.\"	$NetBSD: install,v 1.2 2004/05/13 00:26:25 cl Exp $
.(tag instop
.It Em "Domain-0 / privileged" installation
Install grub to your disk by running the command:
grub-install /dev/wd0d
You should now be able to reboot your system to
by selecting the
.Em "Xen / NetBSD"
entry in the grub boot menu.
You might have to update your network configuration since the network
interface has a different name.
.It Em "non-privileged" installation
Create a new or edit the existing domain tool config file for
domains (/usr/pkg/etc/xc12/netbsd or /etc/xc/netbsd).
.	(tag
.It Pa
add a vbd_list to define a virtual block device for the new domain:
vbd_list = [ ('phy:wd0i','hda1','w') ]
(replace wd0i with the partition containing the filesystem for the new
.It Pa
comment out the cmdline_extra line
.	tag)
Now you can start the new domain with the following command:
.br -f netbsd -D 'vmid=1;ip=' -m 32 -k /path/to/netbsd-GENERIC.gz