(taken from Wikipedia)

4BSD offered a number of enhancements over 3BSD, notably job control in the previously released csh, delivermail (the antecedent of sendmail), "reliable" signals, and the Curses programming library.

The files here come from the CSRG Archives, and were donated by Kirk McKusick.

For more information about 4BSD, see Twenty Years of Berkeley Unix by Kirk McKusick.

.cshrc 186 1980-10-19
.exrc 37 1980-10-19
.login 79 1980-10-19
.mailrc 8 1980-10-19
.plan 127 1980-10-19
.profile 136 1980-10-19
.project 48 1980-10-19
bill dir
bin dir
dev dir
etc dir
stamp 29 1980-11-16
tmp dir
usr dir