A short history of pdisk
11/1996 -	Spent a week to create a minimal partitioner
		that reads maps, initializes maps, can add and delete partitions.
		Released as version 0.1 to MkLinux team
12/1996 -	Spent three weeks adding more commands, writing
		documentation, fixing bugs and making it prettier.
		Released version 0.2 to Gilbert
		Fixed a few more bugs.
		Released as version 0.3
01/1997 -	Spent two weeks creating MacOS version and fixing
		a few more bugs.
		Released as version 0.4
03/1997 - 	Spent an evening adding device driver deletion
		and a couple of flags to private version.
07/1997 - 	Some one else ported it to Rhapsody.
		Spent a couple of weeks adding variable block
		size support to Rhapsody version.
		Took the time to stop using rich man's source code control
		(multiple copies) in linux/mac and put sources under RCS.
		Folded linux/mac version changes into Rhapsody and
		brought some of the Rhapsody changes into linux/mac
09/1997 -	Fixed bugs in MacOS version of variable block size.
		Added new dump routines.
		Added case-insensitive string matching.
		Released one copy of version 0.5a3 source internally.

10/1997 -	Wrote MacOS documentation
		Minor fixes

11/1997 -	A few more fixes
		Released as version 0.5

12/1997 -	Integrated new media abstraction
		(includes support for ATA and ATAPI on MacOS)

01/1998 -	Added media iterators (to fix grunge in dump.c)
		Added os_reload_media (to get rid of ioctl's in write_partition_map)
		Added rename partition command ('n' in edit mode)
		Added /dev/hd? and /dev/scd? to MkLinux list all disks
		Added 68k target to CW project

02/1998 -	Released version 0.6
		Added support for ATA/IDE disks without LBA capability
		Fixed bug - create partition with unmodified size failed
		Added support for new (DR3) MkLinux names - show MkLinux
		name when displaying under another name and allow the
		MkLinux name to be used on input.
		Released version 0.7

02-04/2000 -	Clean up sources - fix naming, delete old email addresses
		Added support for display of Mac volume names
		Added cvt_pt target (for LinuxPPC team)
		Fix block 0 display to show logical offset of drivers
		Require confimation of quit without write
		Fix iteration to not complain about missing devices
		Warn when creating/writing a map with more than 15 entries
		Make initial window larger in Mac version
		Fix ATA support to scan buses correctly
		Fix linux names (in MacOS) to work right when many devices
		Change so WORM devices are considered 'CDs'

05/2000 - 	Released version 0.8