This version of vi requires DB3.1 or better, which can be found
on .

Note that there is a small problem with DB 3.2 in that it will
not let nvi read in a final line that doesn't end in a newline.
This should be fixed in DB 3.3

If your system library (such as glibc prior to version 2.2) uses a
previous version of db (e.g. DB2) internally, you must configure with
--enable-dynamic-loading to avoid symbols in the internally used db from
being resolved against the newer db.

If, on top of that, the vi binary is explicitly linked against that
previous version of db (such as might happen if you enable the perl
embedding), you should compile the 3.x version with all symbols internally
resolved.  In case you use the Gnu linker (ld), this can be accomplished
by passing it the -Bsymbolic option. You can do this by setting CC
to e.g. "gcc -Wl,-Bsymbolic" prior to configuring db.
See docs/ref/build_unix/flags.html in the db distribution for more