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.Ss Contributions
The following people have made contributions of various sorts specifically
for the Macintosh port (in alphabetical order):
All of the users who have supplied us with good bug reports and
moral support.
The Alice Group (Allen K. Briggs, Chris P. Caputo, Michael L. Finch,
Bradley A. Grantham, and Lawrence A. Kesteloot), without
whom there would be no
port for the Macintosh.
Steven R. Allen for keeping our snapshot distributions up-to-date.
Stephen C. Brown for maintaining the Installer application.
Denton Gentry and Yanagisawa Takeshi for their work on the SONIC
Ethernet driver.
Paul Goyette, Taras Ivanenko, Ken Nakata, and Michael R. Zucca
for invaluable work towards supporting color X.
Takashi Hamada and John Wittkoski beating the direct ADB hardware
driver into submission.
David Huang for getting MACE Ethernet and basic DMA working on the
AV Macs.
Scott Jann for acquiring a IIx and a IIci, used for building and
testing release sets.
Scott Kaplan for lending his IIci and Kensington Turbo Mouse for
IIci/IIsi banked memory and internal video as well as
non-Apple ADB devices.
Noah M. Kieserman for lending a PowerBook 520C for tracking
down several bugs on that platform.
Markus Krummenacker for monetary donations.
Glan Lalonde for an invaluable IIci page table dump.
Dan McMahill for lending a PowerBook 165 to tweak ADB support on the
PowerBook 160 and 180 family laptops.
Bob Nestor for (unofficially) maintaining the Mkfs utility,
and providing a lot of useful information about the ROM
vectors used by different systems.
Brad Parker for serial and Ethernet drivers/improvements.
Brian R. Gaeke and Nigel Pearson for tweaking, polishing, and performing
the occasional major refit on the Booter application.
Scott Redman for lending Brad Grantham a PowerBook 160.
Craig Ruff for assembling an '030
.Li "pmove ttx"
Brad Salai for lending an Ethernet card to help resolve
interrupt conflicts.
Larry Samuels for monetary donations.
Peter Siebold for lending his IIvx in support of ADB and IIvx
internal video.
Glen Stewart for lending a Carrera040 accelerator which, while
still unsupported, helped to track down memory management
bugs for '030-based machines.
Bill Studenmund for providing a stable front end to the machine-
independent serial driver.
Schuyler Stultz for the loan of his Macintosh II when we
desperately needed another machine on which to compile
and test during the '93 Xmas vacation.
Tenon Intersystems for monetary donations, MachTen, and Brad's
access to several machines and documentation after hours.
Virginia Tech English Department for loan of a IIci w/ NuBus
video and 32 MB of RAM \(em the first IIci to run
.Nx*M .
Rob Windsor for donating a variety of Macintosh II-family systems,
a Centris 650, a Quadra 700, and several boxes full of miscellaneous
peripherals and parts in the interest of ensuring adequate testing
and working out minor (and not-so-minor) problems.
Colin Wood for maintaining a host of
including the FAQ, Meta-FAQ, and OS Info documents.