dnl	$OpenBSD: hardware,v 1.1 2007/03/15 20:18:23 miod Exp $
OpenBSD/MACHINE OSREV runs on the following Data General AViiON systems:

	- AV100/200/300/400, AV3000/4000 and AV4300 series
dnl	- AV4600 and AV530 series
dnl	- AV5000 and AV6000 series
dnl	- AV6280 and AV8000-8 series

The minimal configuration requires 16MB of RAM.
dnl The minimal configuration requires 16MB of RAM and ~250MB of disk space.
dnl To install the entire system requires much more disk space, and to
dnl compile the system, more RAM is recommended.

Supported devices:

On-board devices:
	- serial ports (dart)
	- 2KB NVRAM (/dev/nvram0)
	- Ethernet interface (le)

Additional VMEbus devices:

	Interphase Hawk 3207 Ethernet interface (le)