# Configuration file the USB daemon.
# See usbd.conf(5) for the description of the format of the file.
# $FreeBSD: src/etc/usbd.conf,v 1.12 2003/05/03 10:16:55 akiyama Exp $

# Firmware download into the ActiveWire board. After the firmware download is
# done the device detaches and reappears as something new and shiny automatically.
device "ActiveWire board, firmware download"
	vendor  0x0854
	product 0x0100
	release 0x0000
	attach "/usr/local/bin/ezdownload -f /usr/local/share/usb/firmware/0854.0100.0_01.hex ${DEVNAME}"

# Firmware download for Entrega Serial DB25 adapter.
device "Entrega Serial with UART"
	product 0x8001
	vendor  0x1645
	release 0x0101
	attach "if ! kldstat -n usio > /dev/null 2>&1 ; then kldload usio; fi"
	attach "/usr/sbin/ezdownload -v -f /usr/share/usb/firmware/1645.8001.0101 /dev/${DEVNAME}"

# The entry below starts and stops dhclient when an ethernet device is inserted
# Caveat: It does not support multiple interfaces (but neither does pccardd,
# it shouldn't be too big a deal :-)
device "USB ethernet"
	devname "[ackr]ue[0-9]+"
	attach  "/etc/pccard_ether ${DEVNAME} start"
	detach  "/etc/pccard_ether ${DEVNAME} stop"

# This entry starts the ColdSync tool in daemon mode. Make sure you have an up
# to date /usr/local/etc/palms. We override the 'listen' settings for port and
# type in /usr/local/etc/coldsync.conf.
device "Handspring Visor"
        devname "ugen[0-9]+"
        vendor  0x082d
        product 0x0100
        release 0x0100
        attach "/usr/local/bin/coldsync -md -p /dev/${DEVNAME} -t usb"

# The entry below starts moused when a mouse is plugged in. Moused
# stops automatically (actually it bombs :) when the device disappears.
device "Mouse"
	devname "ums[0-9]+"
	attach "/usr/sbin/moused -p /dev/${DEVNAME} -I /var/run/moused.${DEVNAME}.pid ; /usr/sbin/vidcontrol -m on"

# The fallthrough entry: Nothing is specified, nothing is done.  And it isn't
# necessary at all :-).  Just for pretty printing in debugging mode.
device "USB device"