number	date	culprit	sysname		description
------	-------	-------	-------		--------------------------------------
100	16Jun78	cdh	unix.std	Generation of "standard system"
					from old 40 and 45 systems
101	11Jul78	agn	Addition of network software (NCP)
102	20Jul78	cdh	unix.await	Addition of await and capacity
					and interval timer calls
103	30Jul78	cdh	Update of bio.c routines to
					implement proper buffer aging.
104	4Aug78	cdh,unix.dh	Implementation of dh and dm drivers.
105	15Aug78	chiu	unix.newnet	Implementation of new NCP kernel
105	29Aug78	cdh	unix.405	Implementation of overlay
					(type 405) files.
106	31Aug78	cdh	unix.nfile	Increase of NFILE and INODE params.
106	31Aug78	chiu	unix.dfix	Fix of trap type 0 problems in net.
106     1Sep78  jsq     unix.reset      Net_reset which doesn't require
					host special files.
106	5Sep78	cdh	none		Update of m40.s and m45.s to add
					_itol and _spl_imp definitions
					that exist in m70.s.
106     6Sep78  chiu    unix.nsysc      Increased sysent table to 128 slots.
					Modified trap.c so that it does
					proper bound checking of system calls.
107     6Sep78  chiu    unix.prfile     Added two system calls:
					piofile and rfofile.
107     7Sep78  chiu    unix.gwsys      Added yet another gateway related
					system call: fres.
					Also, made piofile, rfofile and fres
					callable only by the super user.
107     8Sep78  chiu    none            Changed capac so that it returns
					the number of bytes available for
					reading from a read socket instead
					of -1.
107     12Sep78 chiu    unix.gwpipe     Added line in rdwr routine of sys2.c
					so that processes "await"ing on a
					pipe are awakened.
107	12Sep78	dan&jsq	unix.pty	Fixed bug in pty driver, added await
					and capac to it; awaitr.c still has
					to be updated for it to work.
107     25Sep78 dan         Fixed error codes in awaitr.c to not
                                        conflict with net error codes;
                                        moved #defines for errors to user.h
107     27Sep78 kahn&cdh unix.gen       Added genisco driver.
107     28Sep78 dan      unix.dan       Added await and capac to pty and dh
                                        drivers. tty.c, dh.c, dhdm.c, pty.c,
                                        and awaitr.c (in ken) were changed.
108     2Oct78  cdh     none            Reorganization of await and capacity
					tables from awaitr.c to c.c
108     13Oct78 jsq     na              Distributed to CCA, and reconfigured
109     18Oct78 jsq     unix.rawsys     raw message stuff installed from
					sys.raw.  Also lcba source reinstalled
					and slightly changed. (see ./sysdiff).
109     19Oct78 jsq     unix.rawsys     fixed rawdaemon crash bug, changed
					rawmsg read capacity, added ifdef's
					on NCP.  (see ./ncpdiff).
109     20Oct78 chiu    unix.rawsys     changed netread so that a read of
					an already closed connection would
					get an EOF (i.e. 0) instead of an
109     20Oct78 jsq     various         several system with different things
					compiled in them.  (see ./defdiff).
109     23Oct78 chiu    unix.rawsys     an awaiting process will be
					awakened if a CLS comes in for one
					of its enabled file descriptors.
110	26Oct78	mek	unix.mek	Pipe and port improvements.
					Response mode in ports.
					Await and enable code installed in pipes
110     26Oct78 cdh     unix.90procs    updated param.h and tty.h to expand
					number of processes, clist size,
					and tty high water mark.  Also, dh11
					DMA buffers have been expanded.
111     31Oct78 klh     unix.3Genisco   modification to Genisco driver to know
					about 3 Genisco PGP's and to correctly
					handle multiple process access to
					single PGP.
111	3Nov78	mek	unix.3ge	added new system call - qtime.
111     5Nov78  klh     unix.3gep       Fix of Genisco driver which caused
					data to be written in low core when
					GMEM and GN open simultaneously.
