.TH "XNSBROWSE" 1 "6-FEB-87" "Xerox (WRC)"
.\" $Header: xnsbrowse.n,v 1.1 87/04/01 13:56:32 ed Exp $
xnsbrowse - View files stored remotely on XNS file servers
.B xnsbrowse 
.B \-f
] [
.B \-v
] [
.B \-s
.B file1 ... filen
.I Xnsbrowse
retrieves the files named in \fIfile1\fR through \fIfilen\fR and pipes them
to either the viewer specified in the environment variable PAGER or
directly to \fIstdout\fR.
Only simple text files are viewable. An error will be reported if an attempt
is made to view a file of another type.
The arguments specified in \fIfile1\fR through \fIfilen\fR may be in one
of the following three forms, where host is a Clearinghouse name of the form 
\fIobject:domain:organization\fR (domain and organization are optional):
Credentials for accessing the remote service are determined either from the
environment variables XNSNAME and XNSPASSWD or, if not defined, by prompting
the user.
The possible options are:
.B -f
causes the FilingSubset Protocol to be used instead of Filing.
.B -v
causes a message to be printed as each file is retrieved.
.BI -s
causes the output to be delivered to \fIstdout\fR regardless of the value of
the environment variable PAGER.
more(1), xnscreds(1N)
Filing Protocol, \s8XSIS\s0 108605 (May 1986)
There should be a way to pass other command line switches to the program
specified in PAGER directly.
Ed Flint