLEVEL 12u6.

Sat Mar 14 13:13:29 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (djm at frob.eng.umd.edu)

	* Configure, config.h.SH: Check for directory header and unistd.h.

	* patch.c (main): If -E was given and output file is empty after
	patching, remove it.
	(get_some_switches): Recognize -E option.

	* patch.c (copy_till): Make garbled output an error, not a warning
	that doesn't change the exit status.

	* common.h: Protect against system declarations of malloc and realloc.

	* Makedist: Add backupfile.[ch].

	* Configure: Look for C library where NeXT and SVR4 put it.
	Look in /usr/ucb after /bin and /usr/bin for utilities,
	and look in /usr/ccs/bin, to make SVR4 happier.
	Recognize m68k predefine.

	* util.c (fetchname): Test of stat return value was backward.
	From csss@scheme.cs.ubc.ca.

	* version.c (version): Exit with status 0, not 1.

	* Makefile.SH: Add backupfile.[cho].
	* patch.c (main): Initialize backup file generation.
	(get_some_switches): Add -V option.
	* common.h, util,c, patch.c: Replace origext with simple_backup_suffix.
	* util.c (move_file): Use find_backup_file_name.

Tue Dec  3 11:27:16 1991  David J. MacKenzie  (djm at wookumz.gnu.ai.mit.edu)

	* patchlevel.h: PATCHLEVEL 12u5.

	* Makefile.SH: Change clean, distclean, and realclean targets a
	little so they agree with the GNU coding standards.
	Add Makefile to addedbyconf, so distclean removes it.

	* Configure: Recognize Domain/OS C library in /lib/libc.
	From mmuegel@mot.com (Michael S. Muegel).

	* pch.c: Fixes from Wayne Davison:
	Patch now accepts no-context context diffs that are
	specified with an assumed one line hunk (e.g.  "*** 10 ****").
	Fixed a bug in both context and unified diff processing that would
	put a zero-context hunk in the wrong place (one line too soon).
	Fixed a minor problem with p_max in unified diffs where it would
	set p_max to hunkmax unnecessarily (the only adverse effect was to
	not supply empty lines at eof by assuming they were truncated).

Tue Jul  2 03:25:51 1991  David J. MacKenzie  (djm at geech.gnu.ai.mit.edu)

	* Configure: Check for signal declaration in
	/usr/include/sys/signal.h as well as /usr/include/signal.h.

	* Configure, common.h, config.h.SH: Comment out the sprintf
	declaration and tests to determine its return value type.  It
	conflicts with ANSI C systems' prototypes in stdio.h and the
	return value of sprintf is never used anyway -- it's always cast
	to void.

Thu Jun 27 13:05:32 1991  David J. MacKenzie  (djm at churchy.gnu.ai.mit.edu)

	* patchlevel.h: PATCHLEVEL 12u4.

Thu Feb 21 15:18:14 1991  David J. MacKenzie  (djm at geech.ai.mit.edu)

	* pch.c (another_hunk): Fix off by 1 error.  From
	iverson@xstor.com (Tim Iverson).

Sun Jan 20 20:18:58 1991  David J. MacKenzie  (djm at geech.ai.mit.edu)

	* Makefile.SH (all): Don't make a dummy `all' file.

	* patchlevel.h: PATCHLEVEL 12u3.

	* patch.c (nextarg): New function.
	(get_some_switches): Use it, to prevent dereferencing a null
	pointer if an option that takes an arg is not given one (is last
	on the command line).  From Paul Eggert.

	* pch.c (another_hunk): Fix from Wayne Davison to recognize
	single-line hunks in unified diffs (with a single line number
	instead of a range).

	* inp.c (rev_in_string): Don't use `s' before defining it.  From
	Wayne Davison.

Mon Jan  7 06:25:11 1991  David J. MacKenzie  (djm at geech.ai.mit.edu)

	* patchlevel.h: PATCHLEVEL 12u2.

	* pch.c (intuit_diff_type): Recognize `+++' in diff headers, for
	unified diff format.  From unidiff patch 1.

Mon Dec  3 00:14:25 1990  David J. MacKenzie  (djm at albert.ai.mit.edu)

	* patch.c (get_some_switches): Make the usage message more

Sun Dec  2 23:20:18 1990  David J. MacKenzie  (djm at albert.ai.mit.edu)

	* Configure: When checking for C preprocessor, look for 'abc.*xyz'
	instead of 'abc.xyz', so ANSI C preprocessors work.

	* Apply fix for -D from ksb@mentor.cc.purdue.edu (Kevin Braunsdorf).

	* Apply unidiff patches from davison@dri.com (Wayne Davison).

Wed Mar  7 23:47:25 1990  Jim Kingdon  (kingdon at pogo.ai.mit.edu)

	* pch.c: Call malformed instead of goto malformed
	(just allows easier debugging).

Tue Jan 23 21:27:00 1990  Jim Kingdon  (kingdon at pogo.ai.mit.edu)

	* common.h (TMP*NAME): Make these char *, not char [].
	patch.c (main): Use TMPDIR (if present) to set TMP*NAME.
	common.h: Declare getenv.

Sun Dec 17 17:29:48 1989  Jim Kingdon  (kingdon at hobbes.ai.mit.edu)

	* patch.c (reverse_flag_specified): New variable.
	(get_some_switches, reinitialize_almost_everything): Use it.
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