(taken from the usr/doc/new/memo1 file)

The Mini-Unix Operating System is a Sixth Edition Unix system, modified by Hans Lycklama, to run on all PDP-11 processors without the memory management unit available on the PDP-11/40, 11/45 and 11/70 processors and is therefore restricted to a 28K word address space. The operating system supports most of the standard UNIX "system calls". The system resides in 12K words of memory and is written in the C language.

An instruction emulation package is included in the system for those machines which do not support the extended instruction set (e.g. mul, div, ash, etc.). The system supports up to four users using a simple round-robin time-slicing algorithm. It supports all of the UNIX user programs unmodified.

The files here come from the Mini-Unix area of the Unix Archive, and were donated by Jay R. Jaeger.

bin dir
dev dir
etc dir
hpmx 19208 1976-09-04
lib dir
mnt dir
mx 19010 1976-09-18
rkmx 19010 1976-09-18
rpmx 19148 1976-09-04
tmp dir
usr dir