y k u	Move commands:
 \|/		hykulnjb: single move in specified direction
h-+-l		HYKULNJB: repeated move in specified direction
 /|\			(until stopped by e.g. a wall)
b j n		f<dir>: fast movement in direction <dir>
			(until something interesting is seen)
		m<dir>: move without picking up objects

Meta commands:
Q	quit	leave the game
S	save	save the game (to be continued later)
!	sh	escape to some SHELL
^Z	suspend	suspend the game (independent of your current suspend char)
O	set	set options
?	help	print information
/	whatis	give name (and sometimes more info) of specified monster
\	known	print list of what's been discovered
v	version	print version number
^R	redraw	redraw the screen (^R denotes the symbol CTRL/R)
^P	print	repeat last message  (subsequent ^P's repeat earlier messages)
#		introduces a long command; not really implemented

Game commands:
^T	teleport teleport
a	apply, use  use something (a key, camera, etc.)
c	call	give a name to a class of objects
d	drop	drop an object. d7a: drop seven items of object a.
e	eat	eat something
i	invent	list the inventory (all objects you are carrying)
I	invent	list selected parts of the inventory
		IU: list unpaid objects
		IX: list unpaid but used up items
		I$: count your money
p	pay	pay your bill
q	drink	quaff a potion
r	read	read a scroll
s	search	search for secret doors, hidden traps and monsters
t	throw	throw or shoot a weapon
w	wield	wield a weapon	(w-  wield nothing)
z	zap	zap a wand
C	name	name an individual monster (e.g., baptize your dog)
D	Drop	drop several things
E	Engrave write a message in the dust on the floor  (E-  use fingers)
P	wear	put on a ring
R	remove	remove a ring
T	remove	take off some armor
W	wear	put on some armor
<	up	go up the stairs
>	down	go down the stairs
^	trap_id	identify a previously found trap
),[,=		ask for current weapon, armor, rings, respectively
$	gold	count your gold
.	rest	wait a moment
,	pickup	pick up all you can carry
:	look	look at what is here