.\"	$NetBSD: prep,v 1.8 2002/06/30 13:01:50 lukem Exp $
Sun3 machines usually need little or no preparation before installing
NetBSD, other than the usual, well advised precaution of
.Em backing up all data
on any attached storage devices.
You will need to know the SCSI target ID of the drive on which you
will install
.Nx .
.Tn SunOS
on the \*M uses confusing names for
the SCSI devices: target 1 is
.Li sd2 ,
target 2 is
.Li sd4 ,
It might be a good time to run the diagnostics on your Sun3.
First, attach a terminal to the
.Li ttya
serial port, then set the
.Dq "Diag/Norm"
switch to the Diagnostic position, and power-on the machine.
The Diag. switch setting forces console interaction to occur on ttya.
Note that the 3/80 has a
.Dq "software"
diag switch you can set at
the PROM monitor prompt.
To turn on diag boot mode, do:
.Ic q 70b 12
To return to normal boot mode, do:
.Ic q 70b 6 .
The console location (ttya, ttyb, or keyboard/display) is controlled
by address 0x1F in the EEPROM, which you can examine and change in
the PROM monitor by entering
.Ic "q1f"
followed by a numeric value (or
just a
.Sq Li \&.
if you don't want to change it).
Console values are:
.(tag 00xxx -offset indent
.It Li 00
Default graphics display
.It Li 10
tty a (9600-N-8-1)
.It Li 11
tty b (1200-N-8-1)
.It Li 20
Color option board on P4