unix.32v	30 Nov 79	agn	Original Bell UNIX

u1.1.lp		30 Nov 79	agn	Moved swap to drive 1, added 16 line
					dz, added lp device.  Changed dz.c,
					conf.c, univec.c. Also, changed tty 
					mode NL3 to provide a pad of 020 after
					a new line for Ann Arbor.  Changed
					tty.c. Updated makefile and loadall.
					Moved dev/lp.c to sys/lp.c.

u1.2.lp		07 Dec 79	fram	Removed conversion of newline to
					formfeed from line printer driver
					(sys/lp.c).  Was causing whole
					blank pages on line printer listings.         12 Dec 79       fram    Commented out all references to modem
				        control bits in dz.c.  This was a  
					quick-and-dirty fix to make dz driver
					work with current-loop lines, for which
					modem status is undefined.  Does not
					hurt in EIA case either.  (Essentially,
					all our lines are "hard-wired", so 
					modem control is really unnecessary.)

u1.4.lp         18 Dec 79       fram    Edited lp.c to have default line 
					printer width of 80 columns (had been
					changed earlier to 132).  Note:  
					observed behavior after change is that
					line printer prints a max of 76 cols.
					This is a mystery.

u1.5.tty         4 Jan 80       edh     Changed tty.c to throw away extra
					X-ON X-OFF characters when reading
					from a terminal.

u1.6.mknod      11 Jan 80       fram    Changed mknod system call (sys2.c)
					so that third argument is not coerced
					to a short.  Allows specification of
					a generalized first block pointer
					which is useful for creating an inode
					which "captures" a specific bad block.

u1.7.tty        24 Jan 80       fram    Changed tty.c to handle X-ON/X-OFF  
					properly at interrupt level.  
					Supersedes fix made by edh in u1.5.tty
					on 4 Jan 80.

u1.8.tty        9 Feb 80        dbarach, Changed tty.c to cause anything
				rwells  on the tty input queue to cause
					gtty to set the 0x10000 bit in the
					flag word. This bit was unused by 
					the previous system. This is a quick
					and dirty empty() call for use in
					the editor.

-------------------- sys.2 created  9 May 80 -------------------------------

2       15 May 80 tpb and yba   u2.1.mem 
	change mem.c driver to test against PHYSPAGES, not MAXMEM
	Change to h/file.h: add flag values for ncp.
	Add ncpk subdirectory.
	Add ncp header files to h subdirectory.

2       9 May 80 u2.2.ncp       yba     add ncp to v7 vax unix
	Change to h/file.h: add flag values for ncp.
	Add ncpk subdirectory.
	Add ncp header files to h subdirectory.
	Change use of spl, mapalloc, buf headers in ncp code.  No RMI.
	Change file structures (h/file.h).
	Add define of spl_imp as spl5 to h/netparam.h
	Add iialloc/free routines to sys/alloc.c
	Add fushort sushort routines to sys/locore.s
	Add entry for acc_iint/acc_oint in sys/univec.c

2       1 Aug 80 u2.3.ncp       yba     add hooks to nrdwr
	Change sys/sys2.c for network.

2       7 Aug 80 u2.4.ncp       yba     fix bug in kerbuf
	Change to kerbuf.c: use geteblk() in place of old getblk(NODEV,0).

________________________________ Converted to Berkeley System  10-Aug-80 ___

------------------------------ Sys.3 created 12 August 1980 ---------------

3       12 Aug 80 vmu3.1.ncp      yba     add ncp kernel to UC/B system
	Add header files to h subdirectory:

	changes to h/

	Add directories ncpk, ncpd, smalldaemon

	changes to ncpk/

	Changes to sys/
		alloc.c         add iialloc/iifree routines
		locore.s        add fushort, sushort
		univec.c        add acc interrupt service
		conf.c          (Change major device number on /dev/ncpkernel)

3       vmu3.2.ncp      yba     13 Aug 80       fix buffer sizes to vmunix size
	Changes to h/netparam.h (kb_hiwat and init kb_), h/netbuf.h

3       vmu3.2.test     yba     24 Sep 90       disable imp hardware for test

3       vmu3.3.test     agn     21 Oct 80       added modifications to 
                                                sys/fio.c, sys/sys2.c, 
                                                sys/sys3.c to invoke network.
						Adopted C/70 network code for 

3       vmu3.4.hog      dan     ?               ?

3       vmu3.5.tty      rdk     12 Dec 80       changed padding on -nl2
						from 6 to 2 for jp

--------------------------------------- sys.4 created 5 January 81 -------------

4       vmu4.1.test     rfg     5 Jan 81        Added TCP network code
						to kernel.
						mods to sys/sys2.c, sys/sys3.c,
						sys/fio.c, sys/conf.c
						added h/acc.h h/fsm.h h/fsmdef.h
						h/ip.h h/net.h h/tcp.h
						h/tcp_pred.h and net/*.c

4       vmu4.2.loop     rfg     12 Jan 81       added s/w looping to imp_io.c
						test version

4       vmu4.3.tcp      rfg     2 March 81      first production tcp kernel.

4       vmu4.7.pty      rfg     23 March 81     added ptys (pty.c)

----------------------------sys.5 created May 20 1981--------------------------
5	vmu5.0.tty	ers	11 Aug 81	Change tty driver so that it
						does not echo the extra break
						character (t_brkc) if that
						character is ESC (octal 33).
						Change to ptcwrite in pty.c
						to call
						instead of ttyinput.