README for Rdist for 4.4BSD

A new, greatly improved version of Rdist is available via anonymous FTP
from "usc.edu" in the directory "/pub/rdist".  The paper "Overhauling
Rdist for the '90s", from the 1992 USENIX LISA VI conference is also
available as "/pub/rdist/overhaul.ps.gz".  This paper contains a fairly
complete list of major features.  Some of the highlights are as follows:

        - Update multiple clients simultaneously.
        - Enhanced security.  The rdist client and server are now
          seperate programs.  Only the client need be setuid "root".
        - Check and maintain file ownerships and modes.
        - Greatly enhanced portability and support for a variety of
          OS platforms.
        - Greatly improved error handling and avoidance.

Michael A. Cooper
June 14th, 1993