[ sortf/README - 23Mar90/JLR ]

sortf, sorts - sort messages by fields that do not contain dates

 sortf [-verbose] [-noverbose] [-fold] [-nofold] [msgs] [+folder]
 sorts [-verbose] [-noverbose] [-fold] [-nofold] [msgs] [+folder]

These scripts use the output of scan to sort a folder in differnt ways.
They were contributed to run with version "MH 6.6 #7[UCI]" by:

 Jim Ault, ITS Postmaster, Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst, Troy NY, 12180
 Postmaster@mts.rpi.edu post@pawl.rpi.edu Postmast@rpitsmts.BITNET
 518-276-2750 (vox) ...uunet!pawl.rpi.edu!post 518-276-2809 (fax)