The directory bin contains some binaries that you may have
to use to compile/assemble/load our source.  It contains
the two assembler passes, the C-preprocessor and the three
C passes, the loader, our archiver, and four of our libraries.
The libraries are there to show you the order of the entries only,
thus the components are all null-length to save space.
as2, c0, c1, and c2 should be put in /lib.

The directory include contains all of our *.h files (plus others)
and should be put in /usr/include.

Other directories are obvious from their names.  source ans sys
contain user and system source respectively.  doc contains
relevant documentation (no guarantees!).  distribut.doc
contains a summary of the overall distribution (it should
be the next place you head for).

A file makdir has been supplied that you can use to make
all the necessary directories.

The UNSW batch system has not been provided with this
distribution, because of its limited appeal.
If you are unfortunate enough to have a CYBER to talk to,
please contact us and we will forward it to you.

Good luck!

					Nov 1979