$NetBSD: TODO,v 1.1 2005/06/29 21:06:12 perry Exp $

Things to do with spell(1)

a) This code needs to be made WARNSable. Right now it isn't.
b) Make sure that we are very compatible with the SVID and Solaris
   versions of the command (since those are the best models we have,
   there being no SuS spec.)
c) Perhaps the last BSD version of /usr/dict/words that was 32V
   derived should be merged in to the modern /usr/dict/words file. It
   has a bunch of useful additions over the original 32V file etc.
d) The code should be commented and cleaned. The code style is very
e) The way this works is bad. All the rules of how to deal with
   spelling, suffixes, etc, are hard-coded in. That made sense in v7,
   but it doesn't any more.
f) The word search algorithm might be made better. millert turned it
   into a binary search from the orignal hash mechanism.
g) Also, the general mode that this program works in is VERY 1970s --
   it just spits out a list of words that are misspelled without
   context. By merging spell and spellprog, and doing a wee bit of
   hacking, it should be possible to do things like complaining about
   the line number that things are misspelled on etc.