111	8Nov78	mek	unix.noresp	removed response mode code.
					moved network buffer parameters from
					netbuf.h to param.h
					capac call to pipe fildes no longer
					returns -1 if writer is blocked.
111    16Nov78  agn     na              modified tape dump in m70.s to
					correct bug in handling switching to
					800 bpi.
111     28Nov78 jsq     unix.rmi        lcba code fixes, small RMI changes.
111	1Dec78	cdh	unix.buffix	change to breada in bio.c so that it
					does not initiate read ahead if there
					are no buffers available.  This should
					fix some buffer lockout problems.
111     5Dec78  jsq     na              lcba bug fix: set_lcba.c, malloc.c.
111     5Dec78  agn         revised ht driver from Stanford; also,
					XON/XOFF handling: dh.c,dz.c,ht.c,
112     6Dec78  jsq     na              sys.111 copied into sys.112.

112     6Dec78  mek     unix.nport      Addition of nport system call.
					Correction of possible 'phantom
					awake' call in portread

112     20Dec78 mek     unix.awdeb      Debug prints added to awaitr.c
					to track down a potential itab
112     4Jan78  cdh     unix.morebuf    Added buffers and raised tty
					high water mark for performance.
112     18Jan79 jsq     none            backfitted rmi bug fixes from sys.113

112     29Jan79 mek     unix.smallpipe  Reduced PIPSIZ and PORTSIZ to 1024
112     31Jan79 chiu    unix.msg        minor change to nrdwr so that
					read of a net dummy open fd will
					return -1 (error) instead of 0.
112     1Feb79  cdh     unix.40files    Changed NOFILE from 25 to 40
					to allow more files per process.
112     8Feb79  chiu    na              changed cirmin/awaitr.c so that it
					now returns a mod 256 number. It
					turns out that a process may never
					timeout from an await call if the
					change was not made.
112     13Feb79 chiu    na              changed NOFILE back to 25.
112     13Feb79 chiu    unix.rmsg       changed structure
					of network socket so that it
					covers all of the inode structure.
					This is motivated by the need for
					2 more fields in the socket structure.
112     20Feb79 jsq     u112.11.reboot  New reboot system call.  Sys2.c and
					m70.s were changed, and nothing else.
					New command and disk bootstrap, also.
112     26Feb79 jsq     u112.12.fred    Asynchronous physio changes and lcba
				fixes from cca-sdms. Affected: param.h, buf.h,
				(new flag), bio.c/iodone, bio.c/physio only.
112     26Feb79 jsq     na              Distributed to cca-sdms.
113     27Feb79 jsq     u113.1.long     Long leaders, etc.
113     28Feb79 dan     u113.2.glorp    Changed capac to return -1, -1
                                        for files, dirs, block specials,
                                        and /dev/mem /dev/kmem /dev/null
113     1Mar79  dan     u113.3.atlast   Fixed await to scan itab properly.
113     2Mar79  dan     u113.4.ttwake   Fixed awake calls in dz, dh drivers
                                        so that awakening on TTLOWAT works
					CMAPSIZ to 264 from 200
113     3Mar79  jsq     u113.5.rbuf     rbuf_max 80; kb_hiwat 15.
113     5Mar79  jsq     u113.6.40files  NOPROCS to 40 from 25
113     6Mar79  jsq     u113.7.netopen  fixed bug in netopen
113     7Mar79  jsq     u113.8.cmapsiz  CMAPSIZ, SMAPSIZ to 264 from 200
					((NTEXT + NPROC + 2) * 2)
					(CMAPSIZ was actually changed 3-2-79)
113     13Mar79 jsq     na              put argument passing bootstraps in
					m40.s and m45.s.
114     13Mar79 jsq     u114.1.file     expanded file structure,  changed
					port code to use it right.
114     13Mar79 jsq     u114.2.fstat    fstat on net files returns short
				      host or long depending on style of open
114     14Mar79 cdh     u114.3.unlock   Changed inode locking to eliminate
					spurious unlocks in routines update,
					closei, exit, and chdir.
114     14Mar79 jsq     u114.4.rmifix   RMI files indicated by FRMI in file.
114     14Mar79 jsq     u114.5.rmicap   fixed RMI capac bug.
