This is a much modified version of the public domain spread sheet sc,
posted several years ago by Mark Weiser as vc, originally by James Gosling.

Changes since my last version (5.1) are detailed at great length :-)
in CHANGES (sequent!rgb (Robert Bond)).

When you get it built, try "sc tutorial.sc" for a simple introduction
to the basic commands.

A new input parser program (psc) has been included.  This program
formats ascii files for use in the spread sheet.  If you don't have
getopts, there is a public domain version by Henry Spencer hidden away
in the VMS_NOTES file.

I have modified the makefile to make it easy for you to call the
program what you want (I saw at least five different names in
correspondence and on the net).  Just change "name=sc" and "NAME=SC" to
"name=myfavoritename" and "NAME=MYFAVORITENAME" and try "make

Similarly, you can make the documentation with "make myfavoritename.man".
"make install" will make and install the code in EXDIR.  The
installation steps and documentation all key off of the name.  The
makefile even changes the name in the nroffable man page.  If you don't
have nroff, you will have to change sc.man yourself.

This release has been tested against a Sequent S81 running DYNIX 3.0.14
(BSD 4.2) and an ICM-3216 with system V.3.  The ICM has a National Semi
32016.  Just check the makefile for the system flags.   I have heard
reports of lots of other machines that work. If you have problems with
lex.c, and don't care about arrow keys, define SIMPLE (-DSIMPLE in the
makefile).  SIMPLE causes the arrow keys to not be used.

Guidelines for Hackers:

If you want to send changes you have made to SC, please feel free to do
so.  If they work :-) and seem worthwhile, I'll put them in.  Please
refrain from wholesale "style" or "cleanup" changes.  It is easy to add
your changes but it makes it hard to merge in the next guy's stuff if
he used the release as a base.  Leave my $Revision:  identifiers alone-
they help me track what you used as a base.  If you check the code into
rcs, delete the "$"s on the Revison lines before you do.

You may not like 4 space indenting and curly braces on the "if" line,
but your code will look like that before it leaves my hands so you may
as well abide by the style in the code when you make your changes.  I
have also been known to break things trying to make them look "right".
If you do string functions, please, PLEASE pay attention to null
pointers, use xmalloc and xfree, and xfree those arguments.  And
don't forget to document your changes in both help.c and sc.doc.


Starting 4/4/90: (I will be maintaining Sc for a while at least,
	Robert Bond has been very busy lately)
Sc is not a product of Grauel Enterprises, Inc.  It is supplied as
is with no warranty, express or implied, as a service to Usenet readers.
It is not copyrighted, either.  Have at it.

					Jeff Buhrt
					Grauel Enterprises, Inc.
	{pur-phy (aka: newton.physics.purdue.edu), sequent}!sawmill!buhrt