.TH "XNSCREDS" 1 "3-FEB-87" "Xerox (WRC)"
.\" $Header: xnscreds.n,v 1.1 87/01/15 16:47:37 ed Exp $
xnscreds - Prompt for and save user Clearinghouse name and verifier
.B xnscreds 
.B \-a
] [
.B \-v
.I Xnscreds
prompts for a user name and password which are interpreted as the user's
Clearinghouse name and password for creating simple Authentication 
credentials by the various XNS application programs.
.I Xnscreds
will output commands to 
.I stdout
which will set the environment variables XNSNAME and XNSPASSWD
to the user name and ascii form of the computed simple verifier for the 
supplied password.
The command \*(lqeval \`\fIxnscreds\fR\`\*(rq can be inserted into a user's
.I .login
file which will make the environment variables available
to other programs during a login session.
The possible options are:
.B -a
Causes \fIxnscreds\fR to validate the supplied credentials with a network
Authentication service.
.B -v
Causes appropriate informational messages to be displayed as work is done. 
.I Xnscreds
will exit if not run from a terminal.
.I Xnscreds
will determine the current shell type and output appropriate commands.
The value saved in XNSPASSWD
is a textual representation of the verifier value created from the user
supplied password not the actual clear text password.
getXNSuser(3N), GetSimpleCredsAndVerifier(3N)
Clearinghouse Protocol, \s8XSIS\s0 048404 (April 1984)
Authentication Protocol, \s8XSIS\s0 098404 (April 1984)
Ed Flint