This is release 1.4 of rc, configured for use under BSD-4.4.

Read COPYRIGHT for copying information. All files are

Copyright 1991, Byron Rakitzis.


Compile rc using "make".

To compile the history program, go into the history subdirectory
and type "make". This will create a binary called "history". However,
in order for it to work as advertised it must be installed into
your bin as four files named -, --, -p and --p. (these can be soft
or hard links to the same file)


Send bug reports to byron@netapp.com. If a core dump is
generated, sending me a backtrace will help me out a great deal. You
can get a backtrace like this:

	; gdb rc core
	(gdb) where

Also, always report the machine, compiler and OS used to make rc.  It's
possible I may have access to a machine of that type, in which case it
becomes much easier for me to track the bug down.

If you are using gcc, please make sure that you have a recent version of
the compiler (1.39 and up) before you send me a note; I have found that
older versions of gcc choke over rc and generate bad code on several
architectures. (this is especially relevant for the the MIPS architecture)


See the end of the man page, under "INCOMPATABILITIES" for (known?)
differences from the "real" rc. Most of these changes were necessary
to get rc to work in a reasonable fashion on a real (i.e., commercial,
non-Labs) UNIX system; a few were changes motivated by concern
about some inadequacies in the original design.


This shell was written by me, Byron Rakitzis, but kudos go to Paul
Haahr for letting me know what a shell should do and for contributing
certain bits and pieces to rc (notably the limits code, print.c,
most of which.c and the backquote redirection code), and to Hugh
Redelmeier for running rc through his fussy ANSI compiler and
thereby provoking interesting discussions about portability, and
also for providing many valuable suggestions for improving rc's
code in general. Finally, many thanks go to David Sanderson, for
reworking the man page to format well with troff, and for providing
many suggestions both for rc and its man page.

Thanks to Boyd Roberts for the original history.c, and to Hugh
again for re-working parts of that code.

Of course, without Tom Duff's design of the original rc, I could
not have written this shell (though I probably would have written
*a* shell). Almost of all of the features, with minor exceptions,
have been implemented as described in the Unix v10 manuals. Hats
off to td for designing a C-like, minimal but very useful shell.

Tom Duff has kindly given permission for the paper he wrote for
UKUUG to be distributed with this version of rc (called "plan9.ps"
in the same ftp directory as the shell). Please read this paper
bearing in mind that it describes a program that was written at
AT&T and that the version of rc presented here differs in some