# This data file was generated by the Spreadsheet Calculator.
# You almost certainly shouldn't edit it.

define "page4" A70
define "page3" A49
define "page2" A29
define "page1" A9
define "page5" A89
leftstring A1 = "This is a brief sc tutorial."
leftstring A3 = "Cells are named by their column and row number.  For example,"
leftstring A4 = "Cell A4"
leftstring B4 = "Cell B4"
leftstring C4 = "Cell C4"
leftstring A5 = "Cell A5"
leftstring A6 = "Cell A6"
leftstring C6 = "Cell C6"
leftstring A7 = "Cells range from A0 to AN199."
leftstring A8 = "Cells can also be named by the user.  See 'range names' in the manual."
leftstring page1 = "You can move the cursor a couple of different ways:"
leftstring A11 = "^n, j and the <DOWN> arrow key go down"
leftstring A12 = "^p, k and the <UP> arrow key go up"
leftstring A13 = "^b, h and the <LEFT> arrow key go left"
leftstring A14 = "^f, l and the <RIGHT> arrow key go right"
leftstring A15 = "You can go directly to a cell by typing 'g' and the cell name. "
leftstring A16 = "'g c6' will take you to cell c6."
leftstring A18 = "Cells can contain numbers, formulas, or text."
leftstring A19 = "Most of the cells on this page contain text."
leftstring C20 = "<Type 'g page2' to continue>"
leftstring A22 = "Cell d22 contains text"
leftstring D22 = "Text "
leftstring A23 = "Cell d23 contains a number"
let D23 = 123.34
leftstring A24 = "Cell d24 contains a formula"
let D24 = D23+88
leftstring A26 = "To see what the cell contains, just move the cursor"
leftstring A27 = "onto the cell.  The contents will show up on line 1 in the brackets."
leftstring page2 = "You can enter data into cells like this:"
leftstring B30 = "'<text' enters left justified text."
leftstring B31 = "'>text' enters right justified text."
leftstring B32 = "'=number' enters a number"
leftstring B33 = "'=formula' enters a formula."
leftstring A35 = "Try duplicating d22 through d24 in e22 though e24."
leftstring A37 = "You erase a cell by typing 'x' with the cursor on the cell."
leftstring C40 = "<Type 'g page3' to continue>"
leftstring A42 = "Here is a typical use for numbers and formulas:"
let A44 = 10.3
let B44 = 1877.5
let C44 = 234.7
let E44 = @sum(A44:C44)
let A45 = 44.56
let B45 = 44.3
let C45 = -3
let E45 = @sum(A45:C45)
let A46 = 88.74
let B46 = 8000
let C46 = -9
let E46 = @sum(A46:C46)
let A47 = 99.2
let B47 = -88
let C47 = -44.6
let E47 = @sum(A47:C47)
let page3 = @sum(A44:A47)
let B49 = @sum(B44:B47)
let C49 = @sum(C44:C47)
let E49 = @sum(A44:C47)
leftstring A51 = "The data is entered in a44 through c47."
leftstring A52 = "Cells a49, b49 and c49 sum their respective columns."
leftstring A53 = "Cells e44, e45, e46, and e47 sum their respective rows."
leftstring A54 = "Cell E49 is a grand total."
leftstring A55 = "Try changing some of the data cells and watch the sums change."
leftstring A57 = "You can also edit cells by putting the cursor on the cell and typing:"
leftstring B58 = "'e' to edit the numeric portion."
leftstring B59 = "'E' to edit the string portion."
leftstring C60 = "<Type 'g page4' to continue>"
leftstring A62 = "Since you are reading this, you know that you can load "
leftstring A63 = "a data base from a file by typing the file name as an"
leftstring A64 = "argument to the program.  You can also load or save a "
leftstring A65 = "data base using the file commands:"
leftstring B67 = "'G file'"
leftstring C67 = "Gets the data from an sc file."
leftstring B68 = "'P file'"
leftstring C68 = "Puts the data from the spreadsheet into a file."
leftstring page4 = "Try 'P foo.sc' to write this to the file foo.sc"
leftstring A71 = "The Get command erases the current spreadsheet.  "
leftstring A72 = "To merge a spreadsheet with the one currently in"
leftstring A73 = "the machine, use:"
leftstring B75 = "'M file'"
leftstring C75 = "Merge the data from a saved sc file."
leftstring A77 = "You can also get human readable versions of the data"
leftstring A78 = "by using the Write command:"
leftstring C80 = "<Type 'g page5' to continue>"
leftstring A82 = "Try 'W tut.txt' for a clear text version of the tutorial."
leftstring A85 = "This is the end of the tutorial.  We have explored"
leftstring A86 = "The basic commands.  Much more detail is available"
leftstring A87 = "in the man page."
leftstring D91 = "GOOD LUCK!"