From dwm@uf.msc.umn.edu  Tue Dec 19 15:03:27 1989
Subject: perl on Microport Un*x 2.4

Here are the steps to get perl patchlevel 6 running on Microport Un*x 2.4.

(1) Get the directory routines (opendir, readdir, etc) from an archive 
    somewhere.   I got mine from uunet:  comp.sources.unix/volume9/gwyn-dir-lib
    and comp.sources.unix/volume10/dir-lib.pch.   Compile a large memory
    version of the library and put it in /usr/lib/large/dir.a.  Also put
    the dir.h include file in /usr/include/sys.  [ If you don't want to
    do this make sure I_SYSDIR does not defined in config.sh ]

(2) Configure causes sh to get a segmentation fault when it does the
    ". config.sh" near line 2551.   You will have to remove that line 
    from Configure and make sure you get your configuration info right 
    the first time or start over if you make a mistake.  

[Or just run the .SH files by hand and proceed to the make depend.]

(3) If you are using C-shell, put a blank line at the start of Configure so it
    wont get executed by the C-shell.   If you are using ksh, you will have to
    execute Configure with 'sh Configure'.  Configure does not work with

(4) When you run Configure, select compilation option -DCRIPPLED_CC.
    I also selected -DDEBUGGING to make debugging easier.  I recommend it.
    You can use -O, but you will then have to compile consarg.c and util.c
    separately without -O because the optimizer generates bad code for these
    routines.   The optimizer also dies harmlessly while optimizing cmd.c,
    eval.c (who can blame it? [sorry, Larry]), and toke.c.   
    I am still trying to isolate the remaining optimization problems in 
    consarg.c and util.c.

[The rest of the previously published instructions are no longer necessary.]