Dave Lewis - 
	Found and fixed a null pointer derefrece in the 'R' command.

Rob McMahon -
	Changed the ctl() macro to work with ANSI style compilers.
	Cleaned up some non-readonly text problems.

Rick Linck -
	Fixed a bug in lex.c - Ann Arbor Ambassadors have long ks and ke
	termcap entries.

Sam Drake -
	A fix for undefined C_* symbols in AIX.

Peter Brower -
	Cleaned up the INTERNATIONAL ifdefs with more portable code.

Glen Ditchfield
	Cleaned up a problem in crypt.c when the encrypted file shrank.

Bob Bond -
	Vi style editing for the command line.
	A bug in range name aliases.

Jeff Buhrt -
	-Added "~" filename expansion.
	-702 columns (A-ZZ) and unlimited rows/cells based on max. memory
	-fixed a few bugs
	-slightly decreased CPU usage
	-MAKES backup copies of files
	-understands ~$HOME stuff

CHANGES BETWEEN 5.1 and 6.1:

Andy Valencia -
	xmalloc aligns data to a double boundary.

Lawrence Cipriani -
	Fixed a bug in the "do you want to save this" sequence.

Soren Lundsgaard -
	A null pointer derefrence.

Rick Perry -
	Cleaned up a problem with modchk() in sc.c.

Gregory Bond -
	Added code for multi argument versions of @min and @max.

Tad Mannes -
	Added code to save/restore hidden rows and columns when the
	data base is saved or restored.

Marius Olafsson -
	INTERNATIONAL changes.  Allows full 8 bit characters (if
	curses supports them.)

Kurt Horton -
	Added support for @pv, @fv and @pmt financial functins.
	Tested lots of different systems, linting.

John Campbell -
	Support for VMS.  See VMS_NOTES.

Peter King -
	 User selection of row or column order for recalculation.
		Also affects order of traversing regions in /f and /r
	 User setting of automatic or manual recalculation.
	 User setting of number of times to try recalculation.
	 + and - commands when in non-numeric mode to do 
		increment and decrement operations.
	@index, @stindex, @atan2, @lookup  functions.
	Save/restore options.
	Support for TeX, LaTeX, and better support for tbl in "T" cmd.
	Provision of a copyent function to copy entries (same code repeated
		in several locations)
	Forwrow, backrow, forwcol, backcol functions to replace
		repeated code
	Correct interpretation of ESCAPE or ^G as an abort when in a 
		two character command such as 'ar' or 'ac'
	Cleanup in eval() - catches non-trap function errors.

Bob Bond - 
       Added search options to "g".
       Added supression of hidden columns to "W"
       Added the mod operator "%"
       New help functions.
       Constant prescale "$"
       Added string matching to @lookup.
       Some more bug fixes.
       Testing, integration, documentation.

Alan Silverstein-
	Greatly revised the manual entry.
	Added menus for ^E command and row/column commands, which
	involved a bunch of code cleanup.

	Changed top row display to clearly indicate string labels
	versus number parts, and to distinguish string functions from
	constant labels.

	When the character cursor is on a cell (not topline), ^H
	(backspace) is like ^B (move back one cell), rather than being

	When the character cursor is on a cell (not topline), ^I (tab)
	is like ^F (move forward one cell), rather than being ignored.
	^R is no longer identical with ^L.  Now ^R highlights all cells
	which should be entered by a user because they contain constant
	numeric values (not the result of a numeric expression).

	Added a ^X command, similar to ^R, which highlights cells which
	have expressions.  It also displays the expressions in the
	highlighted cells as left-justified strings, instead of the
	label and/or value of the cell.

	Added indirection functions (@nval() and @sval()) for simple
	table lookups.  Given a column name and row number, they return
	the numeric or string value of the selected cell.

	Added external functions (@ext()) for non-trivial
	computations.  Given a command name and argument, it calls the
	command and reads back one output line.

	Added a ^T,e command to toggle enabling of external functions.

	Changed ^T,t to only control the top line display, and added
	^T,c to control current cell highlighting.  (Separated the

	"!" (shell escape) gives a vi-style warning if there were any
	changes since the last write.  (No change to manual entry.)

	Fixed some startup, error, and prompt messages to be cleaner
	and/or more consistent.  (No changes to manual entry.)

	Fixed a bug:  If @substr() upper bound (third parameter) is
	past the end of the string operand, return the substring
	through the end of the string, rather than returning a null

	Fixed a bug:  Reset SIGINT to default after forking before
	calling shell escape program and before starting pipeline (for
	commands which support this).  Didn't reset SIGINT before
	calling crypt and external functions because in both cases it
	should be irrelevant.  (No change to manual entry.)

CHANGES BETWEEN 6.1 and 6.2:

Chris Cole-
	Compatibility with Lotus 1-2-3
		a) @hlookup(expr,range,expr)
		b) @vlookup(expr,range,expr)
		c) @round(expr,expr)
		d) @if(expr,expr,expr)
		e) @abs(expr)