=head1 NAME

nviperl - nvi with embedded perl


    :perl require ''
    :perl wc
    :,$perldo $_=reverse($_)


nvi with embedded perl allows you to run perl commands from within nvi.
Two additional commands are made available when you enable the perl

=over 8

=item * perl cmd

The perl command passes the specified commands to the perl interpreter.
The C<$VI::ScreenId>, C<$VI::StartLine> and C<$VI::StopLine> are set.
To find out how to maniplulate the nvi screens, see L<VI>.

=item * perldo cmd

The perldo command runs the specified commands on each line of the range
(every line of the file if no range specified).  Before running the
command the line is copied into $_.  If the command returns a true value
the line is replaced by the new value of $_.

The perldo commando does B<not> set the C<VI> variables.  (If you think
this is a bad idea, tell me.)


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=head1 AUTHOR

Sven Verdoolaege <>