Xerox WRC changes 4/87 [ed flint]


Filing4.cr		moved from examples/filing4
Filing5.cr		created from Filing4
Filing6.cr		moved from examples/filing6
FilingSubset1.cr	moved from examples/filingsubset1


xnsarchive.c		brand new
xnsrestore.c		brand new


			consolidated into courierlib and examples/filing_client


xnftp.c			Viewpoint file attribute support
			Unify AccessLists
cmds.c			Archive, Restore Unify commands
cmdtab.c		Archive, Restore Unify commands
main.c			command line interface for multiple commands


filingd.c		Viewpoint file/attribute support
			compatible with XDE FileTool, PC/XNS, XNS/DECVAX
			Copy, Move, ChangeAttributes,
			Serialize, Deserialize procedure support
system_interface.c	Viewpoint file/attribute support
			Copy, Move ChangeAttributes procedure support
get_type.c		Additional Viewpoint file types
VP_support.c		Viewpoint attribute support


xnsremote.c		brand new (both remote browse and remote print)


xnscreds.c		brand new


vpfile.c		brand new


new man pages for new tools


Xerox WRC changes 1/87 [ed flint]


Rearrange directory structure and Makefiles to make everything into local
bin, include, lib and xnscourier directories. Top level install then moves
from there to local system target (/usr/new by default).


Authentication3.cr	Authentication version 3 added
BulkData1.cr		StreamOfUnspecified definition added
Clearinghouse3.cr	Clearinghouse version 3 added
Printing3.cr		Previous fix from ./examples/print/Printing3.cr added
			since Makefile uses this definition instead


Printing3.cr		Obsoleted by ./courierlib/Printing3.cr
xnsprint.c		New options for setting message field and waiting
			until master is actually printed


Obsoleted by ./examples/filingsubset client


			Filing service support for Filing Protocol versions 4 & 6
			and FilingSubset Protocol version 1


Filing4.cr		Minor corrections/additions

XDE Filetool compatible service for Filing Protocol version 4


Filing6.cr		All new Filing version 6

service for Filing Protocol version 6


FilingSubset1.cr	All new FilingSubset version 1
xnsftp			Replaces previous xnsftp,
			Use FilingSubset, if rejected attempt Filing
			Allows user override with -F switch
			Maintain FilingSubset mandatory attributes
			User niceties:  echo file name/type on transfer commands
					prompt on delete
			guess type which will determine file type implied by content
			New commands: (type related) Guess, Whatis
				      (file transfer) Copy, Move, Rename
service for FilingSubset Protocol version 1


All man pages consolidated here
Upgrades to manual pages, new pages written for some library routines and 
Filing services


simpleauth.c		Added MakeSimpleVerifier routine
Auth_lookup.c		Find and open connection to Authentication service
Auth_credcheck.c	Check simple credentials with Authentication service


CH_retrieve		Retrieve item from Clearinghouse service


xnsbfs.c		Added -a option to broadcast for Authentication services


misc.c			Added generic Sequence_of_Unspecified routines to
			replace use of Clearinghouse_Item use
server.c		Reset abortseen flag in ReceiveCallMessage