/* m_msgdef.c - some defines for sbr/m_getfld.c */
#ifndef	lint
static char ident[] = "@(#)$Id: m_msgdef.c,v 1.2 1992/12/15 00:20:22 jromine Exp $";
#endif	/* lint */
#include "../h/mh.h"

int	msg_count = 0;	/* disgusting hack for "inc" so it can
			 * know how many characters were stuffed
			 * in the buffer on the last call (see
			 * comments in uip/scansbr.c) */

int	msg_style = MS_DEFAULT;
 * The "full" delimiter string for a packed maildrop consists
 * of a newline followed by the actual delimiter.  E.g., the
 * full string for a Unix maildrop would be: "\n\nFrom ".
 * "Fdelim" points to the start of the full string and is used
 * in the BODY case of the main routine to search the buffer for
 * a possible eom.  Msg_delim points to the first character of
 * the actual delim. string (i.e., fdelim+1).  Edelim
 * points to the 2nd character of actual delimiter string.  It
 * is used in m_Eom because the first character of the string
 * has been read and matched before m_Eom is called.
char	*msg_delim = "";