$NetBSD: Original_READ_ME,v 1.3 2006/11/24 22:04:21 wiz Exp $

This is export hack, my first semester programming project.

To set it up for your system, you will have to do the following:
	1: create a hack uid, to own the top ten list, etc.
	2: create a hack directory "/usr/lib/game/hack" is the default.
	2.5: make the directory 700 mode.	/* sav files go in there...*/
	3: modify hack.main.c to use the new directory.
	4: modify hack.main.c so it uses the new hack gid.  Gid accounts can
go into magic mode without the password, can get cores with ^G, etc.
(make sure gid isn't checked anywhere else...)
	5: recompile hack.
	6: put it in games after making it set-uid hack.
	8: fix the bugs I undobtedly left in it.
	9: tell me what you think of it.

	Hack uses the UCB file /etc/termcap to get your terminal escape codes.
If you don't use it, you will have to make extensive changes to hack.pri.c

If you find any bugs (That you think I don't know about), or have any
awesome new changes (Like a better save (One that works!)), or have ANY
questions, write me
		Jay Fenlason
		29 East St.
		Sudbury Mass.

or call me at (617) 443-5036.  Since I have both a modem and a teen-age
sister, Good Luck.

Hack is split (roughly) into several source files that do different things.
I have tried to fit all the procedures having to do with a certain segment
of the game into a single file, but the job is not the best in the world.
The rough splits are:

hack.c		General random stuff and things I never got around to moving.
hack.main.c	main() and other random procedures, also the lock file stuff.
hack.mon.c	Monsters, moving, attacking, etc.	drink, eat, read, wield, save, etc.
hack.do1.c	zap, wear, remove, etc...
hack.pri.c	stuff having to do with the screen, most of the terminal
		independent stuff is in here.
hack.lev.c	temp files and calling of mklev.

Because of the peculiar restraints on our system, I make mklev (create
a level) a separate procedure execd by hack when needed.  The source for
mklev is (Naturaly) mklev.c.  You may want to put mklev back into hack.
Good luck.

Most of hack was written by me, with help from
		Kenny Woodland (KW)	(general random things including
			the original BUZZ())
		Mike Thome	(MT)	(The original chamelian)
	and	Jon Payne	(JP)	(The original lock file kludge and
			the massive CURS())

This entire program would not have been possible without the SFSU Logo
Workshop.  I am eternally grateful to all of our students (Especially K.L.),
without whom I would never have seen Rogue.  I am especially grateful to
Mike Clancy, without whose generous help I would never have gotten to play