.\"	$NetBSD: xfer,v 2009/04/25 23:16:34 snj Exp $
There are currently two installation methods available for initial
installation of NetBSD on Apple Macintosh 68000-based systems. Neither
supports all installation media types at this time, so the one you select
must be compatible with the media you have available on your system.
.Ic sysinst
method of installation uses an Installation Kernel which
is a minimal NetBSD system with a memory resident set of utilities
that are capable of partitioning the disk, initializing the file systems,
and loading them from the archive files.  Since the installation
kernel does not currently support access to Mac OS HFS file systems this
method requires that the Binary Distribution Sets be accessible from
CD-ROM, remote NFS partition, or via FTP access.
The Traditional method of installation uses Mac OS hosted utilities
to partition your disk, initialize the partitions for use by NetBSD,
and load the file systems from archive files stored on the Mac OS HFS
file system.  This method requires that the Binary Distribution Sets
reside on a local Macintosh hard drive, a CD-ROM, or an AppleShare
The Traditional method of installation is currently supported from the local
Macintosh hard drive, from a CD-ROM, or from an AppleShare volume
(however, you may upgrade a system from within NetBSD; see the
.Sx Upgrading\ a\ previously-installed\ NetBSD\ System 
section for more details).
If you are installing from a local hard drive, this means that you'll need
at least enough room for the largest file that you will have to install.
If the install is being done from an AppleShare-mounted volume, the
Installer must be in the same folder as the binary distribution sets.
Each distribution file is in
.Em raw No archive format.
Distribution files must be downloaded in binary mode.  Common web
browsers may not be suitable for this task; FTP clients such as
Fetch and Anarchie work fine, but be sure to specify a binary file
The files should not be unpacked.  If you have the Internet Config
extension installed, you can disable this in the
.Dq "Helpers"
by removing the entry associated with
.Dq ".tgz"
files.  Other FTP
clients may require separate changes; consult your package's
If you are installing from a CD-ROM, the distribution sets are
already in the proper format. No special handling is required.
You will also need to collect the
.Tn Mac OS
installation tools from the
.Pa \*M/installation/misc No subdirectory of the
.Nx \*V
Installer, and
Booter. These three are
in BinHexed, self-extracting archives as Mkfs.sea.hqx, Installer.sea.hqx,
and Booter.sea.hqx, respectively. Extract them as you would any other
Macintosh application.
The Booter is the only
.Tn Mac OS
application needed if the
.Ic sysinst
method of installation is used.  The Traditional method of installation
is deprecated and will be removed in a future release, and the Mkfs and
Installer tools will be retired.