/*	TODO	4.1	11/9/80	*/

1. Uba fixups
	Add tm, rk, and lp driver to distribution system.
	Add rk and tm to standalone system; tm tape bootstrap!
	Clear errors on UBA SBI faults, print silo and continue

2. Mba fixup.
	Mostly from Jim Kulp; mba.c driver instead of devices dealing with
	mba's.  Thus can run multiple mba's and mix devices on a single mba.

3. Signal fixup
	Change parameters passed when signal occurs to include additional
	code (defined by K_ things in <signal.h> so a signal handler can
	get all the machine status.).

4. Pgrp fixups
	Hash the process groups in the proc table so wakeups are fast
	e.g. with SIGTTIN and tty signals.

5. Disk drive fixes
	Dont search if only one drive is active thereby saving half the

6. Exec fixes
	Implement dmr's #! feature; pass string arguments through faster.

7. Reboot fixups
	Support automatic dumps to paging area

8. Memory controller monitoring
	Monitor two memory controllers if there are 2 in the machine.
	Support interleaved memory