114     15Mar79 dan     u114.6.cty      added /dev/tty device.
                kahn                    added cutloose sys call and 16 ptys
114     15Mar79 dan     u114.7.cty      fixed /dev/tty device (I think).
114     16Mar79 jsq     same as above   changed RAWMSG to RMI, FRMI to FRAW.
					Added names to many endifs.
					Object identical to previous.
114     20Mar79 jsq     u114.8.nop      Right NOP length in impopen.
					This should be the last necessary
					long leader change.
114     21Mar79 jsq     u114.9.ropen    Removed unused RMI open options.
114     21Mar79 jsq     u114.10.pcap    Fixed bug in pipe capac on EOFP.
115     21Mar79 jsq     u115.1.rstrat   Changed RMI input demultiplexing so
			connection table entry instead of socket is used -
			impio.c/imp_input, impio.c/imp_dwn, imp.h, rawmain.c.
			comments and some code in imp_input reformatted.
115     22Mar79 dan     u115.2.pty      Added kludge to pty so ctrller can
                                        tell when slave side open
115     26Mar79 dan     u115.3.misc     Insignificant chg to awaitr.c
                                        Add empty() to pty.c
                                        Make kl.c use ttycap
                                        Remove '370 parity' fm dh.c
115     30Mar79 dan     u115.4.tty      Remove 036 backspace char
                                        Add nl3 delay type (1 clock tick)
115     3-3-79  jsq     na              Distributed to CCA and EDN.
115     4-6-79  dan     u115.5.tty      Changed ttyinput delim fm 0377 to 0376
                                        tty.h and tty.c were changed.
115     4-6-79  dan     u115.6.tty      Changed getc and putc; added unputc.
                                        This is a compatible change.
                                        m70.s was changed.
115     4-9-79  dan     u115.7.awt      Combined awtdis and awtenb code.
                                        awaitr.c was changed.
115     4-9-79  dan     u115.8.awt      Converted device drivers to use
                                        combined enable/disable table
                                        in c.c. c.c, awaitr.c, kl.c, dz.c,
                                        dh.c, pty.c, and ports.c were changed.
115     4-9-79  dan     u115.9.awt      Moved awt and cap tables into cdevsw.
                                        awaitr.c, c.c, and conf.h were changed.
115     4-9-79  jsq     same as above   removed ifdef on NCP from pty entries
					in c.c, added ifdef on NETWORK around
					defines of GATEWAY, NCP, and RMI in
					param.h. Object identical to previous.
115     4-9-79  jsq     u115.10.text    changed m70.s/start so 7 text pages
					are useable rather than 6.
----------------------- SYS.116 GENERATED --------------------------
116     4-12-79  dan    u116.1.short    eliminated old await call code.
                                        awaitr.c, sysent.c were changed.
116     4-14-79  jsq     (un)link changes accessed time instead
					of modified time in inode.
					sys2.c/link, sys4.c/unlink changed.
116     4-19-79  dan    u116.3.tty      stty nlx, for x != 0, suppresses Rand's
                                        ctrl-P. tty.c was changed.
116     4-23-79  dan    NA              Installed new getc/putc/unputc in m45.s,
                                        m40.s. m45.s, m40.s were changed. New
                                        system NOT made. (Good luck!)
116     4-25-79  dan    u116.4.tty
                                        Removed empty() code.
                                        pipe.c, sysent.c, pty.c, tty.c were
                                        Also removed give_up_processor(),
                                        as it is no longer used: slp.c was
                                        Added new tty code for testing purposes.
                                            sysent.c, c.c were changed;
                                            xtty.c, xpty.c, xty.h were added.
                                            This change adds a new system call
                                            ("modtty" = 73) and two temporary
                                            new character devices.
116     4-26-79  dan    u116.5.tty      Fixed bugs in xtty.c xpty.c
116     27Apr79  cdh    u116.6.dmax     Added device driver and vectors
					for dmax-16
116     29Apr79  dan    u116.7.tty      Fixed bug in xpty.c: pty array should
                                        have been called xpty. xpty.c was