Changes since 1.81.5
    * various compilation fixes
    * support for newer DBs
    * tcl support compiles again
Changes since 1.81.4
    * add Changes document
    * the preserve command overwrote the edited file; the problem
      is really in DB; a bandaid was added
    * configure changes
	- -rpath now on by default
	- check for iconv
    * handle incomplete/invalid input
    * upgrade libtool and automake
    * Motif front-end was getting out of sync; fixed
    * ^T works in presence of wide chars
    * fix use of OPT_GLOBAL (YAMAMOTO Takashi <>)
    * missing fallback function added
    * fix use of both leftright and number
	(problem reported by Dima Dorfman <>)
    * install everything 1.79 installed
    * fix count argument for commands
	(problem reported by Arfst Ludwig <Arfst.Ludwig@LHSystems.COM>)
    * perl changes
	- map no longer assumes its argument is the name of a perl function
	- EXISTS for marks
    * documentation changes
	- vi.ref converted to texinfo
	- vsplit documented
Changes since 1.81.3
    * support for newer ncurses
    * various other wide character related changes
    * eliminate spurious cursor movements on split screens
    * use of gtk-1.2 allowed again
    * small fix to Motif front-end