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    The Rand MH Message Handling System:\\\\
    Marshall T.~Rose$^\dagger$\\
    Jerry N.~Sweet$^\ddagger$\author
\footnote{}{\hskip -\parindent Computer Mail:
$^\dagger$ {\tx MRose@NRTC.NORTHROP.COM},
$^\ddagger$ {\tx JSweet@ICS.UCI.EDU}.}

\centerline{\sc Abstract}
This document introduces the UCI version of the Rand \MH/ system to novice
In particular, this tutorial discusses
how to read, send, reply to, and review mail;
aspects of the \MH/ user profile affecting these activities;
and other reference works on \MH/.

Although this document is based on the standard \MH/ user
this document is meant to supplement, not supersede,
that lengthier work.

Comments concerning this documentation should be addressed to the Internet
mailbox {\tx Bug-MH@ICS.UCI.EDU}.

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